Armored Core
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Armored Core

Armored Core is a mecha-based video game series for the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Mobile Phone platforms. An OVA entitled Armored Core: Fort Tower Song was in production, scheduled for release in 2007 but this project was cancelled.

Armored Core's gameplay is a 3rd person shooter, and can be played in 1st person shooter after completing the game and getting all 100% accomplishment(Armored Core 4 and 4/For Answer do not have this). You play as a mercenary, known as Ravens(Lynxs in Armored Core 4 and 4/For Answer) doing missions from the governments and/or doing the corpizations' filthy and dirty job, and all you care is just who pays the money. You can custom your mech's head, core, arm, legs, booster, fcs(fire control system), generator, radiator, inside weapons, shoulder extensions/weapons, back weapons, arm weapons, and hanger weapons as you please, along with your AC's paint color, and emblem, then take it on a mission to cause some pain and destruction and are rewarded with a rank, money, and maybe even an AC part, or you find it during on the mission.


In Armored Core, you'll encounter numerous enemies, like tanks, helicopters, ships, MT, Bio Organism, Special Weapons, Arms Fort, or a Raven(Lynx).
MT stand for Muscle Tracer. They are the creators and the beginning of the Armored Core. Some MTs are not strong, some have hard defense, and some carry quite the punch.
(In Armored Core 4 and 4/For Answer, Normals are stronger replacements for the MTs, but act the same as MTs.)
Bio Organism are experiments made by companies that tried to create an experiment for the good of "science". Bio Organism are not strong, but they are in numbers.
(In Armored Core 4, and 4/For Answer, Bio Organism were drop out.)
Special Weapons are neither an AC, or an MT, but both mixed in. The sub-special weapons are not strong, but they do hurt. The main special weapons are much harder than an AC, and are equip with arsenals of an AC and MT combine. Like fighting against a Raven(Lynx), the battle determines on the one with the better strategy and equipment.
Arms Fort, appearing in Armored Core 4/For Answer, are giant mobile fortresses that are not to be underestimated. They carry tons and packs of arsenal weapons that can take down a city alone.
Ravens(Lynx) are tough and formidable foes. Since fighting someone of your kind, the battle will be tough, and the one with the right equipment, and battle advantage wins the battle.

Part Information

Head part gives your AC the vision, radar, night vision, and improves your VS ECM(Electronic Counter Measure)
(In Armored Core 4 and 4/For Answer, head parts are all equip with radars, but do not have night vision)

Core part come in three types: Standard, OB(OverBoost) equip, or EO(Extension Orbit) equip.
Standard Core do not give you OB or EO, but is well balance and are equip with hanger units.
OB Cores are equip with an OB system, makes traveling lot faster, but for the price of speed, drains EN(Energy) and causes your AC to overheat. Some OB cores are equip with hanger units.
EO Cores have EO equip on them. EO are orbital units that come in two types: energy, or solid damage. Energy EO do a punch, and reloads itself back, but drains your EN, were as Solid EO hold more ammo, are more accurate, but do not reload. Some EO cores have hanger units.
(In Armored Core 4 and 4/For Answer, all Cores use OB, and are equip with hanger units.)

Arms come in two type: Regular Arms, and Weapon Arms.
Regular Arms can have two weapons(one per arm) that gives you combos of possibilities of your weapon choice.
Weapon Arms are arms that are already itself, a weapon, that come in either dual blade, dual missile, dual machine gun, or dual cannons.

Legs come in five types: Biped, Reverse-Joint, Quad, Tank, and Hover.
Biped Legs come in three types: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Light Leg give you the agile to dodge or move faster, but has weak defense, where Medium Legs give you a well balance type leg that moves at your speed, and gives you the armor, as for the Heavy Legs, give you massive defense, but slow at mobility.
Reverse-Joints are different from Biped, as when you jump, you are given a boost jump, and they can do ariel battle a lot longer and better.
Quad Legs have strong Solid or EN defense, and can allow you to use cannon weapons as long you are on the ground. Perfect for those who want weapons on them, but drains lots of EN.
Tank Legs remove your booster, so your mobility is down straight slow, but it offers you more defensive, and allows you to equip heavy weapons on you, and can use cannon weapons, either on ground or air.
Hover Legs like Tank Legs, remove your booster, but increases your booster speed for lots of EN drain. Hover Legs allow you to hover above water, and sometimes, avoid traps.
(In Armored Core 4 and 4/For Answer, any leg can hover, Hover Legs are removed from the game, and can use a cannon weapon while moving)

Booster is what makes your AC dash, hover, or even fly. With the right combination of using your Generator and Radiator, your booster can dash fast, and won't drain your EN, or overheat you fast.

