Brad Hunter
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Brad Hunter

Brad Hunter Brad Hunter is a pilot who began his career as a mercenary, and was hired by the Blitz Team before the start of the series to boost their pilot numbers. He pilots a modified Command Wolf, but is later forced to steal a prototype Shadow Fox from Dr. Layon and the Backdraft Group. After receiving the Shadow Fox, Brad engages in combat with Bit and the Liger Zero. After a brisk battle, it is stopped due to both pilots belonging to the Blitz team, and the Shadow Fox officially becomes a member of the Blitz team thanks to Brad's deception - his plan all along.
Brad possesses a notably high physical endurance, shown in one instance when Layon stuck him in a G-Force-esque simulator and he retained consciousness despite the deadly force exerted upon him.
Because of his mercenary nature, Brad will rarely enter a fight without a promise of financial compensation, even if the other team members are in trouble.
In the original Japanese version, the character is named Ballad. Brad's surname is never given in either the Japanese or English versions, but supporting materials give it as "Hunter".
Voiced by: Masaya Matsukaze (Japanese), Samuel Vincent (English)

Source: Wikipedia
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