Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2005
Air Date: Aug 29, 2005 to Sep 4, 2005
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
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There's a girl in the sky

I am a massive fan of key, their visual novels are amazing and the anime adaptions give you the exact same feeling. However being a big fan of key I expect alot from Air and I got alot of what I expected.
I'll start with the characters which I think were all brilliantly designed, which is rare in an anime. The main character Yukito Kunisaki, traveling the world to find a girl, and doing a puppeteering act to get all the money he earns. He was told by his mom that he had to find a girl in the sky and that when he finds her he must put all his heart into the little doll passed down for generations. He seems different to other characters who have been put in the same situation because he doesn't start aimlessly, he already knows what he needs to do in his lifetime and it makes him unique.
Now the three main girls Misuzu, Kano and Minagi all have some connection to Yukito. Misuzu is a young girl who is clumsy and says "gao" alot pretending to be a dinosaur, she also has a pet crow named Sora, it makes her look immature. She first sees Yukito on the seawall that she always goes to after school and Yukito ends up living in Misuzu's house. At first Yukito doesn't know that Misuzu is the reincarnation of the girl in the sky who he is searching for, a girl named Kanna who Misuzu sees in her dreams. However Kanna was cursed and now she reincarnates repeatedly and when someone gets close to her she starts crying, kind of like a warning and she would end up forgetting them. If one were to love with her they would end up being killed by the curse leaving Misuzu alone.
The second girl Yukito meets is a girl named Kano, a weird energetic girl who goes to the same school as Misuzu. Her mother died at childbirth and then her dad died years later leaving her and her sister alone. when she was young she found a feather that belonged to a winged girl named Kanna who was cursed. The cursed was passed on to Kano through the feather that makes Kano go into a trance not being able to tell what she is doing or saying. As a child she cut her wrist while in a trance and her sister gave her a yellow scarf to put around the wrist and was told to never take it off untill she was an adult, if she took it of then, she would get magical powers. She has a strange dog called Potato that follows her nearly everywhere.
Yukito later meets a classmate of Misuzu's, Minagi and a friend of Minagi called Michiru. She is the president of the astronomy club and was the only member untill she got Yukito to join. Yukito walks Minagi to her house where her mom calls her Michiru. It is then revealed that her mom has has a mental illness since she had a miscarriage. She was going to call her second daughter Michiru and now thinks Minagi is her second daughter. at this time Yukito had left Misuzu's house and started to live at the station along with Minagi who woke up that morning, with her mom having forgotten her. Yukito decides to take Michiru to her house a few days later after hearing her mom was remembering things from Kano's sister who works at the clinic. Minagi's mom remembers Minagi and starts to call her by her real name. Yukito gets Michiru to come to Minagi's house for dinner and after eating they go outside and Michiru dissapears. Yukito and Minagi head to the roof of the school where they find Michiru. Michiru reveals that she met the girl in the sky and is a spirit who decided to cheer up a lonely girl that was Minagi. Michiru says bye and dissapears and the next day Minagi gets a letter from her dad asking her to visit her sister that he had named Michiru. Minagi left to go see her dad and Yukito remembered something his mom said to him and heads back to Misuzu's house.
There is an episode later on that tells the tale of a thousand summers ago where a winged girl Kanna who escaped from the people guarding her, with the help of Urahah, a servent who befriended Kanna, and Ryuya who was a guard protecting Kanna.
The episode had a nice story to it, it explains the curse Misuzu has and it talks about Yukito's family. Kanna set off to see her mom but when her mom was killed she flew into the sky where the monks laid a curse on her. Due to the curse anyone who loved Kanna would die and Ryuya starts to become weak. Urahah has an idea, she and Ryuya have a child and raise the child up telling it about Kanna and teaching it magic. When Urahah is about to die she puts her spirit into a doll she made and tells her child to do so when it's about to die. It passes through the family to Yukito who has the doll, the magic and the stories of Kanna but he doesn't remember the story untill Michiru talks about the winged girl in the sky. He runs to Misuzu's house and asks her to watch him do tricks with the doll. There is a bright light and the next morning Misuzu wakes up asking Sora if Yukito coming back was a dream or not.
The music in Air was perfect, like Key's other titles most of the singing was by Lia of I've sound.
The series was animated by Kyoto just like keys other anime adaptations.
I though everything was brilliant but then it went downhill for me. I though all the characters were amazing but they kinda ruined it.
First they killed off Yukito and reincarnated him as Sora the crow, which was a minor character. Then they changed Misuzu's appearence and personality, and made her forget everything. Kano and Minagi were left out of it and all it really did was go "okay lets make Haruko happy and then kill Misuzu" and by making her totally different and then killing her it took away the emotion and made it feel as if they introduced a new character and killed her right after. Although My eyes started to water a bit during the credits where it showed you all the things Yukito did.
I was dissapointed by the ending but I feel like an idiot for thinking Key would have a ending that fully makes sense.
The one thing I think key should do after making this, make a anime based on the time from Ryuya starting to protect Kanna to Yukito meeting Misuzu. or an anime adaption of tomoyo after.
However the flaws I could find were mostly gone in the air movie which I highly recommend
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Everyone Wants Wings!

