Clannad After Story
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クラナド アフターストーリー (Japanese)

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2008
Air Date: Oct 2, 2008 to Mar 26, 2009
Episodes: 24
Type: Series
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Clannad After Story

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╬ Absolutely ╬ Legendary ╬

This is a combined review of Clannad and After Story.

There's a reason this anime is rather famous. From the first scene in the first episode, you can tell this is going to be a little different than most shows. It's not that anything particularly striking happens, it's just the way that it is presented gives the feeling that you are going to take this one seriously. The fantastic soundtrack and unique artstyle immediately grab your attention and the eerie OP suggests that there might be more to this show than just a typical high school romcom. And indeed, there is soooo much more to this show than that.

Clannad starts out at a leisurely pace, slowly introducing new characters and letting them breathe. The first season is much like Toradora. If you haven't seen it, by that I mean there are a lot of sub arcs- some funny, some happy, some very tragic. The main character's pranks are some of the funniest scenes I've ever seen in anime, and yet, this first season also manages to have some of the most emotional scene as well. All the while, there is this odd little side story going on about a girl alone in an empty world with a robot friend she built for company. It's seemingly completely irrelevant, but the melancholy atmosphere sort of keeps you grounded after you just got done laughing at the previous scene. Gradually the two stories intersect (and not for the last time) and you see that it wasn't irrelevant after all. All of these things (and i'm skipping all the major plot points for spoiler reasons) build into one of the greatest, most emotional final episodes (not counting the alt-timeline episodes. Yes you read that right, it even has a few of those for all you unsatisfied shippers!) I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

There are so many things I could say about this first season, and even on its own it would be enough to earn 6/5 stars in my book, but the thing that makes this series truly special is that there's a second season; and this second season actually manages to be better than the first one.

After Story picks off from where the first season stopped and just seeing the OP sequence, you get the feeling that maybe the tone has changed a little bit. The song is a sad one but the imagery is ambiguous. The first half of AS carries on more of the same stuff from season 1, almost aimlessly. You briefly wonder where the show is going, before it happens.

As I said before, there's a reason this show is famous. There's a reason it tops nearly every list of the saddest, most emotional animes ever made. This show brought me to my knees in tears. For 5 or 6 episodes straight I cried like a child. The feels just would not let up. I wish I could explain why this show makes other "sad" shows like Anohana or Angel Beats look like the teletubbies without spoiling it, but suffice to say, what the main character goes will change your outlook on life. It taught me what it means to be a man; that masculinity isn't just about taking care of yourself, it's about taking care of the people you love. Everything you've seen prior to this point has lead up to this moment in such beautiful fashion that you forget these aren't real people.

I could go on, but I'll leave it at this: no anime I have seen thus far has been so powerful or moving as this show. It's been weeks since I watched it and I STILL tear up at the OP and ED themes. You just can't stop thinking about this show long after finishing it because it touches you at the human level. It's that good.

∞ stars out of 5. Clannad is must-watch material for any anime fan. Am I overlooking the bad parts? Probably. Does it matter? Nope.

Clannad and Clannad After Story

There really isn't much of a plot in terms of story in Season one of Clannad, because it is used to build character.

The supportive characters have been given plenty of development during the first season with almost each character getting thrown their own short ''arc''. The interaction with these supportive characters build both for the main characters Tomoya and Nagisa their development in the story.

That is pretty much all there is to season one of Clannad. --Building character.
But you'll never get bored, because the chances of getting attached to these characters is a ninety-nine percent as they are very likeable.

In the second season of Clannad called ''Clannad After Story'' we focus more on the two main characters Tomoya and Nagisa. As the first few episodes of After story focus on supporting characters, the remaining episodes take you on the greatest stories and emotional rollercoasters you have ever experienced. In these other twenty episodes or so, you'll go through so many emotions that sometimes I wonder how something like this was ever even written.

Basically we see Tomoya and Nagisa go through their daily high school life, but how the story is tailored to mimic real life and it's abillity to make you laugh, cry, and feel emotional at such a level, makes the story of Clannad and especially After story a marvelous storytelling.

