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Year Produced: 2007
Air Date: Apr 3, 2007 to Sep 25, 2007
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
Page Views: 130155
Fans: 1060
Forum Posts: 220
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Just an amazing anime!

This anime has been one of my very first ones and loved every episode! Keeps you full of agony on what's to come and what may happen to Clare...

The plot is very good and the fighting scenes although sometimes repetitive are awesome.

This is an adaptation though of the (printed) manga series that is ongoing and I recommend to all the fans to read it.
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Amazing series that was never dull!!

I first watched this anime about three months ago, and after the first episode I was hooked! I wanted to learn all about Claire and how she became an emotionless fighter. I was not disappointed!! This series does an amazing job at dishing out great battle scenes, taking you for a ride with the story and all it's twists and turns, making your heart melt with some of the horrible things that the claymores have to endure. Best of all, in my opinion, you get to watch Claire grow from this "monster" into a completely lovable character. I loved all the violence and gore that the author put into the series, it really made me feel like I was there. This Series is easily in my top five anime. Give it watch, you'll be happy you did.

Not your average anime.

It was amazing the story lines and the twists they add keep you coming for more and at times it is incredibly violent but that makes it even better, it also very sad but an amazing mini series. Hope they would of made it longer though.

Claymore...Very INCONCLUSIVE

Awesome series...Unfortunately I was not really able to get into it until the 4th episode,but after i was completely hooked. The story line is well thought up of and the female character designs are just like candy to the eyes. I did not expect for this series to have a generous amount of gore, but to my surprise it did,which was a definite plus. At times, during the fight scenes it almost felt like if I was watching a female dominated version of Dragon Ball Z, which is actually better than how it may sound hahahaa The ending, however was very inconclusive and hopefully season 2 will be available for viewing very soon.

In need of a anime fix. Then Watch this.

Well let's see here, Claymore. At first hand I had no idea what this was about nor did I look up anything about on But I starving for something to fill the void I had inside of me. (Had finished Death Note about a month before and I was left hollow inside) Nonetheless being a member of and seeing the the revies, I decided to give this a shot. Man I'm so glad I did. I can talk a lot about this but I will say I didn't like how a particular character acted really timid and weak. But by the end I no longer felt that way. This is one rollercoaster ride you don't wanna miss. It kinda starts slow with no explanation but keep watching and you want be disappointed. I know I wasn't. Hell I even got the OST after watching this.

Engaging Story, but start from episode 5

It was all boring until Episode 5 came out. Then it got interesting, and then more interesting struggles came. These claymores are not just emo-acting soldiers, they are sad orphans that need some tender-loving care!

Clare is an especially interesting protagonist because she has some horrible issues that she needs to overcome.
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Critiquing the Anime: Claymore

I'm very biased to the storyline, because I believe it's one of the better developed stories I've seen for awhile. I've seen this anime twice, about year ago or two ago, and I still remember vividly about it. It takes the form of a generic David versus Goliath into something much more than that considering that Goliath is her own people, and the reason she took on this role is entirely another matter, which was smoothly integrated within the episodes.

I don't quite remember the music, but since I don't remember it, it couldn't have been very bad and impaired the anime itself.

The characters are excellent. There's a nice development, and there's nothing left question.

I didn't mind the animation too much. Many of the characters were only set apart, for the Claymore that is, by their hair and the beasts they turn into. The towns people definitely looked different.

Overall, this is one of the better animes to watch if you want to learn/remember those lessons you were taught as a child. It also gives you a nice sense of hope.

