Ano Hana
Episodes: 11
Type: Series
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Ano Hana

  • jonasbits
    I want to watch this show!
  • 011aaron
    Did CR lose the license? D':
  • Jose_Abrego
    llore de principio a fin T_T, CR plz licencien este anime lo quiero volver a ver, y esta vez legalmente y no se olviden de subir la pelicula XD
  • CheesusCrustus
    OK I'm just on Episode 2 but this series already hit my fandom heart in a way, i cant accept. He bought Pokemon GOLD, but when he played it it was obviously Emerald or Rubin/Saphir. Unaccaptable 0/10. Jokes aside a really great anime
  • IbraheemM98
    Although the plot is pretty cliché for an anime, it was done in such a new and incredible way. If you like the more action-packed thriller anime, after a couple episodes of "Ano Hana" you'll probably look at anime with more focus and depth.
  • valence2point0
    one of the best tear jerker animes there is but recommend to watch it on "anilinks" since for some reason CR subs cut away while characters speak
  • bwcbwc
    For some reason, CR has created a new webpage for this show now that they have the rights... tried to do a cross-link, but it gets chopped off. /anohana-the-flower-we-sa
  • toxxin
    I cried..... a lot...... but I feel oddly satisfied.
  • Muffyx3
    This anime had me feeling emotional from the first episode. I refused to finish it because it kept pulling at my heart string, but I'm glad I finished it. It was beautiful, I will never forget this anime.
  • knucklehead101
    WARNING: This anime will make you cry your heart out but really I was dying on the ep 11. This anime is short but perfect and one of the first animes I was100% happy with the ending. Most watch
  • animenut12
    Crunchyroll needs to get some of the really good popular romantic comedys like Special A, Kaichou wa maid sama, ouran highschool host club and Tora dora. :'(
  • Irreparable
    CrunchyRoll, get your butt into gear and get this anime on your site. I may have watched it on a different webpage, but I want to watch it again and sit in my room and cry my eyes out!
  • Pachas
    almost on blu ray everyone!!!!!!
  • whitne674
    Why is it that Crunchyroll has none of the good animes?
  • tina_pham
    cried so much
  • MessOfMoments
    Amazing anime T-T
  • MrBubbles
    Last episode made me bawl. ;_; Such a lovely series!
  • mgxcutor
    I am a 20 year old guy who the last time i cried was 10 years ago and guess what for no reason i just had to cry on the last episode i couldn't help myself. This anime is amazing it's a brilliant piece of art i'd add! Definitly watch it ppl
  • XxDemonButlerxX
    I watched this with my cousin...Me and her were crying really bad on eps. 11 and 12.I love this anime..Great storyline an beautiful artwork...Really sad too:'( But I love it^.^