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Posted 7/12/08, Edited 7/29/08  Reply  Quote
2005 TMD, 我爱你 (TMD, I Love You)

2005 冬天快乐 (Happy Winter)

2006 Happy Wake Up (Commercial Song for Crest)

2006 Loving

2006 下雨 (Raining | Xia Yu)

2006 唱得响亮 (Singing Loudly, Theme Song for 2006 Super Girl Singing Contest)

2006 冰菊物语 (Ice Chrysanthem |Bing Ju Wu Yu)

2007 N+1

2007 爱的太傻 (Stupid in Love, Theme Song for Popular Korean Show Princess Hours, Chinese version)

2007 漂浮地铁 (Piao Fu Di Tie)

2008 Stop

2008 我的王国 (My Kingdom | Wo De Wang Guo)

2008 差生 (Poor Student | Cha Sheng)

2008 少年中国 (Youth of China | Shao Nian Zhong Guo)

2008 秀才胡同 (Xiu Cai Hu Tong)

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Posted 7/18/09  Reply  Quote
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Posted 4/2/10  Reply  Quote
Do U have link of Loving?
I can't down it from youtube
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