Too bad there is only one season :(

Plot: Since the very beginning I was sure, that Claymore would be a great show, because its story was set in a medieval world. And I am a big fun of medieval ages and everything that is connected to it, especially fights and magic creatures (like vampires).
We are shown a unique universe, where people and Youmas fight and kill each other. As I got the idea, these Youmas are like werewolves. However, they are much stronger, smarter and always seek for human flesh.
Almost every episode is full of action and a bit of drama, as well. The story simply “draws” you like a magnet and you can’t stop watching it. I am very upset that Claymore has only 25 episodes.
Graphics: Claymore is drawn in a good way. I liked the characters and surroundings’ design. The fight scenes aren't bad, as well. During some combats you can see the movements and attacks from various sides and feel the action that is hidden inside of them.
The characters: In the beginning I thought that every claymore would be like the others: cold blooded, silent, obedient and powerful. However, I was surprised that none of this is right about them.
Every character has unique qualities, like sense of humour, week personality and so on. It is really interesting how they cooperate in fights and deal the things between them.
What’s more surprising is that the youmas aren’t that stupid. Towards the end we meet some of them, mainly the leaders, who are able to stand the hanger and keep their selves cool. Of course, watching fights with thinking monsters is much more interesting.
Though, there is a character, Raki, which I didn’t like at all. The main reason for this, is his behaviour. This boy is shown as an unconfident crybaby, who cries when he is happy and when he is sad. It’s a pity that Clare couldn’t get a better cooker.
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Why you should watch Claymore.

I remember watching Claymore with my friend Josh from episode 1-21. You could say that, by the end, it had pushed all the right buttons.
The story follows that of the character Clare who is a claymore; a super-human woman who wields a big sword, on an escalating journey of high paced dark fantasy.
At first the series utterly confused me: not so much the plot, but other than the totally sensational opening scene, which is probably one of my favouries of any anime series ever, the animation, plot, music even character development was kept to a very simple bare minimum; it looks like a manga novel. The style of animation is very classic anime given a modern art revamp. The tone is very dark, the gore explodes out of bodies and standing at the centre is a very strong female character who probably has the most over=powered ability of all the characters in the series, despite being the weakest. Essentially, it's a beautiful conjuration of a gothic underdog story.
Claymore is one of the few anime I've seen, possibly one of the only ones, where the romantic sub-plot is essentially non-existent. Personally i thought this was brilliant. I hate romantic sub-plot; it detracts from the main storyline and most of the time gives no real depth and is only put in to widen the viewer market and anyone who says differently clearly hasn't realized why it's called "sub plot". The lack of filler because of this i safe assurance that watching the entire series is time well spent. The storyline has a few minor plot twists to keep everything on edge, and tension on screen is pretty rife nearly all the time with the big twists actually making you think, "Oh my God! I can't believe they just did that! I love it and hate it at the same time! Yes, yes, yes!" I won't ruin anything by telling you what happens, but I'll say this. Things get much bigger and much badder very quickly, and as long as you can stick out the annoying sidekick (sorry, he doesn't actually ever die...or shut up) you start to fall in love with the characters and empathize with their dire situation. Power is great, but seriously, after all they've been through, it raises questions to what you'd really do for it.
I wasn't really blown away by the music, like i said before it's kept simple, nothing really flamboyant but it sticks with the mood well and isn't anything cheesy. Also, i sat and watched every opening theme so i guess you could say that was a triumph.
Watch Claymore if you haven't before. At worst you'll have spent a portion of your life in mild happiness, at best you'll watch it over and over because you'll never be able to get enough. If you've seen Fate Stay Night and liked it then watch Claymore, if you didn't like Fate Stay Night, watch Claymore anyway, because it's essentially just a better version of it in nearly every way.
It delivers every episode that tension you get from the best of thrillers, simple but geniously effective fight scenes, a wealth of character development, but most importantly, the plot and story ooze of delicious moments that can only be described as "WTF" moments.
Watch Claymore, because if you haven't, you're missing something in your life.
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claymore rox but the animation sux.

claymore is an awesome manga but the anime, unfortunately, sucks bad.
the anime's sound effects and drawings are horrible!
...............when i first saw the anime i was like "......................what the f$%* is this %^&." so...any ways
if you want to try claymore, READ MANGA, NOT WATCH ANIME
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