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all about arashi.arashi forever

arashi is said to be the japanese name for storm because johnny kitagawa said that "if we make this group, wecould bring the storm to the world".
Arashi have five members namely: Satoshi Ohno; the leader and oldest member, Kazunari Ninomiya; the who had been chosen in an american film, Masaki Aiba; tallest member, Sho Sakurai; rapper of the group and Jun Matsumoto; the member that did not go through audition but johnny himself picked him to be a celebrity
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Arashi Arashi for Dream ~

Arashi is my first band that i knew them ~and it is from long time i liked from them Ohno and Aiba but now i like Sakurai and Nino xDD but i still love them all =) i got confused between Aiba and Sakuraii when i knew them in the first time xD i don't know why they are so different maybe beacause i was a little girl xD i watch their videos && most of them hehehe ~ love them till the end
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"arashi bring storm in music industry"

as we know arashi means storm in japanese..but now we know why arashi is the name of this 5 boys. ARASHI so far is the best product of Johnny's entertainment and now they are entertaining the world and show what they've got so go!GO! ARASHI