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Crunchyland - Get your own Avatar! ;P

Crunchyland Updates
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27 / M / Los Angeles
Posted 4/7/10  Reply  Quote

wych_elm wrote:

gunblastergun wrote:

phame wrote:

the updates are so 2008!!
you are so 2000 and late!!!

there hasnt been an update in so long, it makes gun cry D:

hey gun how youcan make double post huh
yeah, keeping the updates is quite a challenging thing to do here in cr, plus the CL.
anyway is the items has been revised? cause as far i think i have left CL about a year and when i come across the shop wow, all thing displayed are lame. none item with high boost to the stat like only add 2 to 5 attack defend etc.
anyway it maybe my mistake to not refreshing the shop but im afraid if you guys has make the items more 'balanced'. correct me please?

CL might get a face lift soon
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Posted 4/8/10  Reply  Quote
Well all i gotta say is keep chat alive and goodjob Mods and admins tho u see stuff behind curtains i think
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23 / Scarlet Devil Man...
Posted 7/3/10  Reply  Quote
no updates for 2010?
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Posted 11/2/10  Reply  Quote
when do i get to see my avatar? i'd really like to see what enemies look like!
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27 / M / *Hidden leaf*
Posted 11/10/11  Reply  Quote
The crunchy roll game on face book has been acting up ever since last month!! Fix it!
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