I personally highly-recommend you this amazing show as it is one of the best Anime I have ever seen in my entire life.

Story: 9,7/10
Characters: 10/10
Music/Animation: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10

Clannad After Story
Story: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Music/Animation: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10+/10

The anime you won't regret watching

What makes Clannad after story stick out is that it's an continuation of Clannad and life beyond high school in an anime ( gasps!) the series could of ended with Tomoya asking Nagisa out and ending there on a happy note but, this is a key visual novel we're talking about here. It's an amazing coming of age story about Tomoya Okazaki who learns about life and trying to make it in the adult world. The characters were good and you could easily get emotional attached to them speaking of emotions. This anime sends your emotions into overdrive please have tissues on stand by. The music was fantastic and fit the mood and setting for a scene perfectly the songs that stood out to the most was Nagisa's theme ( the dango song) Snowfield, and the girl's fantasy. The only problem I had with it is the ending song I felt like it ruined the emotional experience at the ending but, its just a small problem.
Would I recommend this anime? Yes but, if you are not into anime dramas that send your emotions on overdrive I understand that everyone has different tastes.

LT Clannad After Story REVIEW

JUST APPLAUSE the story the wrap around the twist plus the unsceen and what if factors answering question that are place in Clannad an giving a great ending. You grow with the story you are apart of the family the love the home environment, even though some parts are touch and go still over all breaks my top 5 anime of all time
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Hands down one of the finest Anime ever made.

This is really a Review of Clannad and Clannad After Story since despite being separate seasons, After Story is still really a continuation of the first season and thus completes the story rather than creating a new one.

Clannad is a drama story based on Tomoya and the people he meets during his last year of high school and beyond. Though it is much more than that, that is the simplest way to describe it.

The story in Clannad, without spoiling anything is one of the most amazing ever told. It has moments to make you laugh and moments that will make you cry like a little kid. It combines great story with settings that people can understand and attach themselves to. It is one of the deepest stories I've seen in an anime or in any medium for that matter. The characters in Clannad are both memorable and varied. Almost all of them has a story that is flushed out rather well over the course of the 48 episodes. A couple feel shorted, but the sheer level of depth within the ones that are covered more than makes up for this.

The animation style of this anime well.. Kyoto Animation and Key made this. If that sentence isn't enough suffice it to say that the Animation quality is Top notch. Everything fits perfectly. In terms of Audio, The Music is memorable and adds a layer to the anime that most soundtracks fail to do. Sad moments are filled with audio that makes you sadder and Funny moments have tunes that help the humor. A lot of the music is carried over from the game( like many of Key's works) but if anything the remastered versions of these tracks work better than in their original materials.

Last Words: At the very end of After Story I sat stunned for a bit. After a roller coaster of emotions so strong I had to actually stop watching for a bit to cope, I realized that the anime was over. The story ended in a way that made you feel complete and not just for the anime but overall. It was over and would never return. That in itself made me sad, as it meant I would never feel the same way about it again having watched it already. That said I wouldn't give up the way this anime made me feel for anything. At the end there is no way to adequately describe it except to say that it is a must watch anime for anyone who likes anime with real emotions.

Wow. Just...just wow.

This is the most heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, emotion-inducing show that I have every seen. And I loved every bit.

I have never been so happy to see a show with such brave writers who aren't afraid to take risks. This confidence shows in their writing, and they never go back on what they have already set in stone. I know this sounds vague, but if I said any more, I would be giving away major spoilers.

Let's just say that by the end of this, I was screaming at my computer, "No! NO! Please, NO MORE! You can't do this to Tomoya! He's gone through so much! HOW COULD YOU? AAAAAAAAAAGH!"

(It got pretty bad...)

It's been three months since I've seen this anime, and I still cannot stop thinking about it. It left me in this state of emotion that I just can't quite describe. It made me realize the fragility of life, but not in a way that made me depressed. More rather, in a way that made me so happy to live.

