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CRONOUS is a full 3D graphic MMORPG. Therefore it supports Zoom In/Out function
and camera rotation, enabling the changes of visual point. CRONOUS fixed the
height of camera to play the game at the most comfortable visual point. So a player
can enjoy the game in a familiar environment like RPG game in Isometric
Perspective/ Quarter View Perspective. You can meet various characters
equipped with full 3 D graphics, monsters, great special effects and vivid animation.

CRONOUS is an action role-playing game based on a level system combined with
a skill system. A player attacks monsters and accumulates EXP by solving various
quests. Accumulated EXP is reflected in the player’s level and he can use a special
item according to the level, or he can use skills that others can’t use. Also he can
use various skills by his own special combination.
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