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Crunchyland - Get your own Avatar! ;P

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Crunchyland FAQ by Gun

CRL FAQ listed 1-9 (subject to future edit)

1.Logging in
2.Submitting Items
3.Other Users
4.Leveling up
5.Game play
6.Known glitches & reporting
7.Asking for help
8.Item Theft

1.Logging in
A.Not logging in/server not found/dont know this user
The server often goes down from time to time because it is in beta, if after a few days and several other attempts you still cant log in, report it in the "report a Glitch" link on the bottom gray box on every page.

2.Submitting Items
A.Item Rejected.
Item either did not meet quality level, item stats made no sense, anime based item, other. You can mail the mod who rejects/approves your CRL item, you can then ask why personally.
B.Item Approved but edited- Mods edit item stats for good items if they don't follow our stat guide rules in the forum or are not in the area we currently need at the moment.
C.NPC stats- NPC stats are confusing, I know this, Just put in something you think is right and the mods will help you by tweaking it never by too much tho.
D.Avatar accept/reject-Avatars must be your own original design, avatars must have 20+ items for them to be approved, avatars must look good in order to be approved, please no stick figures :(

3.Other Users
A.If another user is harassing you in the Beta chat for CRL report to a mod, CRL mods cannot chat mod so call either chat mod, forum or media mod, any mod with an @ can assist you.

4.Leveling Up
A.Beginner- Use the Explore button for the first few levels. it is much easier than risking your money and life in battle
B.intermediate-Don't forget potions can go a long way.
C.Higher up-Don't forget all monsters tend to have a weak spot in the elements so remember to hunt for the easiest kill for you.

5.Game Play
A.PVP- is a way to have a battle between players, teams can have multiple people on teams up to 3 each. Can be limited
B.RPS-Rock Paper Scissors is a pvp type battle with 1v1 3 elements 1>2>3>1 easy to understand.
C.NPC- Non Play Character are monsters submitted by users to fight. levels vary can be strong or weak, make sure you fight the right kind for your avatar.
D.Rooms-Making a room is easy, it can be named to your desire, and can be given a password to enter.

6.Known glitches & reporting
A.Most known glitches are list in the following forum just list one in the thread and i will add it when i have time.

7.Asking for Help
A.Asking for help is easy just go to the following thread and either a mod or a friendly user will get back to you.
B.You can also go to CR FAQ and look up our support email for CR if its something that is too person to tell in public.

8.Item Theft
A.Mods are normally pretty good at spotting bootleg items, but if we miss one just email a link to the original and fake and we will instantly remove it.

A.Voting-Voting on items helps us determine quality/want for that item unless the item is in a so so area we go with the vote %
B.Avatar on profile-You can remove it from your avatar profile by going to the avatar page and clicking "remove as profile avatar" or something you can also rename and delete for here.
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Overall- It's a good game.

Crunchyland is a fairly decent game. The re-playability lets you go on for hours(if you don't get bored after a while.) But if you get bored of playing the game, why not take a break and chat with people from around the world? The designs are good and the gaming is ok.
In my opinion- the graphics could be a bit better(not trying to be a critic or anything) and add some more music, covering a wide load of genre's. Why not let them upload their own music?

Over all- out of a total of 5 stars, I give CL a 4.5.
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Crunchyland Information by Phame

Cruchyland is a fun game to play on rainy days
It is 2D, you can show your own ideas in something with designing items.
You can battle with clans, be a moderator, talk with other people, and it's good
for a 1st game. It's similar to Pokémon games. Simple and easy, and some
other things. The characters are humans, animals, foodthings. The game is
more based on Anime and Japanese things. So the most people who are interested
in this game are people who love to play Games or Anime watchers.

- Crunchyland is since 16 May 2008
- Crunchyland2008 is the best CRLand clan ofcourse ^^ >>>
- Crunchyland doesn't quit so there is 10% chance in this year it will get new updates I think.
- It's actually for all ages because no violence, no pervert things, no cursing.
- Crunchyland is a game made my shinji

- It's a good game too play on rainy days
- You can PvP with other players
- You can make friends
- Design your own items
- It's good for wasting time
- It's fun in the beginning, in the end may be boring (depends
on the person)
-Website game, play everywhere

- It's almost always clicking
- Small, simple game
- It's still BETA
- No updates
- Kinda not active players

But.. !!
Crunchyland is not active lately , it's slowly coming to an end..
But you can make the change! Play Crunchyland and Call your friends!
by phame from crunchyland2008 group

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It Was A Okay Game...

Crunchyland is overall a fun game. It would be more intresting if there was a plot, if the people who made clothes would not make them so expensive, and if it was eaisier to get money. I like the fact you can make stuff, but after you create a avatar, its impossible to actually make your avatar look nice.