Baroque (Game)
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Baroque (Game)

May 14th, 2032

The cataclysmic "Blaze" decastates the world, distoring both the wold and the laws of mature. Twisted Meta-Beings now wander a barren and warped planet, and the state of the world grows worse with each passing moment.

In order to survive in this world, people cling to their delusions, called "Baroques," and become warped by their own ideas.

Sometime in the future, the protagonist awakens, having lost his memory.

A red pupiled man with large wings gives him the following instructions:

"You'll atone for you sin only by going to the bottom of the Neuro Tower and healing the world."

And so he roams, carrying nothing buy guilt for a sin he doesn't remember committing. He heads to the Neuro Tower to save himself... and the world.
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