C Quint
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Name: C-Quint
Country of Origin: Thailand
Type: Collective
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C Quint

Cool Quintet

Hot new boy band C-Quint have faced their fair share of criticism since releasing their hit single, “Tor Hai Lok Yood Moon (If the World Stops Spinning).” In particular, they’ve been accused of imitating the songs and outfits of Korean group Dong Bang Shin Gi.

The five former models and actors that comprise C-Quint — Jira Danbawornkiat (Fluke), 23, Veerachai Leelahathorn (Bank), 23, Pit Karchai (Pitt), 21, Nimit Manatpon (Yoshi), 21, and Nuttapol Weeraanantawat (Best), 19 — cut through the criticism by releasing more smash hits, like the popular ballad “Na Mai Eye (Embarrassing).”

Fluke (Jira Danbawornkiat)
Bank (Veerachai Leelahathorn)
Pitt (Pit Karchai)
Yoshi (Nimit Manatpon)
Best (Nuttapol Weeraanantawat)

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