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Beating Angel Dokuro-chan 2
Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 2
Type: Series
Page Views: 55646
Fans: 327
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Beating Angel Dokuro-chan 2

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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Second
撲殺天使ドクロちゃん 第2シリーズ

The life of the once ordinary middle school student Sakura Kusakabe changed when an angel by the name of Dokuro-chan moved into his house. This heartwarming story of love, desire and... bloodshed continues as Sakuras normal everyday life slowly crumbles into a bloody mess.
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Dokuro Mitsukai (lead)Saeko Chiba
Sabato Mihashigo (lead)Rie Kugimiya
Sakura Kusakabe (lead)Reiko Takagi
Shizuki MinagamiAyako Kawasumi
Zakuro MitsukaiAkeno Watanabe
ZansuNobuo Tobita