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Kuranado (クラナド)

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2007
Air Date: Oct 4, 2007 to Mar 27, 2008
Episodes: 24
Type: Series
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Clannad/ Clannad After Story is one of the Best Anime I've Ever Seen.

The storyline is magnificent. I cried maybe 3 or 4 times watching this anime.
I love the music in this series! Dango Family is so cute!
The characters' personalites were brilliantly created. They were created so the storyline works well.
The animation was done extremely well.
Overall, this anime recieves a 10/10. Good job!
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This is a review for the Visual Novel, Not the anime.

Yes this has been a long time coming and I do really apologize for the wait on this review so with out further ado let's get the ball rolling. Clannad is an "all ages" visual novel developed by key and published by visual arts on April 28th, 2004 on the PC . The original version of the visual novel had no voice over work what so-ever like key's other previous works. This particular visual novel is so popular in fact that it has ports on nearly ever console and handheld that I can think of, such as the PS3 or PSP with full voice over's this time around from the anime cast. This visual novel also has spin-off called "Tomoyo After It's A Wonderful Life" that continues off of the Tomoyo arc from the main game. I will do a review for that one was well as soon as a translation patch is up for it.

Despite this visual novel being as popular as it is, there is no official release in the states for it. So if you really want to play this game you can probably guess what your going to have to do, but please at least try to import a copy for the game to show your support for this franchise, or at least buy the DVD sets and movie that happen to be licensed in the states by sentai film-works.. Normally I wouldn't care about pirating the hell out of game or series in general but a franchise like this deserves a huge amount of support from it's fans. Like many other visual novels that are never localized, you will need to download a translation patch to play this game unless you can read Japanese, just follow the instructions carefully for which patch you choose to download.

Now with all this aside lets get to the main point of review, how does clannad hold up after all of these years?? I has held up wonderfully despite being nearly eight years old now, it still holds it's own from even the newer 3D visual novels/eroges that are coming out now. With it's wonderful cast of characters, music and plot development there is something here I believe nearly any-body can enjoy. However I would not recommend this to anyone that does not like drama/slice of life/comedy visual novel then this is not for you. I know there is people out there that do not like this genre so I will just be upfront about it right now to save your time from playing something that you will not like. For those who do love this demographic of visual-novels then you will love this one, I can promise my right arm on this.

This visual novel is about high-school senior delinquent named Tomoya Okazaki who just all around hates where he lives the few people that are around him. This is due in part that his mother died in a horrible accident when he was young, and his father has never gotten over it to this day despite that ten years have passed. Tomoya's father also did happen get physical at one point with him thus making hugely estranged to the point that Tomoya avoids his father as much as possible. It wasn't until one day walking to school late he happens to see a beautiful girl named Nagisa Furukawa. She was talking to her self saying "Do you like this school??" She continues to talk to her-self "I really really do, but nothing...can remain the same forever." Tomoya interrupts her by saying "You just have to find it, right?" This little conversation he has with Nagisa will change the course of his life forever.

Depending on what you choose to do from this this point onwards will determine if you end up the main hereon Nagisa or another female character such as Tomoyo I needed to set up the essential plot points for everyone but there is one huge thing that leaves a lot people with their heads scratching, which is "Other World". This is a place where nothing can grow, nor can nothing give birth/live a lonely desolate world. Think of this as Tomoya's feelings that are in his heart through at the course of the visual novel. It is suppose to represent how Tomoya is closed off and doesn't want anyone in his life due in part of how much he has been hurt before in the course of his life.

The "other world" changes depending on how you choose to play that also represents his actions of what good deeds or whishes that Tomoya grants, by helping out people in each route or arc "hence the glowing orbs of light". There happen to be only two livable creatures in the "other world" a young girl and a small robot that she is unable to hear "These represent two very important characters in the physical world, but I will not spoil who they are". That is all I am going to spoil for your guys story wise, if you really want to find out more just play visual novel for more of the story.

