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Year Produced: 2007
Air Date: Apr 3, 2007 to Sep 25, 2007
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
Page Views: 146507
Fans: 1060
Forum Posts: 222
Wall Posts: 3229
Photos Uploaded: 44


  • rikaTakumi
    13 days ago
    The anime was 3.6 out of 5 overall. Love drama brought it down a point and other stuff. I still going to read the manga though hear that was better concerning the love drama.
  • ekini
    19 days ago
    a wonderful series and id love to see it on crunchyroll. id gladly watch it againt and feel that others who hadnt seen it would be very excited.
  • dcztu
    pongan este anime!
  • Fanvergent
    Please add this series! I love it and I want to watch it again!!
  • foolios
    Where does the manga readings begin after the season of anime ends? Which volume do I begin to read? Should I pick up from before the anime's alternate ending or after? Thanks in advance!
  • Jerico0329
    How I wish they will continue the series of this anime. Looking forward for more action and drama.
  • arinarin12
    I have just tho words to say : LOVE IT !
  • MoonWaterlily
    Awesome Anime, not so happy about the ending of season 1. If only they make a season 2
  • LainZero
    I wish they would re-upload this. It's not one of my favorites per say but it's one I think some of my friends who aren't huge on anime would enjoy, I wanted to get them into CR to watch it.
  • Urdur
    whats up with the manga?
  • ashlem_xiv
    where can i watch this series again? its not anymore available here at CR. please send me the links. TY :D
  • jenapanese
    i loved spending my 4 days watching the series. but somehow, i just cant be satisfied with the ending as to what happens to priscilla+isley. must read the manga!! 3.8/5
  • G92
    I agree claymore was great i loved it but i was i dissapointed that their was only one seasion :((((((( if only the had made more.
  • chiplg
    This is available on Netflix streaming.
  • kumquat159
    What is up with CR and not having some of the really good animes out there.. Gosh
  • YanezGil
    I like this anime all the claymores are super hot and can kick some butt
  • katarzynassj4
    I ♥ this anime
  • zen03y
    I wonder if female Claymores menstruate.
  • redcm
    The alternate ending in Season 1 makes it hard, almost impossible to begin season 2. So for the moment, the manga would continue, but the anime won't, unless it somehow says 'what if the last 2 episodes of season 1 never happened...?'
  • ellalexa
    will this anime have its season two? the manga has a better story than the animated one,..i hope they really did follow the manga's flow of twists and turns,..I love it,..