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The Rising God of The East

DBSK News Updates!
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JYJ To Break New Ground with Germany, Spain Concerts

JYJ will hold concerts in Spain and Germany from next month, marking new territory for a Korean pop group, its agency C-JeS Entertainment said.

The popular boy band will play at the 24,000-capacity Palau Sant Jordi Stadium in Barcelona, Spain on Oct. 29, following in the footsteps of international stars like Ricky Martin and Deep Purple.

Later, on Nov. 6, the band will perform in Germany. Although the location has yet to be confirmed, the 3,500-capacity Tempodrom in Berlin is among the likely candidates, its agency said. English pop opera tenor Paul Potts recently appeared there.

"I'm excited about being the first Korean pop group to hold concerts in Germany and Spain, but there is also a certain amount of pressure to make sure we do a good job," said band member Kim Jun-su, in an interview with the Chosun Ilbo.

"We are rehearsing intensively to make sure we put on a great show for local K-pop fans."

JYJ has previously only performed in Asia and North America. According to its agency, requests flooded in from different parts of Europe after Warner Bros released the band’s first English album "The Beginning" last October. This was followed by concerts in Canada and the U.S.

C-JeS said it picked Barcelona and Berlin because the two cities are cultural hubs within both their own countries and in Europe. "They represent centers where people from North, East and West Europe can gather," it said.

JYJ was formed when three of the original pop quintet TVXQ sued their parent company SM Entertainment in 2009 and left to form their own band. They have subsequently delved into musicals, TV dramas and soundtrack work.

Source: The Chosunilbo (english)
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'Protect The Boss' cast shares their Chuseok spirit

The cast of SBS‘s popular drama, ‘Protect the Boss‘, greeted fans with adorable photos for the Chuseok holiday.

The photos showed the cast members feeding each other songpyeon, with an attached caption that read, ”Welcoming Chuseok, we hope all viewers will celebrate a hearty holiday and have a good time with their families.”

The cast was in the midst of filming on September 10th when they received the special holiday treats from a bakery. It was a welcome break for the staff, who’ll have to continue filming throughout the Chuseok holiday.

Credits: Allkpop
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JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’ Album Preorder Sales Reaches 300,000

JYJ‘s first Korean album, ‘In Heaven‘ has caused a massive stir in the music industry.

On the morning of September 9th, starting at 10AM KST, JYJ opened up reservations for their new Korean album, ‘In Heaven’ through various music sale sites, music stores, and book shops.

According to representatives, there was a reservation of 300,000 orders which caused some websites to crash due to capacity limits.

Meanwhile, JYJ’s single, “Get Out” has already swept first place on several music charts.

Source: Nate + AllKpop
Shared By: nings @ OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JYJ “Get Out” Dominating the Music Charts, Setting Off a Hurricane among the Music Industry

JYJ’s first Korean album has received enthusiastic responses and also became a huge topic. The “In Heaven” music video teaser (a track composed by Kim JaeJoong and the music video in which Kim JunSu stars in) was released first, followed by another track from the album – “Get Out”. On that day itself, the track swept all the music charts. JYJ’s agency stated that, “We did not do any advance publicity, so the overwhelming response is really surprising.”

Last year, JYJ released a world-wide English album, receiving more than 450,000 pre-orders. Therefore, people are looking forward to their first Korean album. The song “Get Out” was first performed during the 2011 JYJ World Tour and it was composed by JYJ members Kim JaeJoong and Park YooChun. It is a fast-tempo dance track with straightforward lyrics, depicting a situation whereby a woman is dating her boyfriend’s best friend – the feeling of betrayal and disappointment.

On the other hand, JYJ’s Korean album is available for pre-orders beginning from September 9th.

Source: STAR NEWS + JYJBaidu
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Special Thanks: dbskrox @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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B.U.T. (BE-AU-TY) Preveiw and Making




Credits: kstar0710
Shared by: DBSKnights

Tohoshinki - B.U.T. (BE-AU-TY) PV Short Version

Click here for the video

Credits: DeniseJCChen
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ's Jaejoong Talks About His Drunk Acting on SBS 'Protect The Boss'

On the September 10 broadcast of SBS's "Protect the Boss X File," JYJ's Jaejoong opened up about his drunk acting.

In a recent episode of the drama, he had gotten drunk with his co-star, Choi Kang Hee. When asked about it, Jaejoong said, "I don't think I did a very a good job. Even up until the very end, I didn't have the slightest clue as to what my limits were for the character Cha Moo Won."

"I think if I could redo the scene now, I'd be able to do it a bit more realistically. I would've swayed a bit more, change my facial expressions often, and just really get down and act drunk," he said with a disappointed face.

In regards to his love line with No Eun Seol, he said, "Cha Moo Won is someone that's highly focused on his work, but through No Eun Seol, he sees another world. I think he enjoys seeing the way he can change through someone."

SBS "Protect the Boss" has been one of the most popular drama shows lately, and as a result of its rising popularity the production crew announced it would add two more episodes to the show. The 18th and last episode will air on Sept. 29.

Credits: [email protected]
Shared by: DBSKnights

Protect The Boss X-File NG+Interview

Parts 1-6 are in the playlist in order :)


Credits: oumae25
Shared by: DBSKnights

Will JYJ Be Allowed To Promote Album on Music Shows?

MANILA, Philippines – Korean boy band JYJ will release their first Korean album “In Heaven” on Sept. 22. The 10-track album contains songs like “Mission,” “Nine,” “Boy’s Letter” and “Pierrot,” as well as the title track, which was written and composed by band member Kim Jaejoong.

But while JYJ—which also includes Xiah Junsu and Park Yoochun—are excited over “In Heaven,” being that this is their first album in Korea as a trio, there is a looming uncertainty on whether JYJ will finally be allowed to perform on Korean TV music shows given the current ban imposed on them. The ban is due to the legal case between them and influential Korean agency SM Entertainment Korean album as a trio.

The three JYJ members sued SM Entertainment in 2009 to annul their exclusive contracts. They left their group TVXQ and formed JYJ.

The lawsuit dragged on in a Korean court in the last two years to the disadvantage of the trio, whose singing career is being hindered by the case.

Since forming JYJ, the trio has been unable to perform on music shows KBS “Music Bank,” SBS “Inkigayo,” MBC “Music Core” and Mnet’s “M! Countdown.”

Last July, KBS barred JYJ from appearing in a concert to promote Jeju Island’s bid to win as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature despite the fact that the members are honorary ambassadors in the campaign.

KBS admitted that it canceled JYJ’s appearance due to the contract lawsuit.

Despite all that, “In Heaven” has actually already racked up 300,000 in pre-orders. In fact, the server of one of the music download sites crashed as fans placed their orders, proving JYJ’s popularity.

Ahead of the album release, the single “Get Out,” composed by Jaejoong and Yoochun, had been released online and immediately topped music charts.

Source: Manila Bulletin
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Partial Lyrics for Tohoshinki's new song "B.U.T"


T/N: Please click here for the video. (credits: [email protected])

Source: GyaO!
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Special thanks: deevinne @ OneTVXQ.com & chara1019
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Protect the Boss receives an extension, also airing in Japan and Malaysia

An extension of two episodes is confirmed with Protect the Boss. SBS' representatives have stated that due to the large amount of story line left, the drama will be extended by two episodes. The passion from the actors and the realistic storyline has captivated many viewers. Also, Protect the Boss has been receiving many love calls from overseas, thus airing in Malaysia in September.

Source: JustJJ_车本部长小秘, JYJBaidu
Translation: Mizuro & Nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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C-JeS to Release JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul DVD

Hello everyone, this is C-Jes Entertainment.

It was a year after JYJ Worldwide English Album was released last November, and the DVD of JYJ's first worldwide concert held in Jamsil Stadium, Seoul will be put up for sale as well.

"JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul" has a profound significance on the world market, directed by Jeri Slaughter, who had worked with Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and many other top artistes, delivered one of the best LIVE concerts.

There will be a total of 18 tracks including songs from JYJ worldwide English album "The Beginning" and also the members' compositions. Detailed information will be announced on a nearer date.

Thank you.

Source: C-JeS Entertainment + TVXQBaidu
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Kim Jaejoong, Unable to Appear on Music Programs, Sings In His Drama, 'It's Ingenious~'

Actor Kim Jaejoong showcased great wit when he used his experience as a singer to better the quality of his drama.

On the episode of SBS’ ‘Protect the Boss’ that aired on the 8th, Kim Jaejoong visited a karaoke with Seo Na Yoon (Wang Ji Hae) to soothe the pain from being rejected and showed off his vocal talent as he sang Shin Sung Woo’s ‘Prologue(Seoshi)’.

Contrary to most cases in which actors use a prerecorded track for such scenes, the live audio of Kim Jaejoong’s singing was aired, adding to the ‘real factor’ of the drama. His emotional voice and the vein protruding on his neck were enough to steal the hearts of his female viewers.

What made this scene most memorable is the fact that it was the first time in a while since the public was able to see Kim Jaejoong sing on a broadcasted program. As many know from instances such as the sudden cancellation of JYJ’s Jeju performance, the group has faced many obstacles in their domestic activities. Furthermore, it’s close to impossible to see them on music programs.

Fans and viewers alike have put great meaning into the fact that Park Yoochun, who appeared in MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’ earlier this year, and Kim Jaejoong have both showcased their singing talents through their respective dramas.

Not only this, but JYJ will soon be releasing their first Korean album ‘In heaven’. Many are curious to see what activities JYJ will partake in as they’ve already kicked things off on a good note through dramas.

Source: [enews24]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Bigeast Staff Report

At Scene Of New Album “TONE” Jacket Shooting

The release of the new album “TONE” is getting closer and closer♪

Today, we wanted to introduce a frame from the scene of that jacket shoot!

Yunho is checking his own photograph. He’s very serious.

Rather calm even when shooting, Changmin is chatting with the staff

During the intervals of the shooting, they also finished recording their comments.

As always, we have used our utmost care to prepare a booklet and package full of visuals, so you definitely have to check it out!

Source : [Bigeast Official Page]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

TONE Digital Release Schedule

Credits: [email protected]
Shared by: DBSKnights

Jaejoong Twitter Update

New Hello Kitty sweatshirt!

Source: Jaejoong's Twitter
Translated by: ecaisme
Shared by: DBSKnights

TVXQ's Yunho turns into a special forces soldier for 'Poseidon'

TVXQ‘s Yunho will be making his special cameo on KBS‘s ‘Poseidon‘ through its premiering episode!

Production company Annex Telecom revealed, “In this drama, Yunho will be playing the role of ‘Kang Eun Chul’, a special forces soldier of the Korean coast guard. He will be making a short, but intense special appearance.”

They continued, “When we were filming on August 16th at an Incheon port, Yunho successfully transformed into a cool-headed and composed special forces soldier.”

Yunho had to wear the heavy uniform of a special forces soldier and portray a character who always kept his cool, even during an intense chase scene with a criminal.

The production company explained, “Kang Eun Chul is the highly-skilled team leader of ‘Poseidon’, and is a man who sticks to his principles. Along with Sun Woo (played by Choi Siwon), the two will tell a compelling story through their fierce rivalry.”

Make sure to check out the first episode of ‘Poseidon’ when it airs on September 19th!

Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

Here's Some Extraordinary 'Idol' Groups with a Redoubled Courage

The latest trend clearly shows that singers had to appear on variety shows to gain popularity. Such a trend as this has been bitterly criticized for the grounds that the music and entertainment industries have developed a sort of back-scratching relationship. In this environment, however, we can see a few of ‘idol’ singers who seem to have the courage of keeping themselves off the shows hardly related to music.

