Crest of the Stars
Year Produced: 1999
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
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Crest of the Stars

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Seikai no Monshou

Based on a sci-fi novel series, Crest of the Stars (Seikai no Monsho) is the first installment in this sci-fi saga. The story follows Jinto, a young prince, whose world was taken over by the largest Empire in the Galaxy: The Abh. Jinto's father handed their world over to the Abh in exchange for a standing in the Abh Empire. As a result, Jinto became a prince and was shipped off for an Abh Education. Later he meets a princess of the Abh Empire, Lafiel, whom he quickly befriends despite her cold exterior. The Abh empire is plunged into war and the story continues from there...
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Jinto Linn (lead)Imai Yuka
Lafiel Abriel (lead)Kawasumi Ayako
Takehito Koyasu
Ai Uchikawa
Plakia LexshueGara Takashima
Rock LinHideyuki Tanaka
Akio Suyama