Armitage III Polymatrix
Alternative Names:

Armitage III - Poly Matrix

Armitage III Poly-Matrix

Armitage III the Movie: Poly-Matrix

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1996
Air Date: Apr 20, 1996 to Apr 20, 1996
Episodes: 1
Type: Series
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Armitage III Polymatrix

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Armitage III ( アミテージ ザ サード, Amitēji za Sādo?, "Armitage the Third") is a 1994 cyberpunk anime series based around Naomi Armitage, a highly advanced "Type-III" android.

The series began with the 4-part Original video animation Armitage III and spawned two movies. The first film is a shortened version of the OVA entitled Armitage III: Poly-Matrix, redubbed in English. The second movie, Armitage: Dual-Matrix is a sequel set some years after the original story.

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Naomi Armitage (lead)Hiroko Kasahara
Naomi Armitage (lead)
Rene D anclaude (lead)Ryusei Nakao
Ross Sylibus (lead)
Ross Sylibus (lead)Yasunori Masutani