(Omitted 2NE1 & Infinite part)


JYJ is a group that clearly shows how powerful and supportive fandom could be. Since being organized, JYJ has hardly carried out any activities on TV, but they climbed to the top position in music-download sites with “Get Out” from its first Korean Album In Heaven.

The album drew an explosive attention by marking the 300,000 preordered copies. The online site responsible for selling the album was temporarily shut down because the site got swamped with visitors who want to order the album.

Credits: Korea.com
Shared by: DBSKnights

TVXQ's Yunho Wins Praise For His Acting on KBS 'Poseidon'

Both Korean media and the drama's production staff have praised DBSK's Yunho for his cameo acting on the upcoming KBS drama "Poseidon."

The drama's production company, Annex Telecom, has stated that, “Amidst his busy schedule, Jung Yunho took the time out to take part in the filming of 'Poseidon.' Compared to anybody else, he possessed great enthusiasm and immersed himself into acting. Despite the fact that Jung Yunho is only a special guest for 'Poseidon,' he has made the first half of the story robust. Please show lots of love for 'Poseidon,' which is now being filmed at an intense pace."

Yunho was initially in the main cast during the drama's early stages, but due to schedule conflicts, he was given a guest role as Kang Eun Chul, a Marine Police Special Force member and leader of the tactics team. Filming for his scenes were held last August in Incheon.

Korean media has als praised Yunho's acting. "Even though it was Jung Yunho’s first time wearing Special Forces gear, while he showed off a curious vibe, he also took special care of the props and meticulously put on the gear, paying close attention to this first filming," local media reported. The media also talked about his work-dynamic with Super Junior's Choi Siwon, saying, "This time around, at the filming location of 'Poseidon,' both of them (Yunho and Siwon) worked perfectly well with each other and gave words of encouragement to each other. Even though this is only a special appearance for Jung Yunho, he showed off his enthusiastic passion for acting, raising the energy levels at the filming site."

Credits: Soompi
Shared by: DBSKnights

Instiz Reveals Chart Rankings For 2nd Week of September!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Davichi – “Don’t Say Goodbye” – 14,161 Points

2. KARA – “Step” – 8,765 Points

3. Leessang – “Turned Off The TV…” – 8,036 Points

4. Zia – “Hope It’s You” With K.Will – 4,352 Points

5. Leessang – “The Answer To A Guy Like Me Is You” – 3,911 Points

6. JYJ – “Get Out” – 3,882 Points

7. Sung Shi Kyung – “Oh My Goddess” – 3,509 Points

8. Verbal Jint – “You Look Happy” ft. Black Skirt – 3,029 Points

9. SISTAR – “So Cool” – 2,999 Points

10. Davichi – “Love, My Love” – 2,437 Points

Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ Lotte World Fanmeet

This is pretty amusing. Jaejoong seems so shy and at the end the fan gets to take a picture and Yoosu acting silly~ haha


Credits: as tagged
Shared by: DBSKnights
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Lyrics for Tohoshinki's new song "Back To Tomorrow"


T/N: I have picked up the lyrics from the recochoku site (which you can only access through Japanese cellular phone) by myself. I hope I didn’t make any transcription errors.

T/N: The full song is not out yet, so I’ll post the 1:12 version youtube.

Credits: kotasa1

Source: recochoku
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Partial Lyrics for Tohoshinki's new song "Shiawaseirono Hana"

Source: Tohoshinki Official Site
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

'Poseidon' Jung Yunho, An Intense Pose Which Surpasses The Leads, "Is it Really Just A Special Appearance?"

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho) has made his debut as a Marine Police Special Forces Tactics Team leader, showcasing an intense pose.

Jung Yunho will be appearing as Marine Police Special Forces member “Kang Eun Chul” in KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Poseidon” (Scriptwriter Jo Kyu Won/Director Yoo Chul Yong), which will be making its first broadcast on September 19. Although the role he has taken is a short one, he has attempted to transform himself into an actor through a special appearance which has produced great impact.

On August 16 at Incheon Harbor, where filming was taking place, Jung Yunho transformed into a level-headed and stoic Marine Police Special Forces member, kicking off his first start in the role.

In order to apprehend a suspect, the situation was panicky and chaotic. Jung Yunho put on several kilograms worth of Special Forces team gear, including his gloves, helmet, special glasses, mask, bulletproof vest etc, perfectly re-enacting the look of a real-life Marine Special Forces team member and showing off a strong masculine beauty.

Particularly, on the day of the filming, because it was a summer day, the heat was severe, but there was no other choice but to go through the arduous process of putting on the several layers of Special Forces gear. Even though it was Jung Yunho’s first time wearing Special Forces gear, while he showed off a curious vibe, he also took special care of the props and meticulously put on the gear, paying close attention to this first filming.

Looking at that scene, even though this was Jung Yunho’s first time challenging the role of a Marine Police member, he could deftly handle the acting skills required of him. He also received many compliments from the staff. When Jung Yunho was confronting and interrogating the suspect, the unique charisma he emitted was reminiscent of his excellent genes. The action scenes which he partook elevated the buzz and anticipation surrounding “Poseidon”.

Kang Eun Chul, the role that Jung Yunho is taking on, is a very principled person who thoroughly abides by his ideologies. He received recognition for having the ability to surpass everybody else and thus became the leader of the Tactics Team. He is scheduled to have an intense showdown and compelling dialogue with Seon-Woo (Choi Siwon), who is also a Marine Police Special Forces team member like him, but who is always getting into trouble.

In real life, Jung Yunho and Choi Siwon, both belonging to the same company, have a close relationship. This time around, at the filming location of “Poseidon”, both of them fell into step with each other and were generous with encouragement for each other. Even though this is only a special appearance from Jung Yunho, he showed off his enthusiastic passion for acting, raising the energy levels at the filming site.

Production company Annex Telecom said “Amidst his busy schedule, Jung Yunho took time out to take part in the filming for “Poseidon”. Compared to anybody else, he possessed great enthusiasm and immersed himself into acting“. He continued, “Despite the fact that Jung Yunho is only being a special guest for “Poseidon”, he has made the first half of the story into a robust one. Please show lots of love for “Poseidon”, which is now being filmed at an intense pace.”

Source: newsen
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Please Keep All Credits Intact, thanks.

Tony Hong Tweets About Jaejoong

Jaejoong Filming “Boss” Even on Chuseok Day

Tony Hong made a few shout-out tweets to his friends, and from one of them we can confirm that Jaejoong is filming on Chuseok.

[TRANS] Ji Sung who is showing an acting that is of top of his game is working hard, filming even though it is Chuseok— Jaejoong is also with him. [Rest of tweet omitted as irrelevant to JYJ]

Source: @TonyHong1004
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ 'In Heaven' Full MV


Credits: C-Jes
Shared by: DBSKnights

Jaejoong Awes the Production Crew with Awesome Basketball Skills

JYJ Kim Jaejoong, He is Only Wearing a T-Shirt But…. Proves Muwon-God Attractiveness.

Muwon-God excels at also basketball?

On the afternoon of the 14th, through the SBS Twitter photos of the JYJ member Kim Jaejoong playing basketball were revealed. These were scenes taken at the time of filming the episode of the SBS TV drama Protect the Boss that will air on the 14th.

Kim Jaejoong completed his comfortable outfit by wearing a short-sleeve white T-shirt and sneakers. Further he proved himself to be a man of sports by handling the ball freely in all ways with ease.

The afterword is that at the time of filming, Kim Jaejoong dribbled the ball with a splendid play and showed precise shooting, thus making the production crew exclaim in awe.

The netizens who saw this responded: “Indeed, there is nothing that Muwon-God cannot do.” “Muwon-God is also good at basketball.” “He emits light despite wearing only a white T-shirt.” “If such a director of headquarters existed in real life, I’d get a job right away.”

Credits: ENews24
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights

Jaejoong Bows Respectfully To An Alien?

JYJ‘s Jaejoong recently shared a hilarious photo on Twitter.

On September 14th, he tweeted, “Hello“, and attached a photo of himself bowing to a giant statue.

Jaejoong positioned himself to give the same rigid bow as the statue, and many fans laughed over his quirky sense of humor.

Reactions varied from, “From the morning, a sweet selca“, “Wacky Kim Jajeoong“, and “It looks like an alien… Prince Jaejoong, our galaxy ambassador!”

Credits: enews24 via Nate + allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ Breaks 300,000 in Pre-Orders for "In Heaven" on First Day Alone. Members "Fired Up"

JYJ’s first Korean language album has broke 300,000 copies in pre-orders.

C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, revealed on the morning of the 14th: “The preorders for JYJ’s Korean language album has overstepped 300,000, starting even from the first day. They have proved their popularity once again and are announcing a splendid comeback.”

It has become known that there is response not merely domestically but abroad as well. An affiliate from the agency said: “We are not merely talking about the pre-orders. It is being ranked high in the i-Tunes charts abroad as well. Because there is a tremendous response, we are realizing once again the scale of JYJ’s popularity.”

It is expected that after the release of the digital music files on the coming 15th the interest about the album will rise even further. After JYJ released Get Out on the 8th, it has received a heated response, such as being ranked high immediately after release on a variety of digital music charts.

Currently, JYJ is quite fired up about the response that exceeds their expectations. JYJ relayed: “We are overwhelmed in our hearts and happy that we are able to let our fans hear our music for the first time in a long while. It is a meaning album—they are songs that we had released through our world tour to the fans all around the world and also the album presents JYJ as it is in being created around the self-made songs that tell our story. As it contains a variety of genres, we wish that many people will feel happiness in listening to our autumn album.”

JYJ’s Korean language album has been arranged with the self-created songs which were released in the 10-city world tour that took place in 2010 in the center. The title song of the album is In Heaven, which was both composed and written by Kim Jaejoong himself. It is an album that allows one to see the musical abilities of the members and gathers anticipation.

Source: Dispatch and Herald Saengsaeng
Translated by: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights

SMTOWN New York Seating Chart

Want to know where other Cassies are sitting? Check out the list below!
We had asked Cassies to hopefully grab GA1, 108, & 116 so we hope we get a lot in those sections!

Go here for further details

Source: OneTVXQ
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ - In Heaven Official MV on Music Sites

You can view the 'leaked' full MV here

C-JeS have not uploaded the official MV on their site but other Korea Music Sites have.
This is the old teaser. Link for the official full MV on Melon, Mnet & Bugs is below.


You can only watch the video up to 1 min.
If I'm not wrong, you have to be a paid member to view the full MV.

Watch on Melon

Watch on Mnet

Watch on Bugs

Credits: C-JeS + Melon + Mnet + Bugs
Shared by: DBSKnights

Protect The Boss Ep. 13 Jaejoong Cut


Credits: kjjtoong
Shared by: DBSKnights

More Cuts can be found on User's channel. --Empress

Junsu Plays With Fate In JYJ "In Heaven" MV

The return of JYJ has officially begun:

On September 15, C-JeS Entertainment revealed the full MV to JYJ’s title track, “In Heaven, timed in conjunction with the long-awaited release of JYJ’s ten-track Korean album, also titled In Heaven.

And after last week’s foreboding MV teaser, JYJ fans finally get to experience Junsu and Song Ji Hyo‘s touching love story. Junsu plays the all-too-busy boyfriend who chooses work over love, which he learns to regret only after fate takes Ji Hyo’s life in a tragic car accident.

If anyone’s seen the film If Only, this MV might ring a few bells.

