CN Blue
Name: C.N. Blue
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Founded: 2009-08-29
Bassist: Lee Jungshin
Drummer: Minhyuk Kang
Guitarist: Lee Jonghyun
Leader: Jung Yong Hwa
Type: Collective
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Fans: 275
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CN Blue

Code Name Blue

Dubbed as the second FT Island, C.N. Blue (pronounced Code Name Blue). CN Blue is the new band of F&C Music (Fish and Cake Music). They debuted in Japan as an indie band and have done various street performances and small gigs since then. There Now or Never mini album was released in Japan in August and they will debut in Korea in January. The group has been recieving a lot of attention and anticipation due to Jung Yong Hwa, he starred in the hit korean drama, You Are Beautiful.

Jung Yong Hwa (Leader)
Lee Jong Hyun (Guitarist and Vocalist)
Kwon Kwang Jin (basist)
Kang Min Hyuk (drums)
Member Profiles

Jung Yong Hwa [정용화]

Birthdate: 22 July 1989
Position: Leader, vocalist and guitarist
Height: 180cm
Blood Type: A

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Lee Jong Hyun [이종현]

Birthdate: 15 May 1990
Position: Guitarist and vocalist
Height: 182cm
Blood Type: O

Kwon Kwang Jin [권광진]

Birthdate: 12 August 1992
Position: Bass
Height: 180cm
Blood Type: AB

Kang Minhyuk [권광진]

Birthdate: 28 July 1991
Position: Drummer
Height: 183cm
Blood Type: A



1st mini album - "Now or Never" [19th August 2009]

01. Now or Never
02. Let’s Go Crazy
03. Love Revolution
04. Just Please
05. Teardrops in the Rain

2nd mini album - Voice [November 25, 2009]
01. Voice
02. Wanna Be Like U
03. Never too Late
04. Y, Why...
05. One of a Kind


1st mini album - "Bluetory" [January 14, 2010]

01. I'm a Londer
02. Love Revolution
03. Y, Why...
04. Now or Never
05. I Will...Forget You...

2nd mini album - "Bluelove" [May 19, 2010 ]

01. LOVE
01. Sweet Holiday
01. Black Flower
01. Tattoo
01. 사랑 빛 ("Love Light")
01. Let's Go crazy