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2005 TMD, 我爱你 (TMD, I Love You)

2005 冬天快乐 (Happy Winter)

2006 Give Me Five

2006 唱得响亮 (Singing Loudly, Theme Song for 2006 Super Girl Singing Contest)

2007 冰菊物语-钢琴版 (Ice Chrysanthem, piano ver.)

2007 冰菊物语-古筝版(Ice Chrysanthem,zither ver.)

2007 N+1

2007 爱的太傻 (Stupid in Love, Theme Song for Popular Korean Show Princess Hours, Chinese version)

2007 和你一样 (Just like You, Theme Song for Chinese Red Cross Foundation (CRCF), written by her fans)

2007 Green (A charitable song dedicated to Greenpeace 绿色和平公益歌曲)

2007 来跳舞吧 (Come to Dance, Theme song for the celebrity dancing show 'strictly come dancing' launched by HNWS and TVB)

2008 I Am Your XX (2008 ver.)

2008 相信(Believe)

2008 倾国倾城(Qing Guo Qing Cheng)

2008 梨花香 (Li Hua Xiang, theme song for the movie Shi Quan Jiu Mei)

2008 红遍全球 (Hong Bian Quan Qiu, Coca Cola Song for 2008 Beijing Olympics)
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