Years later, a grief-stricken Junsu is now a highly successful businessman (a la Jaejoong in Protect the Boss and Yoochun in Miss Ripley), but it’s an empty shell of a life, with the gaping hole that Ji Hyo’s death has left behind.

When the clocks rewind back to 2008 and Ji Hyo shows up at his door, Junsu realizes that he’s been given a second chance to make her happy. But there’s an expiration date on this heaven-sent reunion as the date of Ji Hyo’s accident approaches…

The MV goes hand-in-hand with the sorrowful, regretful lyrics of “In Heaven,” which is said to have been written by Jaejoong for his close friend, actor Park Yong Ha, who took his own life last June. “In Heaven” also features actress Kim Jung Eun, who does the short but poignant narrations at the beginning and end of the song.

Watch the full MV below:
[official Vimeo version will be added when it becomes available]

Credits: MTVK
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ Chajatta on Sukira & Random Talks of JYJ


Credits: jooannee
Shared by: DBSKnights

Jaejoong Twitter Update

Filming ended..Looking forward to tomorrow! JYJ’s songs have also been released. I’ll work hard to further develop.!

Source: Jaejoong Twitter
Translated by: ecaisme
Shared by: DBSKnights

Jaejoong Voted #3 for Argentina Sex Symbol

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Shared by: DBSKnights

Kim Jaejoong Sings and Does Sports - on Dramas Rather than Variety Programs

JYJ Kim Jaejoong is showing a form of getting to engage in dramas in activities that he was not able to partake in variety programs.

On the 13th episode of the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that aired on the 14th of September, Cha Muwon sang in a Karaoke.

It is that he had gone to a Karaoke with Seo Nayun. This was a recollection scene for the 12th episode. At the time of the 12th episode, the scene on which Kim Jaejoong sang was prolonged beyond the point of necessity and thus drew attention.

On the broadcast of this day, Cha Muwon engaged in sports with Cha Jihun. They had a game of basketball and ran on the field track. This scene was reminiscent of the recently-broadcasted “Idol Field and Track Championship.” It was a program on which idols unfolded a competition in field and track.

Kim Jaejoong is a member of JYJ. JYJ is of the situation in which there is almost zero appearance in variety programs. In some parts there is even talk that JYJ’s appearance is blocked. Recently, in the closing ceremony of the Daegu Field and Track Championships that KBS broadcasted, JYJ’s singing on the stage became an issue. The entertainment industry, as to the reason that JYJ members appear in many dramas, shows also the position that: “They face less restrictions in the drama scene.”

Source: Newsen
Translated by: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights

Kim Jaejoong and Ji Sung Watch "Boss X-File" Together. "Cha-Cha Couple is In"

Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong of the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss rose to the throne of “Cha-Cha Couple.”

Recently, Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong are currently unfolding a psychological warfare over the succession of the right to control the DN Group currently run by CEO Cha. However, even though the two are in a delicate relationship, they have spun the image of a warm couple by watching TV together side by side or by unfolding quibble-squabble body fights.

In the midst of this, the production crew of Boss revealed on the 14th a photo in which Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong are watching a DMB together on their break. Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong were watching together the Protect the Boss X-File program, which was airing at the time of their filming which took place on the night of the 9th. In the photo, the two are walking side by side and watching a DMB with bright smiles on their faces, allowing others to guess their closeness.

The two held the smart phone and walked about half of the 400m track field and burst into laughter whenever a fun scene came on. But the afterword is that once the program was over, they met the cue sign of Sohn Junghyun PD to immediately immerse themselves into filming with enthusiasm.

At these two, not merely the production crew but also the fans who visited the filming set sent a wide cheer and supported them, saying: “The Cha-Cha couple look so good together” and “Cha-Cha couple fighting.”

On the other hand, the scene in which Kim Jaejoong and Ji Sung unfold a war of nerves in sports will be revealed on the SBS Protect the Boss that will air at 9:55pm on the 14th

Source: Compiled from Korea Economy and TV Daily
Translated by: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights

Kim Yu-Na Dolls To Hit Market Next Year - Plans to Manufacture Dolls of TVXQ

Molded figurines of skating queen Kim Yu-na and actor Ryu Si-won will be available on the domestic and export market next fall, according to Seoul. The municipal government has signed agreements with two firms to provide a subsidy of W150 million to manufacture the dolls (US$1=W1,077).

Celebrity dolls are a huge industry in the U.S. and Japan, and are gradually gaining in popularity here. Dolls resembling actors Bae Yong-joon, Song Seung-hun, Lee Byung-hun and the cast of MBC's popular TV show "Infinite Challenge" are already available.

"Kim Yu-na is one of the most sought-after models in the advertising industry, and Ryu Si-won has been hugely popular in Japan since the Korean Wave first hit the country," a city official said.

"With this subsidy for manufacturing celebrity dolls, we hope the industry will be able to explore new business opportunities overseas."

The city also plans to provide support for manufacturing dolls of K-pop bands TVXQ, Kara and Girls' Generation.

Credits: English Chosun
Shared by: DBSKnights

U-Know Yunho, Crowned as the Public Enemy Guest? "Sorry, But He's More Handsome than the Groom"

U-Know attended a wedding ceremony as a guest and caused inconvenience to the groom.

On September 14, a post titled “The U-Know Yunho who is More Handsome than the Groom” was uploaded onto an online community guestboard. Two photos of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho were revealed.

In the photos, U-Know Yunho was beside the groom and he was literally radiating the pose of a celebrity. In the post, the author wrote words to the effect of “Because he’s more handsome than the groom, sorry”. Furthermore, together with Shinee’s Key, who was beside U-Know Yunho, both of them were eye-catching.

Netizens commented, “Mr. Groom, sorry”, “Because he’s turned out so good-looking, it’s a crime”, “There must have been dissatisfaction that day”, “I’m going to apologize to the bride”, “He’s emitting radiance”, “If you said it was Yunho who was the one getting married, I would have believed it”, “No matter what he wears, the suit turns out to fit him so well”.

This photo was taken by a fan at the wedding ceremony of a manager at SM Entertainment which SM Entertainment singers attended, and has become a hot topic amongst fans.

Source: newsen
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com

Participate in the making of the Music Video for 'Duet'!

Following announcement was made on the Tohoshinki Official Website.

Join us to make the Music Video for Tohoshinki’s new song “Duet”. Your favorite photo may be used in the MV!

Send us a memorable photo of yours to participate in the making of the MV for their new song “Duet”, which will be included in the new album “TONE” to be released on September 28!
Read carefully the guideline below before sending your photo (The online application can be accessed from mobile phones too).

Application period: From September 14, 2011, 12:00 PM (JST) to September 30, 2011, 23:59 PM (JST)
The video will become available at http://tone.toho-jp.net/ (MOVIE section) on September 21 or later (Please note that the date may change).

☆Send a photo of yours with your family member, your friend or your lover.
☆The concept of the MV is “Ties” and “Happiness”
☆To stay in line with the title “Duet”, select a photo of two people.
☆We will use only some photos. Not all photos are used in the MV.
☆The application form is accessible by PC from foreign countries (not from mobile phone).
☆We won’t inform you about whether or not your photo is selected. Please check the MV for the result.
☆Please note that your photo data will not be returned.

Important Notes
☆Do not send photos with celebrities such as artists.
☆Get approval from the person in your photo before sending.
☆Do not send photos not in line with the above-mentioned theme or concept.

For details on the handling of personal information, please read the application form.
Send your photo at http://duet.toho-jp.net/ (accessible from PC and mobile phones)

Source: Tohoshinki Official Website
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_Lisalio @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_Lisalio @ ContinueTVXQ.com
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SM Artist’s Own Chuseok Wishes

The largest entertainment company in Korea, SM Entertainment, has had a very special year in 2011. Last August, “SM Town Live World Tour” began in Seoul which led to Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Paris while meeting with fans around the world. In October, they will also tour in Madison Square Garden in New York. Going beyond the stage in Asia, SM Entertainment’s artists represent the Hallyu Wave as they will soar onto many of the world’s stages. We inquired about their own Chuseok wishes.

Yunho stated, “I hope that we will always be able to fully use our hearts to enjoy the stage and challenge ourselves on the stage."

Source: TVXQBaidu, CB家族
Translation: Mizuro @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JYJ Unleashes "In Heaven" MV

A few days back, JYJ revealed their new song, "In Heaven", and now they're back with its music video in all its dramatic glory!

The MV sees acting member Junsu and labelmate Song Ji Hyo, who portray a tragic couple. Junsu is a capable executive at a firm, and Song Ji Hyo plays as his sweet girlfriend. After a horrible incident, their romance takes a strange turn through reality that resulted in one conclusion…


Source: AllKpop
Shared By: denise2601 @ OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Boss X-Files: Wang JiHye’s Thoughts on the Kissing Scenes with Kim JaeJoong

Actress Wang JiHye has revealed how she felt while filming the kiss scenes with JiSung and Kim JaeJoong.

Wang JiHye, on SBS TV’s “Protect the Boss X-Files” which was broadcasted on September 10th, expressed that she “felt nervous” while filming the romantic kiss scene in Cha MuWon (acted by Kim JaeJoong)’s car.

She then recalled, “Actually, we already have a date planned to film the kiss scene, thus I was prepared and in a ready state of mind. However, we finished the shooting later than we thought and it was postponed to another date.”

Towards Kim JaeJoong, she added, “I am comfortable around him, maybe it’s because we are of the same age.”

(Irrelevant parts omitted)

Source: JYJBaidu
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Special Thanks: dbskrox @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JYJ 'In Heaven' Full MV Repost

Hi Guys, my sincerest apologies for posting the video before it's official release on c-jes. i was unaware that it was the leaked and thought it was already posted by c-jes. I do realize this is completely my fault and I take full blame for it. It was not my intention to show it before the official release. I hope you guys can understand. Again, my deepest apologies for the mishap.


Credits: C-Jes
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ NII Gmarket Japan Heart Campaign


Credits: NII, Gmarket Japan
Shared by: DBSKnights

Album Showcases Singer-Songwriter JYJ; "In Heaven" MV to Have 10-Minute Version

Group JYJ’s first Korean language album In Heaven is receiving a heated response despite the lack of any particular broadcast related to music.

As soon as all of the songs of In Heaven were released on the midnight of the 15th, all of them ranked highly on the charts.

An affiliate of the JYJ’s record relayed his thoughts: “We are surprised at the tremendous response as compared to only having concentrated on performing and not doing any broadcast activities including appearing on music programs. It seems that the public has been awaiting for JYJ to release a domestic album to this degree.”

The biggest particularity of this album by JYJ is that it is made up of the self-created songs by the members. The affiliate revealed: “Through this album JYJ tried to prove their abilities as singer-songwriters and also their niche unique to them through the harmony that blends the attractive vocals of the three members.”

JYJ explained their current album: “We feel that it would be good for you to think of it as an “autumn love song”, JYJ version. Our work centered around the songs that had poetic melodies and lyrics that stood out.”

They added: “We wanted to gift a good memory for the many of you who are always by our side waiting for our music.” JYJ is expressing a special affection for the fans through Boy’s Letter and You’re.

On the other hand, the music video for In Heaven with Kim Junsu and actress Song Jihyo was released along with the release of the digital music. This music video which is filled with the ardent acting by Kim Junsu and Song Jihyo and beautiful scenes plans to showcase in the future the “full video” which is a 10-minute version.

