Ayumi (The Turtle)
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Ayumi (The Turtle)

Ayumi was a turtle in her past life. Because of this, she is always slow to make decisions because she is always thinking ahead. Ayumi always wears a green beret-like hat that symbolizes her turtle-shell in her past life. Ayumi is the bride of Shin the Black Turtle (Genbu), and that he has deep feelings for her, and on an occasion, risked his life to save hers in a collapsing warehouse. It is noted that of the four abducted angels, she returns his feelings the most. Ayumi often scolds Mika and argues with her most of the time. Ayumi is in the Senior rank. Her name means walk. Her color image is black. Ayumi was crushed to death in her past life, so now she is afraid of the dark and small places.
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