FCS or Fire Control System, is what helps your AC to lock onto an enemy. Some FCS can make you have a big lock screen, wide lock screen, narrow lock screen, or the standard lock screen. Some FCS have high lock on to your enemy, but the lock screen is small, and some lock onto your enemy slowly, but have a big lock screen. Note that if dual wielding, this can cause your FCS's box look smaller.
(In Armored Core 4 and 4/For Answer, the FCS lock screen box is taken out, and your lock on is based on your FCS range.)

Generator is your AC's life supply, or the heart. Your generator is what gives your EN Output, and EN Capacity. Some Generators are light, but give poor value, where some are heavy, but give good values, and some are in between, giving the average person what he needs.

Radiator is what cools your AC to a standard heat level. Whenever you take hit, or use your booster, it causes your radiator to burn up. If it goes up to its limits, it'll start to deplete your EN, but if it goes beyond its limit, it'll start to drain your AP(Armor Points).
(Radiator first appeared in Armored Core 2, and was last used in Armored Core: Last Raven. Armored Core 4 and 4/For Answer abandoned the radiator system.)

Inside Weapons are weapons inside your arms. They can act as emergency or during battle, equipping yourself with napalm, rockets, and missile decoy.
(In Armored Core 4 and 4/For Answer, the Inside weapons was abandoned.)

Extensions/Shoulder Weapons are used as support weapons. They can help your boosting, add more damage to missiles, anti-missiles, replenish ammo, replenish EN, help your radiator to cool down, increase your defense, or create ECM.

Back Weapons are stored on the back of your AC. They carry the arsenal of your damage. They come in missiles, rockets, cannons, laser cannons, radars, ammo storage, or dual back weapons.

Arm Weapons are weapons that can be carried by your arm. They too, put the main arsenal to your AC. Some choices are rifles, machine gun, shotgun, missiles, rockets, grenade, laser rifles, blades, and shield.

Hanger Weapon are storage weapons that can be use as an emergency in case your AC runs out of ammo. Hanger weapons are usually pistols, sub machine guns, and pulse rifle, but if wearing Tank Legs, you can equip normal weapons as your hanger weapon.

Optional Part is what gives your AC bonus stats and boost. Each core has a certain OP Slot. Each OP uses a certain numbers of slots to be used in your AC.
In Armored Core 4 and 4/For Answer, Optional Parts were abandoned.)

Tune first appeared in Armored Core: Nexus. Tune can help a part's stats. By tuning a part, you can lower its weight, the EN cost, improve its cooling, increase the defense, or increase its special ability. In Armored Core 4 and 4/For Answer, the tuning system has been redesign and improved.


AP or Armor Point, is your AC's life. Each part you equip will either raise, or lower your AP. If your AC's AP reaches to 0, you die, and fail the mission.

ECM or known as Electronic Counter Measure, is an electronic interference at can disrupt your AC's radar, or even your lock on system. To prevent this, a high VS ECM head with/or a radar equip on the back weapon can counter the ECM.

The Human Plus appeared in Armored Core to Armored Core 2: Another Age. It granted the player far better and efficient power, giving them the ability that the A.I.s had; example is using a cannon while moving, blade wave, and increase EN. In order to do the Human Plus, the play must die on purpose in the beginning of the game, bringing his self to -50k six times, to unlock the full potential of its ability.

Optional Part - Intensify first appeared in Armored Core 3 and Armored Core 3: Silent Line(Silent Line: Armored Core). Replacing the Human Plus, OP-I abilities were the same, except, you get this optional part after beating the game, and thus, requiring you to play certain missions to achieves its true potential. OP-I was removed in Nexus, though A.I.s prove that they still exist with it. Blade wave still exist, but used blading and boosting at the same time to use it.

Lynx in Armored Core 4 and 4/For Answer, have the Human Plus/OP-I ability, except for some, like EN x2, cooling improved, blade wave enhance , blade range and accuracy improve, and EN cost reduction.