Source: OSEN
Translated by: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights

How To Submit Your Picture For 'Duet' MV

Here's a short tutorial on how to submit your photo.
Photo(s) submitted are not guarantee to be included in the PV


Source: https://duet.toho-jp.net/index.html
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Yoochun's #3 for Best 5: Stars Who Are Devoted To Their Parent


Credits: arirangworld
Shared by: DBSKnights

Yunho - W Korea Editor's Choice


Credits: wkorea
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ & Sung Shi Kyung Battle It Out on Digital Charts

Sung Shi Kyung and JYJ are going head-to-head on the digital charts!

On September 15th, Sung Shi Kyung released his 7th official album, ‘The First’, after a three-year hiatus, while JYJ released their first Korean album, ‘In Heaven’, on the same date.

Fans have waited a long time for their respective comebacks, and so they’re determined to ensure that their preferred artist grabs the coveted 1st place position on the real-time charts. Currently, JYJ’s “In Heaven” and Sung Shi Kyung’s title track, “I Like”, are rising and falling between 1st and 2nd place.

Their music videos also garnered positive reactions from casual music fans as well, with JYJ’s MV boasting emotional performances from Junsu and Song Ji Hyo, while Sung Shi Kyung’s video has a kiss scene between the singer and Jo Yeo Jung.

With the comeback of various idol girl groups this Fall, Sung Shi Kyung and JYJ are gaining more attention for providing a different option of music for people to choose from.

Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

Yunho- Poseidon Highlight


Credits: KBSdrama
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ "In Heaven" MV (Eng Sub+Han+Rom)


Credits: C-Jes, TheKpopsubber
Shared by: DBSKnights

Ji Sung-Kim Jaejoong, The 'Cha-Cha Couple' is The Best? Affectionate Couple Photos are Released

Affectionate photos of Kim Jaejoong and Ji Sung from SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’ are becoming a hot topic amongst netizens.

In ‘Protect the Boss’, Cha Ji Hun (Ji Sung) and Cha Mu Won (Kim Jaejoong) are pitted against each other as they fight to be the successor of DN Group, headed by CEO Cha (Park Young Gyu).

In the drama, the squabbling pair are seen bashing shoulders or fighting like children in a restaurant but viewers have been saying, ‘Surprisingly, they look good together.” Photos of the pair hanging out together have been posted on Twitter and the newly dubbed ‘Cha Cha Couple’ is receiving much love from netizens and viewers alike.

On the 14th, the production crew released a photo of Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong watching a TV show on a DMB phone together during their break while filming at Goyang city on the 9th. The two are seen walking together and watching the show with bright smiles on their faces, making it possible to surmise just how close they are.

It was later said that seeing the two together, the production crew and fans who visited on location gave the new couple their support as they said, “They look so cute together,” and “Cha Cha Couple hwaiting~”

Source: [TV Daily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
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Lyrics for Tohoshinki's new song "B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)"



B.U.T. Full

Credits: BOYFRIENDminwoo

Source: recochoku
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Protect The Boss Ep. 14


Credits: oumae25+as tagged
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Jaejoong Twitter Update

Yesterday manager-hyung..pick out the sashimi from the sushi and just ate that...

Source: Jaejoong's Twitter
Translated by: ecaisme
Shared by: DBSKnights

Tohoshinki Talk + Performance on Music Station 25th Anniversary Special



Credits: MrLeeeunju + MARUMARUMORIMORI1212
Shared by: DBSKnights

Yoochun - Suvarnabhumi Airport (Fancam)




Credits: As tagged
Shared by: DBSKnights

For A Limited Time Only On The JR Yamanote Line, "Tohoshinki [ TONE ] Premium Train" Will Be Running!

Time period : 17 September – 1 October

To celebrate the release of the album 「TONE」, a collaboration with the JR Yamanote Line has been decided. The name of this will be the “Tohoshinki 「TONE」Premium Train.”

As Tohoshinki’s new album jackets come in three different types, 「Red・Blue・Yellow」, the Premium Train will also use visuals for the various carriages themed in the three colors.

The exterior of the train carriages will have a wrapped design, and the interior of the carriages will be totally changed and will become a special carriage.

The album booklet is filled with colourful pictures, and these images from the jacket will appear as hanging ads, and the paper of the hanging ads will have color film attached to it, making it special.

There is only one “premium” train (11 carriages). If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll catch the “Tohoshinki 「TONE」Premium Train?”

(Other details omitted)

Source : [Tohoshinki Official Site]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

"I'll Protect You" - Jaejoong Official MV


Credits: SBS+NhoxshinX
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A Fan Tweets about Yunho & Changmin at Music Station

Please read from bottom to top.

Conclusion! Yunho and Changmin was the best!! Their aura was great! They were like gods! But, they were humans! I used up all my luck, I’m afraid of my future~xDDD Of course, I lost the lottery for NHK xDDD

Sorry for the long tweets_| ̄|○ My memories are all gone, so the order may be messy xD

So the program ended. They were bowing politely to the front, back, right, and left. I was very impressed (T^T) The fans of the other artists were calling the names, so I called together with a fan sitting next to me “YUNHO!” but he pretended that he didn’t hear us_| ̄|○ So sad xDDD As a revenge, when they were leaving, we shouted “Yunho Changmin!”, they glanced us and very lightly bowed to us, and they were gone xDD

So AKB finished their performance, and they were all on standby during the CM. They were standing in order of Yunho, Changmin, and Ku-chan. Yunho was talking and stretching his arms xD Changmin seem to be surprised and made a funny face during their talk xDD I was trying hard to hear their talks, but cannot hear a word orz

It was near the ending, and the VTR was for songs from 2006 onward. We were expecting Tohoshinki’s songs to come out, but it didn’t, we were discouraged_| ̄|○ The two were on the rhythm with the songs, and was chatting happily together.

After B.U.T finished, they went backstage. I suddenly felt exhausted, and tried to concentrate watching the VTR. After a while, they came back! When they glanced at us, we did “Good job!” b(´ω`*)d!, but they pretended that they didn’t see us_| ̄|○( Well, that’s just natural for them to do so xDD

So they were ready for the performance, and we were watching them from their back xDDD And, BE-AU-TY TTTT!!!! I again stared at them, as if I’ll pierce a hole into them (◞≼◎≽◟◞౪◟◞≼◎≽◟) And, as if I would jump onto them. I am worried if Yunho and Changmin have holes in their bodies…←

Oh, was today’s Yunho’s pierces the same as Jaejoong’s? (*∵) I stared at it, but cannot see them clearly…I was talking to the Bigeast sitting next to me, it seems like a matching one.

During EXILE’s performance, they were preparing for their performance. I was in love with Yunho, who was a little bit clumsy in putting on his microphone. One of the staffs was helping Changmin xD So the talk begins! We were anxiously watching them…oh, I completely forgot the contents of their talks xDD Yes, they were talking with Ku-chan! And then, standby!!

When BoA’s VTR was on screen (*∵)(´・J・`), they were like WOW---!! , and seemed so happy. Yunho was bending his waist to the right and left. Oh, he is really a human being! (((;゚д゚;)))←

It was the time when CHAGE & ASKA’s VTR was on screen, they were excited the most. Do they like CHAGE & ASKA? Changmin was humming together with “Seishun ami-go” “Sakurazaka” “Flavor of Love” “Real face” “Sakura”. Those songs hold memories for me, too, it was very touching。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

During the CM time, they were talking with Koda Kumi-chan (´ω`*)It was so heartwarming❤ When they were sitting as Ku-chan, Changmin, and Yunho, the fans of Ku-chan sitting in front of us waved their hands, and Ku-chan recognized them. We were appealing to them, too, but they didn’t look at us xDDD so sad xDDD

For your information, we were sitting at the left side of the gate where the artists first appear.

During the whole time, Changmin was sitting very straight, he has a good posture. On the other hand, Yunho-san was basically leaning forward, or stooping. The two recognized the passionate glances of the 5 Bigeasts, they glanced at us. Yunho grinned a bit, but immediately pretended that he didn’t do so.

Yunho was moving his mouth,nose,and tongue watching the VTRs. I at last understood that...he is a regular human being. During "odoru ponpokorin" (*∵)< oh this (´・J・`) yes yes (*∵)< pi-hyara pi-hyara... he was singing together with the song. He looked happy.

First of all, the studio for Music Station is rather small. My hand was sweating, unusual for me. Tohoshinki appeared. Yunho was having his smug look on. I was staring from their back, they are so tall (compared to the other guests). They sat down (on the side that won't appear on screen, left of Tamori-san). During the time the VTR was on screen, they were keeping the rhythm. From that time, I was continuously watching them with passion for 3 hours.

I will write a report xD I don’t have good memories, I’ll forget them one by one xD

It just finished now~TT How should I explain…。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 I can’t find any words xD Everyone, thanks for your replies.

Only 5 Bigeasts were invited(((;゚д゚;)))OMG------

Source: kae_tvxq0r @ twitter
Trans: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Koda Kumi Twitter Updates

Please read from bottom to top.

I will go for the recording now (*^^*) Yunho's dancing was really cool, his dancing skills have improved a lot! Changmin's vocal was really amazing! The fans waiting for the album, you can raise your hopes for it! The two were calm and self‐possessed even in backstage, they have grown up to be men♡ I want to collaborate together with them one day! Ku
1 hour ago

Music station finished! Oh, I received the album from Yunho and Changmin! They were good boys, same as before(T_T) Tohoshinki's new song was very cool! I got excited watching their performance(´Д` ) Kumi-chan during the performance! I again played/enjoyed myself(*^^*) Congratulations for Music Station 25th anniversary.
17 hours ago

Source: [email protected]
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
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Muwon Doesn't Accept Her Feelings, But His Unchanging Kindness Makes Nayun Suffer More

Boss Wang Jihye Has Her Feelings Declined by Kim Jaejoong This Time. Tears Come Forth from Panda-Eyes

Wang Jihye became panda-eyes again thanks to Kim Jaejoong.

On the 14th episode of the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that aired on the 15th, Seo Nayun suffered because even though she confessed her feelings to Kim Jaejoong she was unable to receive a firm answer.

Cha Muwon asked her: “Do you want to come back to me?” Seo Nayun confessed her honest feelings, saying: “Can’t I?” To Muwon who remained silent, Seo Nayun asked: “It seems that I can’t. Is it because of Miss Noh Eunsul?” Muwon said that such was not the case, but she confirmed from him again: “Whatever the case may be, it is that I can’t.”

Muwon asked her: “Do you just want the final word?” Seo Nayun answered: “I don’t want it. I already know it.” She left the scene, saying: “I hope you won’t follow me out of some half-grown kindness.”

Seo Nayun who again had her heart broken ran into a woman while walking with tears streaming. The boyfriend of the woman poured his anger out at Seo Nayun, saying: “Walk properly.” Seo Nayun also became angry, repeating “I am sorry” three times. Cha Muwon ran up to the scene at this time and told the opposing male: “Look where you are going. She who had been properly looking the path she walks has apologized three times. But why don’t you who have not looked properly apologize?” Saying this, Cha Muwon had the man apologize.

Seo Nayun’s heart suffered even more at Cha Muwon who was kind to her. She returned home and sobbed in Myungran’s arms. Cha Muwon returned home and made an expression that betrayed many complicated feelings. How will the relationship of the two change? To this question the fans of the drama focus.

Source: Newsen
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights

Cha Jihun and Muwon Couple Counsel Each Other On Love, Viewers Feel Satisfied

Boss Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong—Close Enough to Consult Each Other for Love Advice? Warm Couple of Grade-School Kids

Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong gathered all eyes by showing a warm scene in which they stepped outside of being rivals in love and gave each other love advice.