Okay maybe I am praising Clannad a bit to much however there is one thing that will keep some people away. No it's nothing nasty or sexual, it's the level of difficulty for visual novel. Even for a seasoned veteran like myself was frustrated at points of what to do " I had to go-online and find a hint guide to move on at some points". So to be nice I will go ahead and tell all of you one major thing. In order to get the best ending possible, you must first obtain light orbs/ get one hundred percent complete for the game. So yes you are forced to play through every single arc, unlock after story and obtain ever good ending for the other characters before you can obtain the good ending with Nagisa. I find this to be a huge chore but worth the effort in the end unless your a fan of bitter sweet ends.

Moving on past the insane level of difficulty is something that I do happen to love which is the characters. I have stated three of the main characters but some others such as Tomoya's friend named Sunohara, who has to be the biggest comic relief character of all time and brings down some of the drama to make it bearable at some points. Even he Sunohara has his own arc in the game as well that is serious to discuss why he is living in the males sports dorm despite not being on any team. One other honorable mention goes to Kotomi Ichinose who is a child-hood friend of Tomoya's "who he doesn't remember". Not really that original I know but her character arc and growth with Tomoya deserve a huge mention because of the way it was written/handled that even after all of that time Kotomi still loves him because of his kindness that was showed when they where kids.

Another huge plus is the music score for this game, no visual novel at the time comes close to the Musial score form this game. Every piece of music written for Clannad is very well done, has emotion flowing through it and syncs up to the emotions for what's happening at the time. This defiantly gives a new meaning to that music helps to set the mood. Hell the soundtrack to buy for Clannad VN is three Cd's, along sixteen to eighteen tracks for each Cd. The is also a wide variety of music as well, from the OP being fully voiced over to something as simple as an theme for a character, which could have piano to violin pieces of music. I will flat out say it alone just on the music for Clannad it bumps it up beyond any normal visual novel that you will play in this day and age.

One last thing to mention is the artwork or visuals for Clannad. Unlike most that I am used to playing it is very bright, well drawn but there is one thing that does bother me the huge eyes. Despite this small flaw, everything is well drawn and holds up very well to other visual novels on the market "expect for School Days". Each character has a very unique design/fell to them so despite some copy-paste features for each character does stand out due to how they are drawn "despite the big eyes".

Now the emotion that is displayed by each character to is also very characterized by the emotions in their face and hand gestures they make. Say if for example Tomoyo is pissed off about so meting "believe me you will know why and see the end result of her fist". The only other I do wish to add is that the back-grounds are a bit plain in certain places "the school for example". However this is the only other flaw I was able to find.

Well that's all I have to say about Clannad VN, I could write a whole book if I really wanted to but I need to move on with my life. Despite some of the flaws that I have mentioned that are present, they are no where near bad enough to hold this Visual Novel back from being a classic. I pretty much have given nothing but praise for this visual novel so if you haven't figured out what rating I am going to give Clannad you need to learn reading comprehension. Peace out everyone and until next time.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Rating 5/5

Age Rating 12+
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SGs Clannad review..

Clannad is your average love story between two high school students. (with a few extras)

Tomoya Okazaki is a high school delinquent who has no real hope for his future, and honestly doesn't give a damn. His father has been a heavy drinker ever since he was young, and never had many good human relations. On his first day of his third year of high school, he encounters a girl who he will soon (and obviously) fall in love with, named Nagisa Furukawa

Furukawa is a shy and kind-hearted girl, who is repeating her senior year. She and Okazaki team up, to try and revive the drama club.

The story kicks in... well... It's hard to really name the story. Clannad is one of those anime that follows the story of one character at a time, until the episodes reach an end. Clannad is also a hilarious comedy. Especially the scenes with Youhei Sunohara. None the less, Clannad is a touching anime that is beautifully animated and each character is beautifully crafted. Especially the almost dead girl, Fuko Ibuki, who you will most likely, completely fall in love with.


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Breakdown & Review of Clannad

The problem with reviewing a show like Clannad is having to divorce yourself from the outcome you wanted to have happen and look only at the show as it was presented. When it comes to the audience having strong opinions as to how things should have concluded, from my experience this show routinely ends up firmly in the debate with different camps fervently supporting their particular "Clannad" girl and why she should have been the one to "win". Now despite the fact that this show is widely discussed and clips of all types are available on video sharing sites I will still do my best to not spoil anything for those who want to experience Clannad with fresh eyes, but do be warned I am no professional so I may inadvertently spoil something unintentionally so you have been cautioned. One final thing only from a point of personal opinion, DO NOT play the visual novel before watching the show as the show, due to necessity, has to gloss over some of the alternate arc elements in order to tell its version of the story and it does so in ways that will be disappointing if you've played the visual novel beforehand.

