Alois Trancy
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Alois Trancy

Earl Alois Trancy, is the head of the Trancy household and referred to as " Your Highness" by both his butler Claude Faustus, and his maid Hannah Anafeloz. It is stated that he is 13 years old at the beginning of the story, with the birthdate of November 5th. Shortly after he was born, Alois had been kidnapped. His mother in deep grief, committed suicide, leaving Alois father to search for him alone. He was made to work as a slave in an unknown village. Something had occured in this village which killed everyone, including Alois's friend, Luca, who he once refers to as his "little brother". Alois was the only survivor of this event.

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Extended Information

Born on November 5, 1875. A blonde child who appears to be carefree, but is actually quite morbid and manipulative. He is also bipolar. He mistreats his servant, Hannah, and he is shown gouging out her left eye in the first episode as well as does actions simply to see if it will annoy his servants. Initially, it was thought that he was kidnapped after birth, thus resulting in his mother's suicide. Alois was kept in an unknown village for some time where he was worked like a slave, until one day when all the people in that village were killed, including a younger boy whom he considered as his little brother. He was found by his father, but suffered sexual abuse. The first episode showed him getting out of a bed with his father, Alois's body discolored by bruises. His father died of the plague. Alois' contract is found on his tongue, having been sealed there by a spider. Unlike Ciel, who thinks of his Demon Butler as his knight/servant, Alois is dependent on Claude, clinging to him and ordering him to not leave him alone in darkness (Alois is afraid of the dark because of his past). Also unlike Ciel, who hides his contract, Alois often displays his by showing off his tongue as much as possible. He is voiced by Nana Mizuki in Japanese and by Luci Christian in English. The Director of Kuroshitsuji ΙΙ commented that Alois was a "boy of rare beauty."
Alois Trancy is a foil to Ciel Phantomhive. Ciel, despite his hardships and seeming indifference, actually cares for people and causes and attempts to be stable and poised. However, Alois is his opposite - appearing to be energetic he is psychologically scarred and pathologically abusive and calculative. He is also known as bipolar. Although his personality is often said to be too "needy," and often "incomplete" when compared with Ciel's hard-intent determination, Alois had been praised numerous times as the epitome of complex logic. Alois is symbolized via light colors such as gold, red and white (his normal attire is dark purple) whereas Ciel is symbolized via dark colors like black, violet and blue (his normal attire is dark blue). Their personalities, however, conflict with their imagery. They also have opposite tolerances for pain: while Ciel was able to grab a blade without flinching, Alois becomes completely hysterical at the sight of his own blood. In Episode 7 Alois is horribly stabbed at the stomach by Ciel and saved by Claude. In the beginning of episode 8 he orders Hannah to take him to Ciel and she takes him by a carriage where his past soon becomes apparent.
In Episode 8 Alois was killed by Claude, and his past revealed. Alois Trancy's real name was Jim Macken. His younger brother, Luka, and he were abandoned orphans. Alois became angry with the people in his village because the villagers mistreated his brother and him despite them being alone, and so wished for their deaths. Luka believed in Jim and stated that his older brother could always do anything he wanted; Jim told Luka to follow him for protection, to which Luka responded: "Yes, your Highness." One night when Jim and Luka went to get water from the river, they saw a dead body floating in it, and the distant village in flames. Upon the discovery that all of the villagers had died, Jim burst in frenzied joy. Though Luka was initially happy, he became slightly concerned for his brother. While stealing from the villagers, Jim got an odd feeling that he was being watched and called out to Luka to return; however, he found Luka dead. After a while Jim was brought along with other boys to Trancy, who was revealed to be a violent pedophile. Jim was initially rejected by Trancy as he was said to have filthy looking eyes. Jim later overheard a boy talking about summoning a fairy. Seeking out this fairy, he instead summons Claude, creating the contract in what appeared to be a strange dream ritual. Jim uses his sex appeal to gain Trancy's trust and his estate. Claude tells him that Sebastian had destroyed the village upon the orders of his former master. Ciel Phantomhive is Sebastian's new master. Jim, now Alois Trancy, decided to take revenge on Sebastian by taking Ciel and delivering an agony upon him worse than death.
As Jim was bleeding Grell comes to take his soul but he ordered Hannah to fight Grell. While crawling away, images of his past come in the scenes where he threw plates at Claude for staring at him, slapping him for being too obedient and finally, wanting him to keep on saying "Yes, your Highness," like his brother, Luka, did long ago. Jim was bleeding and attracted the attention of a wolf. Claude came and rescued Jim from the wolf and Jim was overjoyed. Claude smiles (in the previous episode Alois found this disgusting, this time, he became frozen by the action) and sits down and stares at Jim's face but then kills him commenting that a soul like his, which can give (platonic) love/respect/admiration to a menial butler as himself, does not stir his appetite. However, he does state that Alois's does still have a use. He takes Alois's ring and puts it inside his jacket stating he will always be by his side and then leaves as even Grell has no problems with his actions.
After a moment, Hannah sits before Alois's deceased body and whispered to him that she would finally give the boy what he wished for. It is revealed that Hannah had a substantial role in Alois's life all along, and she--though mistreated by him--loved Alois more than anyone else. Also that she had a plan to grant Alois's wish; for everything to be as simple as he and his brother, Luka, happy together. When Alois's soul is placed in Ciel, it is Hannah who re-awakens Alois's consciousness. It is from that point on that she told Alois that he still has both she and Luka. Alois then realized that he should have been loving Hannah the whole time instead of so desperately trying to gain Claude's approval and acknowledgement. He tried to give Claude one last chance when he and Sebastian race each other through a maze. He even allowed Claude the handicap of getting every answer in the race trivia correct, only for Claude to reveal that he only used Alois and never acknowledged his soul as worthy to be eaten. Alois finally snapped and claimed that he hated Claude and that everyone who used him or wouldn't acknowledge him should die. Hannah comforts Alois and they formed a new contract. As Claude and Sebastian arrive at the end of the maze, a broken Alois told Claude that he just wanted to be loved (in a sense, Alois basically stated that he wanted someone, anyone to love him and acknowledge his existence). Then, Alois/Ciel fell unconscious as Hannah held him and put the butlers up for a duel. Sebastian won and killed Claude, but not before Claude acknowledged that maybe Alois's soul would have been delicious after all. Now in an inner world, connecting and comunicating with Ciel's consciousness, Alois became shocked and aware of Claude's death, relaxed a bit, and then disappears with a smile on his face, leaving Ciel alone. In the end, Hannah approached Claude's dead body and proclaimed that Alois and Luka would live happily in the afterlife.
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