On SBS TV’s Protect the Boss that aired on the 15th, Muwon counseled Jihun on love.

When Nayun who had lost both Muwon and Jihun while trying to have both confessed her wish to return to Muwon, he felt disoriented. On his way to take Nayun home, he ran into Jihun in front of Eunsul’s house. The two sat next to each other on the steps and talked about their love lives.

Muwon who sensed that Eunsul and Jihun may have had a fight said: “It is understandable that Miss Noh Eunsul would do that. You are not a man that one can trust and depend on, don’t you think?” Continuing the conversation, Jihun asked: “What are you going to do with Nayun?” At this, Muwon said “I’m not sure” and let out a sigh.

Jihun advised: “You know that Nayun is openly persistent, right? Just give up and let her take you.” Muwon poured out his heart: “The timing is so off, it cannot be worse off. Why is it always so complicated.” At this, Jihun answered: “You’re right.” The two simultaneously let out a sigh of frustration at love that would not go the way of their wishes. The two had returned to the relationship in which they could open their hearts to each other and commiserate on love.

But until the end they did not lose the appeal of the quibble-squabble grade school couple. They unfolded a war of nerves in trying to climb down the stairs faster than the other and gifted the viewers with a roar of laughter.

The couple of Jihun and Muwon is called the “Cha-Cha couple” and even though the two were rivals in love they had not hidden their affections for each other. It is that this couple again showed a warm scene and drew feelings of satisfaction from the viewers.

On the other hand, on this episode CEO Cha felt a storm of fury and the couple of Jihun and Eunsul faced hardship, making the hairs of viewers stand on end.

Source: TV Report
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights

A fan asked Song Jihyo about 'In Heaven' at he Fansign Event

Today, 16th Sept, Song Jihyo held a fansign event. A fan asked her, “Unnie! Will there be a kiss scene in ‘In Heaven’?” Song Jihyo said, “Ah~ No! I got problem (with JYJ’s fans) already~ So you are fan of my little brothers~”
This fan also said that Song Jihyo was very pretty and nice.

Source: via @BeTheJ_A
Translated by: The_little_pear of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + DBSKnights

Red/Brown/Blue Versions of 'In Heaven' Limited. "Black Versions" May Be Released in October

The Japanese retailer Innolife which deals in Korean Wave products have posted the following notice to their customers. It seems that there will only be a limited quantity of the Red/Brown/Blue versions of In Heaven. Those who do not receive the Red/Brown/Blue versions will be receiving a Black version to be produced in October.

Emergency Notice

We inform the persons who have pre-ordered JYJ’s In Heaven of the following.

This is the night announcement from the production company, made on the afternoon of the 16th (today).

In the process of making the albums that were (originally) planned to be released in the three versions of Red, Brown, and Blue, due to the shortage in the imported materials, it has come so that among the ordered quantities, only a portion of them will be distributed to each retailer (the same number for each of the 3 colors). As for the remaining (undistributed) portion, a black version is planned to be produced in the middle of October to be issued.

We believe that, contrary to our will, there will be many persons who had pre-ordered but will not be able to receive the version that s/he had hoped to receive.

The persons who had purchased the 3-version set (or else purchased the 3 versions) will be given priority for the shipping of the first issuance of the (distributed, red/brown/blue) quantity. As for other orders for individual versions, we will ship them in the order of the placement of the orders (payment).

For those who are after the first issuance of the quantity is exhausted, we will ship the Black version once the Black version is released. We ask that you please accept this. Because of the sudden change and announcement by the production company, our company can only feel confusion.

We have inconvenienced you, but we please ask for your understanding.

Source: Innolife
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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Press Agency Prain's Contract With C-JeS and JYJ Ended in August

The official Twitter of Prain, JYJ’s (former) press agency, tweeted the following:

The promised contractual period between Prain and C-JeS was already finished as of August 21. As for any plans of re-contracting, there is nothing decided yet. We thank C-JeS and the three persons of JYJ who were great partners and we will always support them in our hearts.

Source: @PrainGlobal
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights

"TVXQ Wore It"~ Even Apparel Brands Use Hallyu Marketing

Shinee hoodies… Nichkhun events etc.. Idols-endorsed brands have high recognition levels.

When one thinks about the streets of Seoul Myungdong, around each corner, there’s one cosmestics store, with the likes of Missha, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Etude, Innisfree, Nature Republic etc. Furthermore, there will, without fail, be huge photos of Hallyu stars hung outside the stores. These tactics are aimed at catching the attention of tourists from China, Japan and other South Asian countries who have found this place. In reality, it is not difficult to spot tourists who have come out from the stores after purchasing the goods, and who then go on to take pictures beside the celebrity bromides of these Hallyu stores.

At the center of such an all-conquering cosmestics industry is the Hallyu marketing attack, which has proliferated so rapidly that it has spread to the apparel industry. As can be seen through “Shinee hoodies”, “Photo Events with Nichkhun” etc, apparel businesses have chosen idol stars who are leading the Hallyu wave as their models, or created events with these stars in their full-scale market attack.

On September 14th, casual brands such as Lacoste, Maypole, Edwin etc have jumped on the bandwagon together with outdoor brands, resulting in a situation of competitive Hallyu star marketing. Even if they do not create large-scale TV commercials etc, they have made full use of the Hallyu stars by devising unique strategies to raise their brand recognition.

In September, Lacoste has, for the first time, concluded a friendship contract with male idol group TVXQ, who are Hallyu stars. Although a friendship contract means that TVXQ will not be having activities as official models for Lacoste commercials, they will be doing photoshoots or appearing in media programmes while wearing apparels from the brand, or they may use the apparels frequently in their usual lives. This will result in more exposure of the brand to the public.

By signing such a friendship contract with TVXQ, Lacoste, which has its parent company in France, has exhibited its intention of setting its sights on the Asian market by riding on the Hallyu fever. In reality, on September 10th, the members of TVXQ appeared at the Lacoste 2012 SS Collection which took place in New York, triggering strong after-effects as the brand’s honorary ambassadors. Through this 3-month contract concluded with TVXQ, even without any direct commercial-shooting activities, Lacoste is still able to reach out to local and overseas tourists, exposing their brand to these consumers.

Casual apparel brands Maypole and Edwin have also adopted similar strategies. Maypole has created characters of popular idol group Shinee and also printed “Shinee Art Week T-shirt”, “Shinee Hoodies” with their autographs. The “Shinee T-shirts” mentioned earlier were sold out within just 1 week, creating a big hit. Other contemporaneous products like hoodies were also put on sale. At that time, if one bought the T-shirts, one would be able to obtain huge bromides. The company revealed that within Korea and in South Asia which is mesmerized Hallyu, the inquiries from youths were never-ending.

Edwin has an indirect marketing strategy of using Hallyu star models. From September 9th, for a month, Edwin will be uploading photos of Nichkhun of popular idol group 2PM with female idols Miss A on its homepage. It is also in the midst of a campaign where products will be given out. Edwin is only using the images of Hallyu stars, yet this is a strategy which is able to raise awareness of its brand amongst the younger consumers ranging from the teens to those in their 20s.

Industry experts commented, “Even without expensive commercials, with the full-use of Hallyu stars, brand recognition effects can be maximized. Hallyu marketing is becoming a trend amongst consumers of cosmetics, apparels etc.”

Source: hankook news
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Please Keep All Credits Intact, thanks.

Text Messages Between Jaejoong and Prain CEO

JJ: The contract between Prain and us ended but I want to keep this relationship going. Let’s keep the promise we made to go for a drink.

Mr.Yeo : Yes,let’s do that. It’s okay not to contact me when you are good but when you are in need, please call or text me. I will do everything in my power to help you.

JJ: The same to you, Mr.yeo..no..hyeong(meaning older brother)! In private, you are hyeong to me.

T/N: Mr. Yeo wrote [in his blog] : Got this message five min. ago. I am worried if it’s impolite to make this public. I have hoped that more ppl get to know this gentleman, no, this dongsaeng(meaning younger brother)’s sincerity, politeness and delicacy behind formal aura.

Source: Mr.Yeo’s blog
Translation Credit: WorldclassJJ
Shared by: JYJ3 + DBSKnights

MBC Section TV to Broadcast "TVXQ New in York" on 110918

김하늘-동방신기와의 화려한 뉴욕 데이트

“Kim Ha Neul-TVXQ’s Glamourous New York Date”

내일(일) 오후 4시 10분 MBC 본방사수~!!!

Tomorrow (Sunday) 4.10pm KST on MBC Section TV~!!

<자세한 내용>
김하늘- 동방신기와의 화려한 뉴욕데이트 잡지화보 촬영현장

Kim Ha Neul-TVXQ’s Glamourous New York Date and Shooting Venue for Magazine Photoshoot

Source: MBC Official Site
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Please Keep All Credits Intact, thanks.

Jaejoong Twitter Update

Awww That means he’s been listening to TVXQ songs too..♥
(Jaejoong, 12:16am KST) I want to sing so much that I say “I don’t want to sing”. I’ve been listening to all the 100 or so songs I’ve sung so far till now… And music is truly amazing.. It makes me think about a lot of things.

Source: [Jaejoong's Twitter]
Translated + Shared by: dongbangdata.net
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Lyrics for Tohoshinki's new song "Weep"


Please click here to hear the 27sec version of the song.

Source: recochoku
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Poet Won TaeYeon Mentions JYJ on his Me2Day; Kim JaeJoong’s Comical Expression is the “Main Focus”

Poet TaeYeon wrote on his Me2Day on the afternoon of September 15th, “I gave the JYJ members my books and they took this picture as a return gift. The three of them do look good.”

In the photo, JYJ were holding onto TaeYeon’s book titled “Cat and the Cactus”, each with a different expression. Kim JaeJoong’s comical expression in between Park YooChun and Kim JunSu’s “normal” ones particularly brought in laughter.

Netizens who viewed this photo commented, “Even in this picture, MuWon is extraordinary”, “Every pose they make are adorable”, and “The book is definitely going out of stock soon.”

