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He is who wants to be the strongest doesn't like the existence of Guy. He is irritated by the attitude of Sai who is interested in him while she treats Guy like a kid. On the other hand, Soda, who used to be cheerful doesn't look fine. Chonan realizes that she is worrying about something but cannot do anything but watching over her.

Boy is fuming in the café Guy tries to sooth him waving around a gun. While they are jostling around, the gun explodes and the bullet hits Sai. Given first aid by the illegal doctor in the town, she saves her life. The accident leads to disclose the past between Guy and Sai.

Extended Information

Mouse's brother is currently in the process of debuting in a band
James won second place in Dutchie Boy&Girl 2006
Mouse won Rising Star in Dutchie Boy&Girl 2006
TengNeung won first place in Dutchie Boy&Girl 2007
Leo is the only one from the group that was not in Dutchie Boy&Girl
James graduated high school in England
TengNeung was Dutchie Boy 2007 winner
Mouse was Dutchie Boy 2006 Rising Star
Mouse's older brother, Nicky, is a soon-to-debute singer.
TengNeung has a younger sister who's 12 years younger
James is half American, half Thai
Leo is half French, half Thai
TengNeung's fav. member in Wonder Girls is SoHee.