Alessandro XVIII
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Alessandro XVIII

Voiced by: Yoshinori Fujita (Japanese), Greg Ayres (English)

His Holiness, Alessandro XVIII, is the 399th Pope of Rome, and the son of the former pope, Gregorio XXX. After the death of his father, Alessandro's siblings made sure he was given the title of Pope over his uncle, Archbishop Alfonso d'Este. Alessandro did not choose the position himself, and is a nervous and easily frightened teenager who lacks conviction and confidence in himself. He is highly anthropophobic and cannot handle shouting, especially when it is directed towards him. Despite his holding the highest position in the Vatican, Alessandro is a puppet ruler who feels unable to make decisions on his own, usually deferring to his older brother's views in important matters.

After a kidnapping attempt, Alessandro must seek refuge with vampires in Albion. This experience opens his eyes and paves the way for him to gain more confidence in himself and his leadership, and to learn that not all Methuselah are evil. Now able to stand up on his own, Alessandro pledges to direct his efforts toward a new world of peaceful coexistence.

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