Source: TVXQBaidu
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Special Thanks: dbskrox @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JYJ Worldwide Concert DVD

Genre: Asian Catalogue
Number: JVDK1402
Format: DVD
Label: Jvd
Issued: 18 Nov 2011
Item sourced from: Korea
Number of Discs: 5
Other: Limited, Box Collection
Copyright: © C-JeS Entertainment

6 Super Deluxe Edition Photobook
5 DVD with unreleased footage

Photo Set (40P each)
1. Concert Notes
2. JYJ Concert Photos
3. Concert Photo: JaeJoong
4. Concert Photo: YooChun
5. Concert Photo: JunSu
6. JYJ History Book

DISC.1 - JYJ Full ver. (approximately 122 minutes)

DISC.2 JYJ Jaejoong ver. (approximately 96 minutes)
DISC.3 JYJ Yoochun ver. (approximately 98 minutes)
DISC.4 JYJ Junsu ver. (approximately 97 minutes)

Making bonus
DISC.5 JYJ worldwide concert DVD (approximately 25 minutes)

Source: HMV Japan
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Tohoshinki at Music Station
Full trans of their talks


Credits: MrLeeeunju

Tamori: Now, Tohoshinki
Yunho&Changmin: Thank you for today.
Takeuchi: Thank you.
Tamori: Do you two remember when you first appeared (T/N: in Music Station)?
Yunho: Yes, we do. Thanks to the collaboration with Koda Kumi-san, we were able to appear for the first time.
Koda: Yes
Yunho: It was a live performance, and we were very nervous. But Koda-san gave us her advice, and she kindly spoke to us about small things, so...
Koda: Honma? (Kansai dialect meaning "really")
Yunho: So we were eased at once.
Koda: Was I kind?
Yunho: Honma
Koda: Good
Takeuchi: How about you, Koda Kumi-san?
Tamori: Do you remember?
Koda: They were really young! Of course, I was, too.
Koda: At that time, Yunho was about 20 years old.
Yunho: Yes
Koda: Changmin was..19?! He was still in his teens. They were so young, they were like fresh fruits.
Koda: But really, the Korean men are true gentlemen compared to Japanese men. It was heartwarming to be together with them. I was about to fall in love with them.
Tamori: Ohhhhh
Koda: They were really handsome men from that time. Before, they were boys, but now, they are men.
Yunho & Changmin: Thank you very much.
Tamori: So it that long ago?
Koda: Yes. I'm now 28, and going on to 29.
Tamori: Oh
Koda: Now they are handsome men.
Tamori: You are now on a CM. It is something risky....
Takeuchi: Tamori-san is continuously checking it...
Koda: Yes. Now I'm an adult woman
Tamori: You can show us a little bit more.
Koda: Yes
Takeuchi: Tamori-san...
Koda: If you look at the real music video, you can see a little bit more, so please check it out.
Tamori: Please standby.
Y&C: Yes. Thank you
Takeuchi: Thank you

Please click herefor the beginning of the program.

Please click here for their performances.

Source: [email protected]
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Lyrics for Tohoshinki’s new song "Shiawaseirono Hana"


T/N: Please click here to hear the new songs, from the official site.

Source: recochoku
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

JYJ to Endorse Painkiller Brand, ‘Penzal Q’

The JYJ trio have just been named as the models for Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical‘s new painkiller brand, ‘Penzal Q‘!

Representatives of Chong Kun Dang explained, “In order to better appeal to the female consumer base in their teens to 40′s, we’ve chosen JYJ, one of Korea’s most popular stars and a bluechip of the advertising industry. We recently finalized our contracts with them.”

Although details about their contract were kept private, officials can already estimate that they were given some high profile treatment thanks to their achievements all across Asia and Europe.

JYJ recently gave up their Chuseok holiday to film the CF in secret. A representative revealed, “We were short on time so they had to film it with every spare moment they had. There isn’t any special story to tell, but it’s a CF aimed towards women in their 20′s through 40′s, so the emphasis was put on their smooth, bright image and loving comments.”

Source: Naver + AllKpop
Shared by: nings @ OneTVXQ.com

CF is estimated to be released on 1 October, and print advertisement on late October.

Penzal Q' website: http://www.penzal.co.kr/

Ahem, painkillers for women?

Source: JYJBaidu
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Protect The Boss Ep. 13 (Eng Sub)-- Online Stream


Credits: as tagged
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Tohoshinki at NHK Recording, Various Fans’ Tweets

@rayco_oh Outside the venue(:.;゚;Д;゚;. received the staff's OK to photo this, but not so important( ´Θ`) http://bit.ly/oRQt10

@rayco_oh going into the venue!|*゚Д゚) get going!!!! Yunho & Changmin, I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv you.

@yunhosmiley today, tohoshinki is recording for the NHK special program. some of the lucky fans are at the venue. the excited fan accounts are from them.

@rayco_oh The recording finishiedヾ(*´∀`*)ノ゙ The distance was so near, it'll never happen again. Only 3 meters to Yunho and Changmin. When the song started, my spirits were all up, and I went ahead to the 3rd row. Yunho was standing right there (:.;゚;Д;゚;. OMG

@rayco_oh of course, Akiyama (T/N: nickname the bigeasts have given to one of the dancers) was very near, too.

@emu331 oh, bigeasts were very passionate! I could hear Changmin's gasping for breath after singing, and I also saw Changmin's blood vessels of his hands! Yunho's smug face was really smug, watching from a short distance. He was making small mistakes even with his short greetings~^^

@brillianthomin Yunho was making mistakes during introducing the song, and said "Henshu~!!" (T/N: edit) with a cut gesture & embarrassed grin, he was so cute! Yunho said that he was longing to be able to introduce the songs xD Changmin was saying "(introducing the songs are) not so enjoyable" xDD

@brillianthomin Finishied-! We cannot tell the details, so I just want to say that it was a very good performance! Just my personal impressions, but Yunho was as always, so light and looking terrific, but I could feel his softness as a man, too. Changmin was really polite, and his dance was good! He looked full of confidence, I was really happy.

@CANDY_1215 Yunho's face was so small, good figure, and his dancing was great!

@brillianthomin There was a couple Toho fan, they seemed to be a fan of Yunho! The boy was screaming in a deep voice "Yunhooooo!", he was in very high spirits xDD The boy was fully equipped with anation pouch, scarf, and strap, he was shining. Lovely couple!!

@brillianthomin When they finished singing the song, they should once go backstage until they sing the next one. After they finished singing the first song, Changmin recovered to his usual self first, and he was watching Yunho with an expression "Oh? aren't you finished yet?". Changmin was waving his hands to the audience, and looking at his smug faced hyung, he seemed a little bit restless, so cute^^

@jyunogi7711 oh, Changmin was pointing his fingers to the audience making an evil face, and the fans went kya~~~~. Looking at Changmin learning how to stir up the audience and growing up, I am in tears. I was impressed on my own.

@xoxo_bambi We Changmin fans were worrying about Changmin's hair style even from before the recording. The results were, he looked very cool, we were relieved(●´ー`●)

@emu331 Yunho was waving his hands to the audience, and then, when he went to standby for his song, his facial expression face changed. I felt that Yunho was really professional!

@emu331 The red headed dancer was more roly-poly than expected xDD

@emu331 During the song, we didn't miss seeing Yunho's bare skin above his belly (∩∵`∩)

@emu331 After the performance, one of the dancers was down and couldn't move. Changmin lend his hand and helped him stand up (^O^)

@emu331 Today there were boys in the venue. And there was a man standing next to his wife (?) holding non-no in his hands, it was such a nice sight to see. There were those who came from Shizuoka and Gunma, so it seems that not only those who live in Tokyo win the lottery^^

@CANDY_1215 If I'm not mistaken, my eyes met Changmin's♪(*^^*) It may be just my imagination← The two were really kind, and when the time was up, they waved their hands and said take care going homeー( *・ω・)ノ They were really gods..(T^T) The broadcasting date is not decided yet. NHK says some day in October!!! OMG~

@yhxcm_212 Yunho was beautiful as a statue, I had my breath taken away.. During the song he was powerful and the dance was prepared in every detail! On the other hand, Changmin grabbed Yunho's arm and took him to the right position to stand. Yunho also made a mistake in introducing the song, and was laughing with all his face saying "Henshu, henshu" (edit, edit), making scissors with both of his hands. He showed us his cute side, too, and it was a happy sight to see! I really love them!!

Source: (Various tweets)
Trans: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Lyrics for Tohoshinki's new song "Telephone"

Source: recochoku
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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The Confusion of ZAK Ticketing System for JYJ Concert

Notice for JYJ concert tickets reselling on auction sites

We have closed the premium members' application for "2011 JYJ UNFORGETTABLE LIVE CONCERT IN JAPAN" as of Sept 18 (Sun) 18:00. Afterwards, though we are prohibiting the resales of the tickets, the tickets (that are not issued yet) are already in some of the internet auction sites.
We are checking the original sources, but purchasing the tickets for reselling is prohibited, and the lottery is not finished yet.
It will create problems, so please do not bid for the auctions.

Sept 19, 2011 5:30am
ZAK Corporation

Rescheduling the annoucement date of the lottery results (for premium members)/The lottery registration for non-members

We were scheduling to announce the lottery results for the premium members on 10:00am today, and start the lottery registration sales for the non-members at the same time. However, we found it necessary to investigate on a matter with the premium lottery, and that will require some time. Therefore, though it is a great distress, but we have decided to postpone the dates.
We are sorry for all the reschedulings for our customers. We appreciate you kind understanding.

Sept 19, 2011 ZAK Corporation

(few sentences omitted)

【Annoucement of the lottery results (for premium members】

Sept 20 (Tues), 2011 10:00am-

(few sentences omitted)

Registration for non-premium members (for lottery)
Spet 20 (Tues) 10:00am - Sept 22 (Thurs) 10:00am

【Annoucement of the lottery results】

Sept 23 (Fri, national holiday) 18:00pm onward

(other sentences omitted)

Source: ZAK Corporation
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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'Section TV' reveals Kim Ha Neul and TVXQ's Day in NYC

Last week, actress Kim Ha Neul and TVXQ were spotted in New York City attending a Lacoste fashion show. Luckily for those fans who weren’t able to chase down their favorite stars, MBC‘s ‘Section TV Entertainment Correspondence‘ was on-site to give a behind-the-scenes look of their stay in ‘The Big Apple’.

The show aired this footage on September 18th, starting with an interview segment with Kim Ha Neul.

Kim Ha Neul was asked what she enjoyed about New York’s culture, and she cheekily replied, “Drinking,” causing everyone to laugh on set. She was also asked to choose between her movie castmates Yoo Seung Ho and Jang Geun Suk, to which she wisely answered, “It’s too hard to choose… This question is weird.”

Kim Ha Neul later confessed, “If I could stay in New York for one year, I would like to date someone.”

In addition, TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin showed off their charisma while touring the city. Changmin laughed, “I can understand Yunho just by the look in his eyes because I’ve spent so much time with him. However, I wish he would talk less.”


Source: TV Daily via Yahoo! Korea
Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

GQ Japan 100th Issue Special, Most Memorable Cover ~ #1 Toshshinki

It has been a long wait! Some time ago, we started a ” “GQ Japan” 100th Issue Commemorative Readers’ Vote Project ~ Your Choice as to the Most Memorable Cover”. Here are the results of that vote! Who is in the most prestigious #1 place?

The September issue of GQ Japan coincides with the 100th issue since GQ Japan’s founding. In its 8 years of history, which issue left the readers with the biggest impression? Through this project of Twitter voting, more than 1,000 votes were cast, and we have also received many warm comments! Thank you very much!

We will reveal the results of that voting and the rankings. We will also introduce the opinions of readers which have been conveyed to us through Twitter.

For the next 200th issue, 300th issue and 1000th issue, the editors will strive towards creating a magazine which will receive a lot of love from everybody. Please show lots of attention to “GQ Japan” and take care of us!

<#1 – February 2011 Issue>

Tohoshinki, who has made a comeback

They have adorned our cover and created fervent buzz! Of course they’re #1!

The GQ Tohoshinki issue is a family treasure! Are we still canvassing new material for the next Tohoshinki issue? Yes, of course we are! We’re waiting.

Through GQ, we have found out about the aura of Tohoshinki! Cool Tohoshinki! Thank you very much ^ ^

*Note: only Tohoshinki-related parts have been translated.

Source: GQ Japan + 2paradise
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Please Keep All Credits Intact, thanks.

Poseidon Ep.1 Yunho Cut


Credits: yunminholic3
Shared by: DBSKnights

More Cuts can be found on User's channel. --EmpressB7

Fans Attend Park Yoochun's Fanmeeting in Thailand

JYJ member Park Yoochun was welcomed by fans in Thailand like royalty.

