Cherry Tomato - Movie
Alternative Names:


Bangwool Tomato

Year Produced: 2008
Episodes: 3
Type: Series
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Cherry Tomato - Movie

Living in a shabby, rented single room, they do not have enough money to feed themselves. Park-gu works as a porter for a shopping mall in Seoul but he soon finds himself kicked out of the place. In his 70s, Park-gu tries to survive by collecting papers and recyclable material on the street, but the money he earns is always too small to buy a decent meal. His granddaughter, 6, seems mature for her age, possibly due to her trouble-laden life. After her mother left away years ago and her father was put behind bars, she has been raised by her foul-mouthed grandfather.

Shin Gu
Kim Hyang Ki
Kim Byung Chun
Choi Ji Yeon
Choi Dong Gyun
Seo Beom Yeol
Jang Dong Min
Kim Yeong Ho

Jeong Yeong Bae
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