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Cynthia (シンシア, Shinshia) is Claymore #14 and a defensive fighter. Cynthia is another survivor of the Northern Campaign as a part of Veronica's team. She seems to be on the same level as her captain while fighting the bug-like awakened being. She and Veronica both finished off their target together after Jean and Helen effectively disarmed it. She says she wants to go back south to exact revenge for Veronica and her other fallen comrades. Her personality seems to be ever cheerful and hopeful despite all that she and the group have gone through. Along with Uma she is accompanying Clare to find Raki in the west. While in a town searching for Raki, Cynthia, together with Clare and Uma, were able to easily exterminate an Awakened Being present in the town. After the battle, Cynthia tells Clare that visiting the town despite the presence of an Awakened Being was worth it, as there were no casualties in the end. She muses regretfully, however, about how it is too bad they cannot collect any fees from the town. Clare than remarks that she now knows why Cynthia was labelled a 'problem child' and sent to the War In The North.

After the 7 year time frame her Yoki manipulation skills have advanced to the point that she can aid in the healing of another Claymore by manipulating their Yoki.

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