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n March 2003, D was formed with the first five members, ASAGI, Ruiza, HIROKI, Sin and Rena. They released their first mini-album, NEW BLOOD, on 18 July 2003. Soon after the release of this album, Ruiza was hospitalised, and Sin decided to leave the band. The band took a small break. During this break, ASAGI and HIROKI formed a new band (Night of the Children) with the guitarist HIDE-ZOU, which Hiroki knew from S to M, a band he was in between Aioria and D. When Ruiza was released from the hospital, D came back together on 27 September 2003 with a new line-up, ASAGI, Ruiza, HIROKI, HIDE-ZOU and Rena. 2 months after their reunion, they released their first single, AliCe. On January 7 they released their second mini-album PARADOX.

During 2004, D released two other singles: "Yume narishi kuuchuu teien" (2004.05.12), and "Mayutsuki no hitsugi", which was only for sale at three concerts in Shibuya O-West (11.04), Nagoya ell. FITS ALL (11.13) and Osaka MUSE (11.23). They also decided to release a re-mastered version of their first mini-album, but this time with the bonus track "Gareki no hana". "NEW BLOOD ~second impact~" was released on (2004.12.08), quickly followed by their fourth single "Mahiru no koe ~Synchronicity~" on (2005.01.12).

2005 was a hectic year for the band. On 7 January, Kisaki (formerly of Syndrome, currently in Phantasmagoria), decided to do a collaboration live with D. Rena was not a part of this live. Rena was in the band long enough to release one more single and PV, "Yami yori kurai doukoku no a CAPPELLA to bara yori akai jounetsu no ARIA". After the recording of their latest album, he decided to leave the band. Rena recorded the bass lines for "The name of the ROSE" (2005.09.25), even though it was released two months after his departure on July 27.

Tsunehito joined D on 5 December 2005 and re-recorded the bass lines for "The name of the ROSE 2006" (2006.02.08), which included three new tracks.

In 2006 guitarist Ruiza released a solo mini CD, 'Amenity Gain' and vocalist Asagi as a side project does a solo project, which he named 'Corvinus'.

'D' also produces a Alternative Rock and Visual Kei magazine, 'Mad Tea Party'.

* ASAGI (Vocals)
* HIDE-ZOU (Guitar)
* Ruiza (Guitar)
* Tsunehito (Bass)
* HIROKI (Drums)
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