Cyndi Chaw
Last Name: Chaw
First Name: Cyndi
Zhao Yong Hua
Gender: Female
Hometown: Taipei
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Birthday: May 19, 1967
Blood Type: B
Type: Person
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Cyndi Chaw

AKA: 趙詠華 / Zhao Yong Hua
Cyndi Chaw - actress, commonly known for her role as Jiang Zhao Zi, or the wife of Ah Li (Zhi Shu's mother), in the drama It Started with a Kiss and it's sequel.
Source; Drama Wiki
TV Shows

* They Kiss Again (CTV, 2007)
* Bull Fighting (TTV/SETTV, 2007)
* It Started With A Kiss (CTV, 2005)
TV Show Theme Songs

Cang Zai Wei Shao Li De Mi Mi, for seriesThey Kiss Again (2007)