On September 17th, Park Yoochun opened a fan meeting at Muang Tong Thani located in Bangkok, Thailand. The purpose of the event was not only to greet his fans, but also to promote his KBS 2TV drama, ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘. 3,500 lucky fans were able to attend the event and had a lot of fun with the Korean star.

‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ is currently one of the most popular dramas in Thailand. It’s no wonder the Bangkok airport was recently thrown in chaos due to the visit of endless amount of fan girls across the country upon Yoochun’s arrival.

During the fan meeting, Yoochun interacted with his fans by playing games and answering questions. He even treated his fans by singing an OST from MBC drama, ‘Miss Ripley".

A representative of Cjes entertainment shared, “Park Yoochun has been in many countries through his previous world tours, but this is his first time attending a fan meeting as an actor alone. Thus, this event is very special to him.”

Park Yoochun added, “I was thrilled by everyone’s support and love in my last world tour. I’m very thankful for your encouragement. It has always been a big pleasure to be accompanied by such loyal fans”

Meanwhile, Yoochun is busy promoting JYJ’s newly released album, ‘IN HEAVEN‘ in Korea.

Source: Hankooki via Naver
Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

Tohoshinki Photo Collection To Be Released this Winter!

“Ginger’s November issue will go on sale on September 22. The cover is Karina. A huge special on autumn fashion and a special on enzyme dieting. Tohoshinki’s new photo collection, which is scheduled to go on sale this winter, will be exclusively revealed in advance, and a polaroid photo on location in Spain will also be given as a gift ♥ Please show lots of anticipation for it!”

Source: @ginger_katayama + 2paradise
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Please Keep All Credits Intact, thanks.

Jaejoong Fans Treat 'Protect The Boss' Staff Members to Lunch

Last month, JYJ‘s Jaejoong and co-star Ji Sung treated the staff and production team of ‘Protect the Boss‘ to lunch. Following their idol’s kindhearted example, Jaejoong’s fans have also provided lunch for the show’s 100 staff members!

On September 17th, Jaejoong’s supporters and fans prepared a buffet lunch for the staff, along with messages of encouragement for the team. They shouted, “This is our greeting to you for working hard through the Chuseok holiday… the drama is really fun”, “Please stop making ‘Na Yoon’ cry”, and “Chief of officials, Kim Jaejoong, fighting!!”

In response to his fans’ warm gesture, Jaejoong replied, “Thank you very much for providing this buffet… I will work harder from now until the end of filming.” Additionally, Jaejoong gladly took pictures and signed autographs for his fans.

One producer said of the star, “I came to know Jaejoong’s passionate personality, humble sense of self, and popularity by working on this drama with him… I would be happy to work on another drama with him in the future.”

Source: Yahoo!News via Korea
Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ's Yoochun Fans Donate $9,000 to facilities damaged by floods

JYJ’s Yoochun‘s fan community, ‘Blessing Yoochun’ made a big donation to celebrate their 1 year anniversary.

According to JYJ’s company, C-Jes Entertainment, the fan community celebrated their 1 year anniversary by donating about $9,000 USD to study rooms for low income students that have suffered from floods. ‘Blessing Yoochun’ is a fan community made up of mostly women 30 years and older.

‘Blessing Yoochun’ fans have decided to divide the $9,000 between three facilities that have suffered damage from the immense amount of rainfall this summer. They will be donating to the ‘Doongji District Children Center’ which has a third of its facility submerged in water, ‘Kwan Ahk Community Welfare Center’ which has suffered from the collapsing of their ceiling and wall, and ‘Dandelion District Children Center’ which is located in the part of Korea that receive the most amount of rain.

The fan community was formed back in September of last year, and have made several donations to help people in need such a person suffering from severe burns, children with cancer, and to Korean schools in Japan who have suffered from the Tsunami. Within one year, they have contributed about $45,000 in donations.

Source + Photo: Star News
Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

Yoochun Thailand Fanmeet Singing "Found You", "The Empty Space For You", and New Self-Composed Song


Credits: as tagged
Shared by: DBSKnights

Videos for all the songs can be found in the video list at the bottom of the widget window. --Empress

Tohoshinki, Breaking The Taboo. "JJ" and "Ray" Releasing On The Same Day For The First In Industry.

Tohoshinki (releasing their new album on the 28th September) will be on the covers on the November issue for both female fashion magazines JJ and Ray, slated to distribute on the 23rd of September. This broke the taboo in female fashion magazine industry with regards to usage of the same model(s) for the cover in the same monthly issue. This is a new trial in the industry and it was the first time for both magazines to use a “male duo” on their covers.

The cover for JJ magazine depicts the duo’s determination image with the colour black. The theme was determinedly cool and comprised of Tohoshinki’s strong charisma. The photographer for the cover and pages is Ninagawa Mika. The cool yet subtle entrancing look seems to have drawn out that hidden passion in the two of them.

“JJ’s cover was donned by the male duo and was on a black backdrop, it was indeed a novel among the uncommons. I don’t think there was such a strong image used as a cover before. Additionally, there are 3D images where you could see the two of them “jumping out” of the pages and the poster after wearing a pair of 3D glasses. The hands-stretching-out position is as though you could really touch them.” – Shinohara (JJ Editor)

On the other hand, the cover for Ray was used to depict the duo’s pure image with the colour white. Editor Fujimura relayed, “The perfect combination of the duo was impressive for every photo. It was a trouble choosing the photos.”

The album cover for “TONE” uses red, blue and yellow while JJ and Ray magazines uses black and white. This colourful Tohoshinki will soon be presented to everyone.

source: barks.jpg
trans+shared by: [email protected]

JYJ 'In Heaven' Review by 'Eat Your Kimchi'


Credits: simonandmartina
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ Confirms Their First Concert In Spain

Credits: As tagged
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Tohoshinki at NTV Music Lovers Recording (Sept 20), Fan's Tweets

The recording for Music lovers finished just now! They were so near, I got very nervous. I was standing around the 10th row from the stage, but since it was a small studio which holds up to 300 persons, they were very near. The talks were done in a different sub stage, and since I was on that side, Tohoshinki was about 3 meters from where I was. We were requested to fill in the spaces before the talks, so I was standing in the 2nd row.

Scene which should be cut 1. Changmin was always checking the monitor! He didn't look at us that much.

Scene which should be cut 2. The seats were so near by, I could clearly see their eyes. My eyes met Yunho’s many times. When I winked to him, he closed his eyes and nodded his headー(´Д` ) Changmin! You aren’t looking at us, so I’ll run around with Yunho.

Scene which should be cut 3. It was the first time they performed the song, Yunho made a mistake with the lyrics, and laughed softly saying "Oh, I'm sorry". But the song continued. How will it come out? xD

Scene which should be cut 4. Changmin was running out of breath, and was dripping with sweat. But he regained his strength during the short breaks during the song. He is professional.

Scene which should be cut 5. They always go backstage after singing one song. On the third time when they went backstage, Yunho said "Matanen!" (T/N: Kansai dialect meaning "see you later").

Scene which should be cut 6. When they go backstage, it is always Changmin who is walking in the front xD Should it be because of their standing positions..??

Scene which should be cut 7. The two looking into the camera was very sexy..heavenly...prayers..
They were too sexy, and they did it again as an encore during the talk corner. They responded to us from themselves!

Scene which should be cut 8. Changmin "We will go on to the next song" Audience "Eeeee--! (oh, no)" Changmin "What time is it now?.. 8 o'clock? 9? huh" Audience "It is still 8:45! (joke)" Changmin "Shi!" Changmin producer was worrying about the time.

Scene which should be cut 9. Changmin grinned during a place when singing. Grin, grinning

Scene which should be cut 10. Yunho was saying "Minasan, tanoshindemasuka-!" (everyone, are you enjoying yourselves?) You always says those words ♥♥ luv u xD

Scene which should be cut 11. Yunho "For the encore, we want to respond to you with a song with a deep meaning. This song.. oh, Changmin, can you introduce the song?" Changmin "(Oh! hyung! me?!) aa..oh..."

Scene which should be cut 12. Changmin "This encore song is, a song that can...show a different style of Tohoshinki, don't you think so?" Changmin returns the talk back to Yunho.

Talk scene which should be cut 1. Yunho is really good in praising the guests and the host. (To the guest, he said "you're cute", then) "Can..can I directly see into your eyes?" During all this, Changmin glances to Yunho was chilly xD Changmin was shaking himself after looking chilly towards Yunho xD

Talk scene which should be cut 2. One phrase that the guest wanted Changmin to say. Changmin's tone and his japanese was very good, I fell in love. Yunho had to say long words, and it seemed difficult. He was reading the cue card xD During the whole time Yunho was speaking, Changmin was checking the monitor and was smiling.

Talk scene which should be cut 3. Tohoshinki standing on stage was really beautiful. Walking sideways, sitting down, making themselves comfortable, their movements were beautiful. After they have been sitting down for a long time and stood up, we can see how tall they are. They are models.

Talk scene which should be cut 4. Even when they are sitting, we can see that they have very long legs...Yunho was patting Changmin's left knee (Changmin was sitting on the right side of Yunho) on way or another. Changmin was very natural in receiving those pats. Yunho's beautiful fingers and Changmin's slim and long legs. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Talk scene which should be cut 5. Yunho was standing up and playing with the guests, and the camera was focusing on Yunho. I was watching Changmin! He was always looking at Yunho, with a real kind expression. He was nodding his head and clapping his hands, too. Which is the hyung?

Talk scene which should be cut 6. Is Changmin very shy? During the talk, he was always checking the monitor. He can't be (´Д` )…a narcissist...!? kya~~

Talk scene which should be cut 7. Audience "Changmin, please do it too! " Changmin "(//∇//)…(casted his eyes down)"

Stage scene which should be cut. Yunho "Changmin is very handsome" Yunho "Changmin is very cool talking in any style" Yunho "He really is!"

Talk scene which should be cut 8. Audience "Yunho-! You're cool-!" Yunho "YES. (nod nod nod nod)"

Talk scene which should be cut 9. Tohoshinki had to make a quick song with some theme. Yunho was composing the song, but Changmin's intention was ignored, and the two had to sing the song together. One, two, three..different timing, one, two, three...different timing. At last! ..they somehow sung it together.

Talk scene which should be cut 10. Changmin "since it is very simple and easy"

Last scene which should be cut. The talk corner was the last corner. The 2 members went offstage at the last, but before that, they were very politely shaking hands with Akasaka-san (with their left hands on their right arms), bowing very low, and waving their hands to the audience. It shows their characters, oh, to say it correctly, their honesty.

Talk scene that should not be used extra edition. Before the talk started, Tohoshinki and the other guests were standing in front of their seats. Changmin sat down at the very last, after watching the others (sit down). It is just Changmin. I really love you.


T/N: Normally, the songs that are recorded for a Japanese music program should be kept secret until the broadcasting date. That is the reason why I have not tweeted information about which songs they sang. Thank you for your understanding.

Source: [email protected]
Trans: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Lyrics for Tohoshinki's new song "Easy Mind"

Source: recochoku
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JYJ "Get Out" MV


Credits: C-Jes
Shared by: DBSKnights

C-JeS Announcement on Rumor-Creation

The Policy of the Management On the Defamation on Cyberspace


First, we thank you for the support and the interest on the first Korean-language album by JYJ.

It has been a year since JYJ has started anew with the worldwide album released all throughout the world. They are continuing their shining achievement as world stars—the musical achievement of the successful holding of a 10-coty world tour and activities as the global honorary ambassadors for a UN agency and for many governmental units and corporations.

