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Battle Skipper
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1995
Air Date: Aug 23, 1995 to Dec 16, 1995
Episodes: 3
Type: Series
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Battle Skipper

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Battle Skipper (美少女遊撃隊バトルスキッパー, Bishōjo Yuugekitai?, Lovely-Girl Play Squadron Battle Skipper) is a 3-part OAV series based on the small toy mecha action figures by Tomy and distributed in North America by Central Park Media.

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Kanami Izaki (lead)Yuri Shiratori
Reika Ayanokouji (lead)Kikuko Inoue
Rie Shibusawa (lead)Shiho Niiyama
Saori Tachibana (lead)Chinami Nishimura
Shihoko Sakaki (lead)Yuko Miyamura
Sayaka KitaoujiAi Orikasa