Audition Online Dance Battle
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Audition Online Dance Battle

Everyone is talking about the new MMOG to hit this side of the virtual dance floor. Audition: Online Dance Battle is the latest rhythm game from IP e-Games. In the tradition of classics like O2Jam, Audition is indeed another jam-packed revolution in Philippine online gaming.

So what’s the hype to Audition? It is fairly simple: by perfecting the arrow combination displayed onscreen, you can make your online character execute incredible dance maneuvers. But what’s really immersive about this game is the multiplayer experience. Here, players compete as to who has the quickest hands, with perfecting button coordination and timing as key to make their online avatars dance their way to victory. Added by high-quality music and cool in-game animations, expect only the best in gaming experience. Indeed the sight of four or five characters dancing in perfect unison, or a single player standing out from the rest is thrilling in itself.

What’s more, you can accentuate your character with Den, the in-game currency. By going to the Shopping Mall, you can further wow your opponents with your fashion bling!

Audition has quite a massive following all over Asia. The game has local versions in several countries and has an international version as well. That’s one of the main reasons why e-Games brought it in. Filipinos have always been known to be great music lovers and you will love this casual party game.
It is high time to show the world what Pinoys can do on the virtual dance floor.

Pinoy music freaks, unite! Get ready for Audition!
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