Big Bang
Name: Big Bang
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Founded: 2006-08-29
Lead Vocalist: Tae Yang
Leader-Rapper-Vocalist: G-Dragon
Rapper-Beatboxer: Choi Seung Hyun
Rapper-Beatboxer: T.O.P
Vocalist: Dae Sung
Vocalist-Choreographer: Seung Ri
Type: Collective
Page Views: 820083
Fans: 5997
Forum Posts: 1063
Wall Posts: 2492
Photos Uploaded: 1238

Big Bang

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**Big Bang ish LOVE~**

Big Bang is for me, the BEST boy group in korean industry~..for me alright!..i know there might be better ones but they are my choice.

Big Bang is composed of 5 multi-talented men who are really awesum and fun!!...they have different charms, abilities and personalities which makes them create an awesum group!

They compose songs that are very good and enjoying~thus making people LOVE them!
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The only South Korean boy group i learned to love and follow this much.

They've inspired a lot of people with their individuality...may it be in

*BIGBANG fashion can be found in malls everywhere
and has even started to spread around the world. (skinny jeans, high tops,
unique shades, etc.) They make sure they dress best and experiment to discover
their true colors (:

*BIGBANG music knows no limit. They've tried different genres for their
albums and have over 100 songs which are mostly composed and arranged
by their leader, Gdragon. Name it. They have trot, rnb, ballad, hiphop, rock, rap~

They work hard and even do as much as promote simultaneously from Japan to Korea.
They've created the beginning for "electronic music" in their nation's music industry and had since then,
showed that they don't follow the trends but instead, THEY SET THEM. (: BIGBANG jjang!

- number one VIP *U*


BIG BANG - The group that makes me happy :DD
I love Big Bang, I truly don't dislike anything about them. I like ALL.. literally ALL of their songs :)
Their voices go perfectly together in their songs, they have amazing style, and endless talents.
Within the group there are Actors, Singers with beautiful voices, Amazing rappers, Great dancers, and a boat load of aegyo<3
All this packed into one 5 member boy band. They're truly amazing.
Big Bang is and always will be my #1 favorite kpop group.
G-Dragon<3 - The Strong Determined Leader
Taeyang<3 - The Shy Great Dancer
Daesung<3 - Mr.Smiles who always makes everyone else smile
TOP<3 - The Goofy, sometimes serious oldest
Seungri<3 - The Maknae with the most aegyo

If you've never heard of them or never listened to them, then get ready to get hypnotized as you turn into a VIP under their amazingly magical spell lol never ever ever ever forget that BIG BANG IS VIP!<3