Another Century s Episode
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Another Century s Episode

Another Century's Episode, abbreviated as A.C.E., is a mecha action video game produced by Banpresto and developed by From Software. It was released for the Sony Playstation 2 on January 27, 2005.

In the future, mankind has reached the stars, with colonies orbiting Earth and even Mars. However, political and economical strife have led to a recession that has affected the colonies the hardest. In order to deal with these issues, the multitude of Earth governments have united under the banner of the United Community of Earth (UCE). The UCE's existence has done nothing to prevent the organization of such rebel groups as White Fang and the Lunar Empire of Giganos. To that end, the UCE creates a special taskforce to quell such rebellions.

In order to deal with the energy crisis affecting the Earth Sphere, the UCE develops a new energy source called E2. Though powerful, E2 is also highly volatile, and many groups seek to steal it for their own purposes. Though most of the anime series' plots are followed faithfully, the most notable change is to Char's Counterattack. When Quattro Bajeena realizes how corrupt and self-serving the UCE government is, he leaves the taskforce. Several stages later, he resurfaces in his Char's Counterattack form, piloting Sazabi and leading an attack on Jaburo. Later, he attempts to ram Axis through A Baoa Qu (as was done in Zeta Gundam), but the attempt fails and the two asteroids become stuck together. Unfazed, Char steals a large supply of E2 and sends it to Earth in a civilian shuttle. If the shuttle reaches Earth, it will cause an even greater cataclysm than Axis's impact would have. Char had the shuttle sent to Earth along with a fleet of refugee ships sent under the auspices of Relena Peacecraft. Running low on time and realizing that their situation was grim either way, the heroes attacked the shuttles in an attempt to stop Char's E2 bomb. Though they succeeded in stopping the bomb, the incident caused the heroes to be labelled traitors, and they were forced to go into hiding.
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