This Anime focuses a lot on the characters and you have a sense of reality yet what happens is obviously science-fiction. The various characters all suffer from a problem involving their family. Some problems involve the characters siblings, parents, losing a child, and being a parent. You can imagine how sad those problems may be and what you imagine would probably be close to being correct. The girl characters who become Yukito's friends all have this feeling of wanting to fly or go to the sky. All of the things that go on in this story can be traced back to one person's sadness in the past whom is connected to Misuzu in the present.

The idea of reincarnation plays a large roll in the ending of this anime but still some how does not make it any less sad. The beginning of the anime may fool you as it is funny and light hearted but that changes once you get about half way through the episodes. I Believe I would have liked the movie better as I did not like how it ended with Yukito and Misuzu. The movie is an alternate retelling and i can't say for sure whether i would like it better as i have no interest in watching the same sad story again. I don't mean it was a bad story either just that i teared up enough for a lifetime and i don't cry easily!

I would recommend this anime and box of tissues!

Good but not great...

Air was the most recent of any Key anime that I have watched and maybe that is where the problem is. I enjoyed its own right it was funny at times and had a sad theme to it. I think the thing that bothered me about this anime was the lack of a conclusion. I think if I had seen this before Clannad, Kanon, Angel beats or any of the other Key works this would have been more enjoyable, but for me, it falls just a little short of the others greatness.

Air TV: Anime Review.

Air was produced by the same people that brought you Clannad, Angel Beats, Kanon 2006 and it's one of my personal favorite animes. The plot is like any other visual novel with our main character, Yukito Kunisaki, a travelling puppeteer, who goes around solving people's problems but wait! This anime has a very interesting twist which leaves the viewers confused and puzzled. This anime doesn't solve all your questions in the end and people have different ideas and opinions of the ending. But if you keep an open mind and really concentrate to the little details this show gives you, you'll be able to piece the story together.
The animation is flawless and beautiful. Thumbs-up to the producers! As for the soundtracks and the background music, it is pretty good and spot-on. I have watched this anime in dubbed and it really is perfect. Luci Christian did the voice of Haruko Kamio, my favorite character, and she's AWESOME!
This is one show i would recommend you to watch and i give this beautiful and heartwarming anime a four out of five stars.

I think I need a box of tissues!

I really enjoyed this, but, I know 5 stars why a BUT, well because I have never in my life cried so much over a anime or any show for that manor! Well maybe one... only because the dog died.. yes I am talking about Marley and Me... so sad.. any who back on to my review! I really like this anime, I got a little confused in the middle took me a minute to realize what is going on but other then that its pretty good. Like I said you might need a box of tissue for the people with a soft heart BEFORE you watch it. It gets pretty embarrassing to walk in you living room and having people think something is wrong and you have to tell them it was just an anime that made you cry D':

well I would most definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a good solid heart felt anime... I am just getting sad thinking about it D'''':

The girl in the sky is falling

The story line is rather cute and sad, part of the trinity of Key Animation. I am really sad that this show is so short. They don’t seem to take enough time to flesh out the story lines or the characters. There are way too many girls that are really strange and you never really get much story line about them. The only girl you get to know is Misuzu but she doesn’t have much personality except for the whole girl in the sky thing.

They also never talk about the girl in the sky much even if she was supposed to be the main focus or even give us an answer about her. The answer we do get comes too late in the story line and it leaves more questions than answers. It’s mostly about what strange effect happens when someone finds one of her feathers but even then I don’t quite understand it. Are the feathers some sort of wish maker and if so, then why does it always end up in sadness?

The ark with Minagi Tohno feels very out-of-place in a sense and as though it was rushed. There really was no backbone to the story and the ending, though it made me cry seemed rather out-of-place.
All in all, this story is really slow and hard to keep watching; sometimes almost dull in some parts.
The animation is rather pretty, bright and colorful. Unfortunately, some of the characters are actually lacking a bit and I’m not really happy that Misuzu’s mom looks more like an older sister instead. All the artwork is pretty much fan based. Potato the dog doesn’t even really look like a dog too which threw me off. The beginning has a lot of aspects of a beginning for a visual Game rather than an actual anime so it means that it looks good and helps set the mood of the show.

The music is beautiful, both the beginning and ending made me want to find the actual music. The background music is sometimes not very loud and hard to hear, mostly consisting of silence or sweet gentle feelings. The montages that help make time pass seem to be used way to often with the same sappy song. The voice actors are good but some don’t seem good enough. I have to say, I like the English voice actors better than the Japanese, probably just because I’m more used to English voices.

I like this but it is rather slow and I don’t think I will be watching the whole show at once again. I may watch one or two of my favorite episodes though.