Year Produced: 2007
Air Date: Apr 3, 2007 to Sep 25, 2007
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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Claymore, A story about monsters, and beautiful woman defending humans from those monsters

Claymore is a action packed anime. The series follows Claire, a Claymore who quests with a young boy named raki. Claymores have an organization, to kill off monsters and protect monsters. Watch Claire as she is assigned different tasks, and follow her through her epic battles with her claymore ( sword)
The storyline is great, it flows really nicely.
Music is appropiate for the scenes that have it
Each main character has a story, side characters all have there own abilities.
Animation is great, intense fighting scenes and no parts where the anime seems "frozen"
Overall Claymore is a great 26 episodes of fun. You would like it if you watched it.
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In a world rife with deadly creatures called youma, a young silver eyed woman, Clare, works on behalf of an organisation that trains female youma halfbreeds (alot like inuyasha) into warriors with the ability to destroy these creatures.
Clare, a new Claymore in the organization’s ranks, is on the mission in a small mountain town when she meets a boy named Raki. This fateful meeting Starts a test for clare to see can she indeed control her youma side


Claymore is a great action packed show with a great plot.The animation is also awesome. .but im pretty sure by now most of you guys and girls have heard of lots of plots like this before, take my word for it the story is an interesting twist on the sword and magic.

The fight scenes in this series are great.I love the sword duels in this anime. Lots of action and very fast paced. if your looking for action you will not be disappointed. But it does have alot of blood for those of you who do not like seeing too much blood.

the artwork I especially liked (hooray for anime Girls that don’t look like they are twelve years old!). It’s hard at first to make tell the group apart because that have the same hair and eye color, but their faces, hairstyles and sometimes even poses make them easier to tell apart throughout the series

- Review by emred13
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Amazing series that was never dull!!

I first watched this anime about three months ago, and after the first episode I was hooked! I wanted to learn all about Claire and how she became an emotionless fighter. I was not disappointed!! This series does an amazing job at dishing out great battle scenes, taking you for a ride with the story and all it's twists and turns, making your heart melt with some of the horrible things that the claymores have to endure. Best of all, in my opinion, you get to watch Claire grow from this "monster" into a completely lovable character. I loved all the violence and gore that the author put into the series, it really made me feel like I was there. This Series is easily in my top five anime. Give it watch, you'll be happy you did.

best cliffhanger anime ever

one of best early 2000 anime that ever came during that time that had a open ended ending not to say that bad but the manga does not really finish the series. what i do like is the fact that the music is really good. the story centers around claire and while she may on paper seem like the weakest claymore but through all determination she becomes one of strongest. her strength takes her on a journey where she makes friends and a fight for her life
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Claymore... women who knows how to fight.

Hmmm, I haven't seen Claymore in awhile but I remember watching alot or all of the series. The series is about women who are ranked. I think they become monsters or something if they do too much of something. I suggest watching the series to find out more.

Not your average anime.

It was amazing the story lines and the twists they add keep you coming for more and at times it is incredibly violent but that makes it even better, it also very sad but an amazing mini series. Hope they would of made it longer though.

Claymore...Very INCONCLUSIVE

Awesome series...Unfortunately I was not really able to get into it until the 4th episode,but after i was completely hooked. The story line is well thought up of and the female character designs are just like candy to the eyes. I did not expect for this series to have a generous amount of gore, but to my surprise it did,which was a definite plus. At times, during the fight scenes it almost felt like if I was watching a female dominated version of Dragon Ball Z, which is actually better than how it may sound hahahaa The ending, however was very inconclusive and hopefully season 2 will be available for viewing very soon.

In need of a anime fix. Then Watch this.

Well let's see here, Claymore. At first hand I had no idea what this was about nor did I look up anything about on But I starving for something to fill the void I had inside of me. (Had finished Death Note about a month before and I was left hollow inside) Nonetheless being a member of and seeing the the revies, I decided to give this a shot. Man I'm so glad I did. I can talk a lot about this but I will say I didn't like how a particular character acted really timid and weak. But by the end I no longer felt that way. This is one rollercoaster ride you don't wanna miss. It kinda starts slow with no explanation but keep watching and you want be disappointed. I know I wasn't. Hell I even got the OST after watching this.

Engaging Story, but start from episode 5

It was all boring until Episode 5 came out. Then it got interesting, and then more interesting struggles came. These claymores are not just emo-acting soldiers, they are sad orphans that need some tender-loving care!

Clare is an especially interesting protagonist because she has some horrible issues that she needs to overcome.

Too bad there is only one season :(

Plot: Since the very beginning I was sure, that Claymore would be a great show, because its story was set in a medieval world. And I am a big fun of medieval ages and everything that is connected to it, especially fights and magic creatures (like vampires).
We are shown a unique universe, where people and Youmas fight and kill each other. As I got the idea, these Youmas are like werewolves. However, they are much stronger, smarter and always seek for human flesh.
Almost every episode is full of action and a bit of drama, as well. The story simply “draws” you like a magnet and you can’t stop watching it. I am very upset that Claymore has only 25 episodes.
Graphics: Claymore is drawn in a good way. I liked the characters and surroundings’ design. The fight scenes aren't bad, as well. During some combats you can see the movements and attacks from various sides and feel the action that is hidden inside of them.
The characters: In the beginning I thought that every claymore would be like the others: cold blooded, silent, obedient and powerful. However, I was surprised that none of this is right about them.
Every character has unique qualities, like sense of humour, week personality and so on. It is really interesting how they cooperate in fights and deal the things between them.
What’s more surprising is that the youmas aren’t that stupid. Towards the end we meet some of them, mainly the leaders, who are able to stand the hanger and keep their selves cool. Of course, watching fights with thinking monsters is much more interesting.
Though, there is a character, Raki, which I didn’t like at all. The main reason for this, is his behaviour. This boy is shown as an unconfident crybaby, who cries when he is happy and when he is sad. It’s a pity that Clare couldn’t get a better cooker.
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