The Story

This is a very complex and very long story with a separate story running along side that does factor into the conclusion of the series (Clannad: Afterstory) but to avoid spoilers that is all I'll say about that. The most basic breakdown is: a disillusioned unmotivated high school senior is looking to trudge through one final year of school before entering adulthood with no real goal or hopes in mind when through a chance encounter he comes across a person that feels equally alienated from the school and her classmates. The two learn to lean on and support each other throughout various situations that occur until finally realizing that their friendship has gently swung from casual to serious without either of them really being aware of what was happening, finally climaxing in a moment that was a surprise to no one but themselves. This story is not flawless, but my only major nitpick would be the recycling of a major plot element from a previous work (Kanon 2006) when the previous telling of that "arc" was much more emotionally significant than the Clannad version.

The Animation

The animation is very good and is both dynamic and consistent, I've just been spoiled by projects from P.A. Works and therefore can not bring myself to give it a perfect 10. That being said the use of lighting and effects is masterfully done to seem grounded when the story requires it to be and dreamlike when that is appropriate.

The Sound

The sound is really good both in Japanese and in English but here is another place where you should be careful to no play the visual novel beforehand since you will get a mindset of how the characters sound and interact that the show does not fully capture. The best example of this disparity would be the visual novel Kotomi Ichinose is perfect and was not the same Kotomi in the show either in Japanese and definitely not in English, whereas the English Kyou Fujibayashi is completely made of win. Sub or dub you really can not go wrong with either for this show.

The Characters

I have to be ridiculously vague in this section to both avoid plot spoilers and because the characters in Clannad are so dynamic that there is no way to full describe them without having to write a term paper on each one. I will also only cover the most significant characters as this show boasts a trainload of characters who all serve to expand and deepen an already dynamic storyline. That being said sound the spoiler alarm just in case.

Tomoya Okazaki - The previously mentioned disillusioned and unmotivated main character of the show who through a chance encounter with a classmate on the road to school one day sets in motion a chain of events that ends up reshaping his world view and redefining him as a person. He may be the best main character in terms of establishment and development I have seen thus far and easily trumps the two other male leads of the Kyoto Animation "holy trinity" (Air, Kanon, Clannad).

Nagisa Furukawa - A high school student who is effectively one grade behind due to repeated bouts of long term illness that threaten both her education and her life on occasion. She is shy and lacks self-confidence and may serve as the weakest character in the story as her submissive nature sometimes comes across as more annoying than the author intended as her meekness seems to come and go more as the plot requires than as would be fitting for her current point of emotional development.

Fuuko Ibuki - A quiet odd girl obsessed with starfish who will sometimes go into a trance-like state when her cuteness/happiness circuitry overloads. Her goal is to utilize hand carved starfish to serve as defacto invitations to her older sister's wedding. She is quirky and odd and immediately endearing but more so as the eccentric friend/little sister than a believable love interest.

Youhei Sunohara - Tomoya's best friend and reality anchor dispelling sound advice when called for but mostly serving as comic relief. His misadventures become permanently etched in the viewer's minds as comedic mastery and while they do attempt to provide him with some level of depth over the course of the story at least in Clannad he stays a mostly a humorous sidekick.

The Girl and The Robot - Despite having no interaction with the characters these two characters inhabit the second story that runs alongside the main one and to avoid spoiling anything I can tell you nothing more about them except to say their lack of development is intentional and essential to the overall series. When the pieces fall into place, it will all make sense and at least the first time will floor the viewer.

Ryo Fujibayashi - The technically younger twin of the Fujibayashi sisters who is painfully shy and also an avid fortune teller though her accuracy rate is suspect at best. She is much more developed in the visual novel than the show and to really understand her inner workings I would have to direct the viewer to the visual novel as she has a very deep personality and makeup that is only hinted at during the series.

