Cutey Honey F
Alternative Names:

Cutey Honey Flash

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1997
Air Date: Feb 15, 1997 to Jan 31, 1998
Episodes: 39
Type: Series
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Cutey Honey F

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Cutie Honey Flash (キューティーハニー フラッシュ, Kyūtī Hanī Furasshu?, also known as Cutie Honey F) is a 1997 shōjo (young girls') anime television series in the Cutie Honey franchise. In its native Japan, the series assumed the timeslot of Sailor Stars, the final story arc of the long-running Sailor Moon anime. Employing many of the same animation staff of Sailor Stars, including animation director Miho Shimagasa, Flash features very similar character designs and fits the more traditional mold of magical girl series, aimed at the Moon demographic. The series was also broadcast in Germany.

Source: Wikipedia
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