Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2002
Air Date: Apr 2, 2002 to Sep 24, 2002
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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My review of Chobits

Supporting Characters: 7
Lead Characters: 9
Plot: 7
Animation: 10
Ending: 9


I consider the animation a 10 in this because of how old the show is, and how the animation today still looks rather decent. The ending of it was pretty good...still could have been a little better.

Beautiful Story; Great Comedy

Chobits was my first anime, and personally.. one of my favorites. I could rewatch this anime a million times, and still love it. The love story, mix of echii, and drama makes it hard to resist. You'll absolutely love the "feels" this anime brings to you, so I definitely recommend it!

One of my Favorites and Touches My Heart

I am in love with chobits! Chii is just too kawaii! I love the mystery too it and the humor. My only wish is that they showed more to the mystery, but I guess it wouldn't show much character development. I also love the style of anime eyes they use it makes them look more innocent and cute =^.^= All and All I love Chobits <3

Appropriately Clamp, and wonderfully Loving

This is ultimately an anime about the level of acceptance people make in defining both love and humanity. The series starts out slightly ecchi, but thankfully fan-service (such as it is) is kept to a minimum.

As the story progresses, it layers the characters as the plot device. Almost as if, no matter what any character ends up doing, they'd wind up doing what they were meant to do. Which aids in keep this story on track, but hinders the possibilities and the true breadth of the undertaking.

By the end of the series you'll have gained such an insight into what love and humanity is to yourself, that you'll either really despise this series, or love it to bits. Certainly not a masterpiece, but excellently entertaining with out making you out to be a fool or an idiot.

It is most certainly one of the most heartfelt series that I have ever seen.
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cho cho cho chobits lolz

favorite chobit: cho
favorite "other" cho: cho chang
favorite food that has "cho" : nacho and chocolate
favorite movie with "cho" : nacho libre
favorite moment: *SPOLIERSSSS* when the guy (forgot his name) shopped for cho
favorite cho quote: *SPOILER* "cho"
funniest cho moment: i forgot. i wacthed this 7 years ago when i was 13
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lighthearted and good fun

As the title says lighthearted and good fun. It is ecchi but really not that bad, there are lots worse. Even if you dont like ecchi, you still would probably enjoy the show. The main character Hideki is kind of a spaz that moves to a big city and has a major culture shock. I can relate to him and I think others can to. It has a heartfelt story that is out of the ordinary,and makes for an original series. Overall a great show that I used to unwind, easy to get into but doesn't require alot of emotional energy. Great for chill out series thats lots of fun
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What a fun show to watch!

I'll admit, this Chobits did turn me off with the character Hideki, and I only continued watching because the opening was extremely catchy, but as the story progressed I began to open my mind more and try to enjoy the show itself objectively without having comparing it to other shows I've watched in the past, thereby ruining the experience and unfairly judging the show.

Hideki is quite the biggest loser I've seen in awhile, and at times I really wanted to throw my remote control at the screen. Yet I realized later Hideki is what made the show different than most male protagonist of other series. Rather than having a strong, masculine, male character always in command and being the super hero, we have a loser, moron, who is constantly being saved by his friends and the general manager of the dorm room he's living in. That in itself reminded me of my own shortcomings and I really didn't have much on the guy once I realized this.

Hideki however overcomes, or at least tries to, his weaknesses when he first arrived in Tokyo. Seeing him putting so much care into saving Chi is what made me believe this isn't so bad after all.

Also, the idea of Persecons and Chobits really intrigued me, and gave me food for thought after watching the show.

This show isn't a super masterpiece that you'll be bragging about to your kids, but it is very enjoyable and I do like it.

Just wowers bro!!!!!!!!!!

I first was introduced to this anime when i was like in the 6th grade i actually read the book first and like it then i saw it was a show and started watching it on youtube and wow it was just amazing!!!
Everyone should check this out
there's so many things that will leave you speechless
like seriously
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A quick review on Chobits.

Chobits centers around an 18-year-old named Hideki, who has moved from the country to take a year of cram school after failing his entrance exams for college. On his first night in the city, he found a persocom in the trash (a persocom is an android/personal computer). He was able to turn it on only after pressing a switch between her legs, a blatant sexual reference which has some repercussions during the series.
At first, this persocom, named Chi, cannot speak anything beyond her name. While she later learns more words, she still needs to be taught a lot of basic rules of society. Throughout all this, Chi starts to develop feelings for Hideki, and vice-versa.
While the series is cute with plenty of humor and great animation, the point of it is to explore the relationships of computers/humans and the meaning of love/emotions. Don't let that deter you! It's a really great anime and it's a lot of fun. Well worth watching for the animation along, but the laughs AND a very good story makes it almost perfect.
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