Binbo Shimai Monogatari
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2006
Episodes: 10
Type: Series
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Binbo Shimai Monogatari

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Poor Sisters Story
Binbou Shimai Monogatari

A junior high school student Yamada Kyo and an elementary school student Yamada Asu are sisters, and they are living alone. Their father ran away leaving gambling debt, and the mother has already died. In spite of this unhappiness, they don’t gloom but they are living brightly and happily. Because of the law changed a few years ago, Kyo can work now although she is still in junior high school. She works as a paperboy or a tutor to support the family. On the other hand, Asu do housekeeping jobs such as doing the meal, cleaning the room, and even handling the household finances to help her elder sister. There are kind people around them, such as the landlord or a novelist Saegusa, and they watch over the sisters gently. They experience a lot of troubles and hard times, but the happiest thing for them is that they are nearby. This is a heartwarming story drawing daily events of Kyo and Asu living in a small room of a 40-year-old apartment whose rent is 26,000 yen a month.
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Asu Yamada (lead)Tomoko Kaneda
Kyou Yamada (lead)Maaya Sakamoto
Genzo HayashiMugihito Amachi
Ginko EchigoyaEtsuko Kozakura
Kinko EchigoyaNaomi Shindoh
Masao Ichinokura
Ranko Saegusa