This anime is a must-watch, but watch "Clannad" first. Also, fair warning: You might want to bring a tissue box with you. Or two. Or three.

Clannad is why sadness can be great.

This review will contain some spoilers, you have been warned.
The original clan ad series on its own had some sad bits, but the after story is so much more than that. Once all the characters leave school the amount of comedy drops considerably, but I was never saddened by that, because as the comedy drops the drama increases and you become incredibly attached to the characters. There are so many touching moments and you will no doubt find yourself crying with tears of joy and happiness throughout this series. I loved the series, and found it after a comment I found on a myself;yourself AMA. And I am so glad that I found that comment. Never have I cried so much for the characters of a show, and I'm not even sure I've had tears of joy in my entire life before this, that's just not how my mind worked. But this anime brought them out, this anime was amazing, with a beautiful story and wonderful characters I give it a 5/5, the characters appearances are always great too. I found it brilliant how they made Nagisa outrun from looking like a child to an adult within the space of a few seconds simply by changing her hair.
I recommend this anime to anyone who wants to feel a connection to characters, and to anyone who likes romance, drama, and comedy. A brilliant show with great doses of humour and emotion throughout.

Now on a more personal level, here are the spoilers. I didn't cry when Nagisa died, it was sad for me but didn't bring tears. But then the next episode with their daughter and Tomoyo remembering his father I started crying, and incident really stop until the end of huge story. Tears of joy and happiness came at multiple times, and I'm so glad I got to feel those emotions.

The reason why Clannad is better than the rest.

This review may contain some spoilers to Clannad and Clannad After Story. I have already reviewed season one so my thoughts about that are in there.

After Story is close to my heart. It is one of my favorite anime of all time. Few other anime have done what Clannad After Story did to me. It made me realize why I love anime as a medium for story-telling.

After Story takes picks up where Clannad left off. It carries on with Nagisa and Tomoya's story with other additions. These additions include helping the little sister of Sunohara Youhei- Tomoya's best friend- to help her big brother see a bigger picture on life and helping Miyazawa Yukine- the girl in the resources room who was introduced in season 1- to quell the gang war in the city.

This sounds little different from the first season. When I watched the first few episodes even I thought it was following a similar pathway. While the stories themselves are very good, I was still feeling I needed something else. That came on the episode where hey graduate (well, most of them anyway). I was quite surprised but relieved a the same time. More than half the anime was left and they left school! But, nothing exist out side a highschool in Japan! OMG! This is a good thing as we usually never see this side of the story in any anime. We see the characters actually interact and develop in the real world. They graduate, get jobs or go to college and soon settle down and raise a family. Yes. Raise a family. Pretty obvious from the picture provided by CR on the Clannad After Story page, heh?

Going back to the topic- Tomoya has graduated and starts working very hard as an electrician.It is during these days of sweat and toil that he and Nagisa get closer together. The amazing thing about After Story is that it keeps on developing the characters very well. It does well on focusing only on the relationship between Tomoya and Nagisa while still making you miss some of the previous mains. There is still the forever-amazing Akio and Sanae Furukawa who still stimulate excellent development in the characters. Overall, the story is very, very well written. It does not feel rushed and inherits the good timing of the first season.

Now, the reason why After Story is truly, truly great is the fact that it is actually very sad. The latter half of the anime is tear-jerking. It goes through the suffering of the characters we have grown to truly love. I cared for the characters- all of them. Very rare for me as there is usually always a character you want dead or at least dislike. While this may be true in season one, everything is done near-perfect in After Story. They are developed very well. This is the reason why the emotional scenes hit home ALL THE TIME and not just most of the time as in season one. They also got to solve one thing nagging my mind from the first season- Tomoya's relationship with his father. I really liked how they handled it and I give thumbs up for that. The great music is still there for all Jun Maeda fans and even if there are few (if any) new songs it now doesn't really get the feeling of being overused- a big improvement from the first season.