And now for the quote unquote big three...

Tomoyo Sakagami - A recent transfer student attempting to rebuild her image and also working towards a goal of saving a local grove of trees that have significance to her. She is a strong willed pseudo vigilante who uses her vast arsenal of martial arts skills to protect herself and the locals from thugs and ruffians. This is also while she is trying to both emphasize and be accepted for her femininity and also achieve a place on the student council where she feels her position will assist her goal of saving the tree grove she holds sacred. There is much much more here but it would take a short novel to cover it all.

Kotomi Ichinose - A socially awkward loner who prefers the company of books to other people and while she is a virtual genius does not even understand the basics of social interaction. She is perpetually tormented by events of the past and her arc in the series is vastly inferior to the visual novel and like Ryo Fujibayashi to truly experience who Kotomi is you have to play the VN. That being said she still is one of the most tear inducing characters when everything comes together. Also violin = death of thousands.

Kyou Fujibayashi - The older of the Fujibayashi twins though it is never established why she deems herself as such though her super tsundere personality and hyper protective nature of her friends and especially her sister Ryo allow the audience to gloss past that point. She is constantly torn between being a tomboy and wearing her heart on her sleeve and this duality makes her that much better as you watch her try to keep her distance when all she really wants to do admit things she could never allow herself to say out loud. Interestingly enough her character in the visual novel changes depending on which route you choose to follow in one being the Kyou we know from the show and in another route being a pervy lesbian which also fits her personality surprisingly well.


What else is there to say except I can not recommend this show highly enough. As I said though play the visual novel only after watching the show as the retelling of some of the alternate story arcs in the show necessarily leave many things out that will leave you disappointed slightly. If you are a fan of romance anime this is a must watch/own.

Random Extra

Just for the sake of stating the obvious Kyou Fujibayashi is my #1 "Clannad" girl.
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great anime!! drama will really touch your heart :D

clannad is a great anime, totally worth a watch it has a fine touch of romance, comedy, and drama. maybe even a bit of tragedy. You may even find yourslf crying at certain points of this anime. the drama is very realistic, and words just cant describe what you will feel when the tears really do start falling down. X]] i rate it 5 stars!!
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Greatest Anime Drama of All Time!!!

I first discoverd this in the Netflix instant quene, i didn't know the anime nor read the Manga but i just check it out anyways, After watching 2 vol. and 24 episodes i became very touch to it, This Anime has awhole bunch of Drama and some Suspense incuding Romantic Comedy in it but the only reason Beside i luv was the Textures, Graphics, Voice Acting Sound, and Fresh for Teens and maybe kids but mostly for Teens and Adults, anyway if ur much into Drama this is a Must Watch i could tell ya that. ^^
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A heart warming tale

This is a movie perfect for people who are a sucker(like me) for cheesy stories that choke you to death with tears....(just my personal opinion) But seriously people who don't cry watching these are not human.....okay maybe I'm exaggerating....but still. Anyway If you're looking for some movie with slice-of-life genre then this is what you're looking for. A tale of friendship, love, courage, overcoming your...issues? It can be a bit typical..but then again which story isn't. Let me warn you it does have a bit of supernatural essence to it...I'd like to call it fate or destiny..if you will. Though that's just the way I like it cause I do not like stories that are too typical. Also Clannad have one of the most awesome plot lines since they are produced by KEY (which also have several titles with similar but awesome depth in the story). I will not continue longer cause it will eventually lead to me...spoiling...
Okay now my final words (dramatic much) Clannad has made me happy, heart broken, touched, and loved. I truly love the series, plot and characters...I'm sure the reflect a lot on the real world. I just love it so much!!!!!!

(This is purely my personal opinion so take it or leave it X9 )
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Beautiful prequel to a touching story.

Clannad is one of those things that some will love, some will hate.
I don't understand the hate.
Every episode gripped me (in a chokehold but whatever) and I knew I had to watch the next one. The characters were quite original and loveable!
Some would just skip this and go to After Story, but I don't recommend that. This really lets you grow a sort of friendship with the characters, because they're so real.
Incredible. Highly, highly recommended.

Final rating: 10/10.
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