Now, the ending. I know very well it put off quite a lot of people off or at least made them confused. There is one thing I have to say- We had it coming. We can't exactly complain, can we? Much of the ending is played was played out withing the first 30 seconds of the SEASON ONE OPENING. This made me ( I dunno about the rest) have a realization spark that everything was planned- the girl in the other world, everything. Even in the ED of After story had this. Very smart move by Key-Kyoto animation there. It may sound like Deus ex Machina writing but, it just doesn't feel like it in the end. Overall I was satisfied. Not the best ending I've seen but still very good.

The reason why After Story appealed so much to me was the themes. It carried on with the theme of family and personally, the concept of family is close to my heart. Another major theme is also the concept of how things change over time. It constantly refers back to that famous first dialogue at the very very beginning- That things can't constantly remain unchanged. Even so, will you keep on loving where you live? It beautifully does this and they manage to evoke some nostalgia. That theme is also prevalent in Hyouka (I reviewed it and it's another very good kyoani work) but this was just done so well.

After Story is something very rare- a sequel that improves on a very good original. Every medium of storytelling strives for that. This succeeded. It managed to keep the important bits of season one while fixing the problems and all without making a big hash of things.

While not perfect (still searching for a perfect anime. Haha I think I'l fail...) this anime gives a good show. This is the reason why Clannad as a whole is such a great anime.
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The Near-Perfection that is Clannad After Story

An anime series watched and praised by many, Clannad After Story continues the amazing story left off at the end of Clannad, this time focusing on the relationship between Tomoya and Nagisa, and showing how struggling life can truly be after high school.

Forced to now find a job to support himself, Tomoya learns what it means to truly be a man, giving Clannad After Story a more serious tone than Clannad as a Slice of Life anime, especially towards the end, yet characters such as Akio and, in the beginning, Sunohara keep the anime at a cheerful tone as well. This anime is likely to both make you laugh, and make you tear up, if not break down into tears, and at times both could happen in a single episode.

Having played the Visual Novel from which the anime is based off, I can say that the plot stays true to that of the Visual Novel, even more so than Clannad, and is more or less as impacting as the Visual Novel as well, depending on the viewer. Clannad After Story is complete with high quality animation, sound, and an amazing script adopted from the Visual Novel itself, but, very much unlike the great Japanese voice acting with English subs, the English dub is not the best to be found, but also isn't the worst.

With 22 episodes, an Another World Chapter, this one dedicated to Ryou and Kyou, and two more special episodes, Clannad After Story is worth both the $42 Membership price and the $70 Regular price found here on Crunchyroll, and is sure to keep you entertained with over 600 hours of media, and more so for those such as myself who are to rewatch the series again and again.

Despite an arguably sub-par English dub and a questionable ending just like the one in the Visual Novel, Clannad After Story is hilarious, tear-jerking, and overall an amazing amazing anime series, and is well worth the many hours of entertainment it's sure to bring.

4.7 stars from me, rounded up to 5.

Clannad and why you should watch it

Clannad is a series about all the friend in highschool just trying ot have fun and are in the drama club and so on and so on ( i say that cause im not giving alot of info) now you need to watch clannad first because if you dont then one you miss out on why clannad after story is a tear jerker hell i still get a lil sad if i see the picture or hear about it but its genius but yes clannad sets you up for the emotional roller coaster that clannad afterstory is
now clannad afterstory shows what happening and sets you off from some point you left off at and its all funny and comedic but then the dreaded time of the year comes ( you will find out what i mean if you watch Clannad) and things arent going well expecially since she has another ordeal that she is dealing with ( you will find that out in Clannad after story) and then the part happens that will DEFINATLEY make you cry there no if or buts about it and then it goes on and more thing happen and somthing else will happen that makes you cry then you get some what of a happy ending and then (the split ending episode to where it shows what if he ended up with some one else)

now then they really set all these seens with the music and the drama they put in in my personal opinion you need to watch this anime this anime is what made me a HUGE fan of it so if your in a rough place in anime or want a good romantic comedic slice of life anime this is it and if you are losing faith in anime im for sure that this will restore it all the way

P.S. you can find Clannad after story on netflix i believe may of change and idk about clannad they may still have it
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