We think it is the same for the fans of JYJ as well. Every time there is a performance there is a high-quality culture of viewing and day after day there are beautiful donations by the fans. The sound fan supports, rice donations, and interest for the products for which JYJ act as models makes the industry affiliates surprised. The satire advertisements on newspapers, bus, and subway stations that call for JYJ’s broadcast activities acted as impetus for the media to recognize the high quality of the JYJ fandom culture.

C-JeS Entertainment, which is in charge of JYJ and their management, always respect the fans and we deeply thank you.

However, nowadays among fan communities, there are those who call themselves “fans” and for the reason that they are “fans” the create rumors about members and make personal attacks. Until now we dealt with the incidents individually but today we give an official notice of stern warning from the management.

We will not recognize the people who have defamed any member of JYJ with the creation of baseless criticism and rumors to be “fans” and we will take legal measures with clear evidence.

We have secured multiple pieces of evidence, including those that we’ve warned individually and/or have inquired for investigations. If the posts are not deleted or if this kind of activity repeats itself after one week from this warning announcement is made, we will submit those evidence and inquire investigation to the Cyber Terror Response Center.

This is more than merely a distorted heart of a fan. It is a serious crime. We ask the fans to understand and respect this announcement.

The three members of JYJ are more than merely members belonging to a group. Further, we ask you to please look forward to the good music and great activities that will be brought under the name of JYJ.

Thank you.

Source: C-JeS
Translated by: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights

Poseidon Ep. 2 Yunho Cut


Credits: plusyou26
Shared by: DBSKnights

More Cuts on User's Channel.--Empress
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Lyrics for Tohoshinki's new song "Thank you my girl"

Source: recochoku
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Get Out MV (Eng+Hangul+Romanzation)


Credits: as tagged
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Instiz Chart Rankings for the 3rd Week of September!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Davichi – “Don’t Say Goodbye” – 13,020 Points

2. Huh Gak – “Hello” – 8,296 Points

3. KARA – “STEP” – 8,272 Points

4. Zia – “Hoping It’s You” ft. K.Will – 5,388 Points

5. Sung Shi Kyung – “I Like It” – 5,191 Points

6. Leessang – “Turned Off The TV…” – 4,632 Points

7. Brown Eyed Girls – “Hot Shot” – 4,045 Points

8. JYJ – “In Heaven” – 3,423 Points

9. SISTAR – “So Cool” – 3,222 Points

10. Jay Park – “Demon” – 2,392 Points

Credits: Allkpop + Instiz
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ's Yoochun Named as the Male Star Who'd Give The Best Advice To Women

Netizens recently picked JYJ‘s Yoochun as the “celebrity who would most likely give good advice for a woman’s concern”.

DC Inside, a popular Korean community site, polled users from September 14th to the 20th with the question, “Which male celebrity would give good advice for a woman’s concerns?“. Park Yoochun won 1st place with 3,190 votes (36.3%).

Yoochun’s sweet bass tone, innocent glances, and warm greetings won the hearts of many fans, but it was his acting in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘ and ‘Miss Ripley‘ that captured netizens’ hearts. His role as a caring son influenced many votes, as Yoochun seemed like a man who would most likely accept and advise the worries of women.

Entertainer Lee Seung Gi placed 2nd with 1,738 votes (19.8%). With his image as a sincere son, caring oppa, and strong younger brother, Lee Seung Gi’s friendliness and charm during broadcasts caused netizens to believe that women would feel comfortable around him to share their concerns.

John Park won 3rd place with 1,237 (14.1%), after netizens noted his humble and sincere attitude in ‘Superstar K2‘. He also gave warm hugs to the other participants, earning him a ‘good man’ image.

Rounding up the poll were actor Kim Jae Won, SHINee‘s Onew, and Super Junior‘s Heechul.

Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

Protect The Boss - BTS Jaejoong & Wang Jihye's Kissing Scene



Credits: Daum + 3rebelangelsCLIP
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Jaejoong LG Optimus Q2 CF


Credits: Amu995
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Junsu Twitter Update

You can buy concert' tickets of JYJ in Barcelona now. I hope many people come to our concert. See you soon. ^^

Source: Junsu's Twitter
Translated by: TVXQHOME
Shared by: DBSKnights

Vocal Trainers Rank the Idols With The Best Vocal Talent

For the first time ever, the number of idol groups promoting in the market will hit 100 by the end of the year. Their popularity is often determined by their fans, but what do the professionals in the industry think of them?

E-Daily recently brought together 30 vocal trainers, 27 choreographers, and 18 plastic surgeons to rank the idols according to vocal talent, dancing, and looks. Check out who they ranked as the top in terms of vocal talent below! (And check out who topped the category for looks and dancing here and here)

Out of the 30 vocal trainers, 8 of them chose 2AM. Cho Hong Kyung, the director of a vocal academy, explained, “As a ballad group that needs to have their vocal talent stand out, they have a strong foundation. SHINee tries to sing on par with the actual CD recording as they can, which makes them just as impressive, but 2AM is just a bit above them.”

SHINee followed closely behind, earning a total of five votes. Vocal trainer Cho Hye Young praised, “SHINee has the ability to express their songs in a unique color. Their musicality is also excellent.”

Big Bang and JYJ tied at third with four votes each. Commenting on Big Bang, trainers stated, “They’re a very unique team that can take any song and express it in their own style.“ As for JYJ, ”The members each have exceptional talent.”

In the female group category, ballad duo Davichi earned a total of 8 votes. Vocal trainer Ham Yoo Sung stated, “They work well with each other and harmonize beautifully. The level of their expression is above the rest.” Director Cho Hong Kyung added, “Davichi shows so many things through just their music alone. Together, they harmonize wonderfully and fit well with ballads.”

2NE1 and SISTAR tied at second with seven votes each.

In the individual member category, 2AM’s Changmin topped the chart for the males, coming away with a total of 9 votes. Vocal trainer Yoo Ui Joo stated, “Changmin doesn’t have a vocal style that depends on the trend, but has a comfortable vocal talent that’s all his own, which is extremely charming.

JYJ’s Junsu took 2nd place, while MBLAQ‘s G.O. ranked 3rd with six and four votes respectively. Han Min Woo, vocal trainer and professor at the Changjo Music Academy, praised Junsu by stating, “He has the ability to comprehend songs well and leads them out,” while vocal trainer Kim Tae Hwan praised G.O. by saying, “He has a modern musical color and rhythm as well as great diction.”

As for the girls, SISTAR’s Hyorin racked up 12 points and was praised for her “charming husky voice with a strong sound.” SNSD’s Taeyeon and Davichi’s Haeri tied in second with 8 points each.

On Taeyeon, they praised, “She has the skills to go solo. Her voice itself isn’t powerful but she has an exceptional ability to express emotions, which is rare for someone her age. She knows the mature taste of songs that singers like IU don’t have.”

On Haeri, they praised, “She’s multi-talented in that her voice tone is great, her pronunciation, she’s got great vocalization and is always in tune.”

Check out the full list below:

Male Group
1. 2AM (8)
2. SHINee (5)
3. Big Bang / JYJ (4)

Male Group member

1. Lee Changmin (9)
2. JYJ’s Junsu (6)
3. G.O. (4)

Female Group
1. Davichi (9)
2. 2NE1 / SISTAR (7)

Female Group member
1. Hyorin (12)
2. Haeri / Taeyeon (8)

Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

Protect The Boss Ep.15 Jaejoong Cut


Credits: aom0908
Shared by: DBSKnights

More Cuts on User's channel.--Empress

Super Rare! Sale of Cruiser Used by JYJ's Yoochun


This is Bluemarine from Busan, Korea.

Today, we will introduce this cruiser.

This was previously owned by JYJ’s Yoochun, a popular singer in Japan and of course, Korea.

This boat was used by Yoochun for approximately one month as a hobby.

Both the interior and exterior of the boat was decorated based on Yoochun’s ideas, and you can see that a lot of care has been put into it.

The words “PARK BROTHERS 6002” is painted on the side of the boat.

We believe that if you are a fan of Yoochun’s, you will understand what meaning this bears.

This time, our company was blessed with the good fortune of being able to obtain such a valuable boat.

We hope that there will be great interest from those interested in cruisers, Yoochun’s fans, as well as from people all over the world.

Boat details:

Overall length: 11.60 m/38ft
Hull beam: Maximum Draft: 3.84 m/12ft 7″
Air draft: 0.93 m/3.05 ft
Displacement: 3.43 m/8,300kg

More pictures & details: http://chukotei.jp/cgi/?mode=ship&n=3154&cat=c

Korea (Busan)
Mail : [email protected]

Source : [Bluemarine56’s Ameblo]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Protect The Boss Ep. 14 --Online Stream


Credits: as tagged
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Jaejoong Twitter Update

Had my picture taken from behind while trying to take a selca.

Source: Jaejoong's Twitter
Translated by: ecaisme
Shared by: DBSKnights

Yahoo! Korea Interview With Yoochun at Seoul Drama Awards 2011


Credits: purpleyahoo
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Protect The Boss Ep. 15


Credits: SBS+oumae25
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Lyrics Writer & Composer for "Shiawaseirono Hana", Katsuhiko Yamamoto Blog Updates

T/N: Katsuhiko Yamamoto wrote the lyrics and composed the song of "Shiawaseirono Hana". Please click here for the full trans of the song. http://www.onetvxq.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19390

2011-09-20 23:51:24
Shiawaseirono Hana (T/N: Flowers with the color of happiness)

I made the song “Shiwaseirono Hana”, which is in Tohoshinki’s new ablum (to be released next week).

It is the only song in the album which the title is in Japanese.

Not only I wrote the lyrics and composed the song, but I was allowed to arrange the song, and play the piano, too. It may be the first time that I was could do all this things I wanted to do in one song.

I made the song in my own way,

So, it became a masterpiece of 6 minutes and 45 seconds xD

(All the other songs are approximately 3 minutes long or so.)

Very long-


I composed and wrote the lyrics at the same time, so I couldn’t cut any place just by the reason that it was very long.
And I believe that it shouldn’t be long when you hear it.

For the instruments,
The strings are by Shika-san (Mr. Children, Bank Band, and others), and was played by 14 members (violin x 6 violin x 4 viola x 2 cello x 2).
Since I really like stringed instruments, it was the best! (“Aino uta” and “Sora” were played in the same way.)

The guitarist is Takayuki Sasaki, he is now on a tour with JUJU, he has a promising future. The demo tape was sung by Masahiro Hasegawa (Be choir).
I received many advices from URU-san,
I received many helps from everyone for the song to be completed.

So, the contents of “Shiawaseirono Hana” .

When I started to write the song, I thought I would like to think a great deal of the lyrics more than usual.

Many things happened to Tohoshinki, they have become a 2 members’ group, and they have resumed their activities from this year. After being a duo, the songs they sung were Korean uptempo songs, and did not lay emphasis on the lyrics.

This time, it was their first ballad,
so I thought of writing Japanese lyrics with meanings/messages.

I thought that the fans were waiting for such songs (my imagination…)

The 2 members fully understand Japanese, and we, who are going to hear the song, are also Japanese. Since I was to make the song, I thought that I would like to express in all Japanese, and I haven’t used any English words.

The lyrics,

what I felt was,

First of all, what are the messages that the 2 members want to convey, and what are the words that the fans are waiting for?
(T/N: I took care ) In order not to wander from that main subject,

For the two members, it is a restart after getting over the difficulties,
and thinking about their feelings standing here,
the words naturally flowed out from my mind.

And, I have included what has happened in Japan in this half year, and of my feelings, too.
If there are expressions that make you remember (T/N: the sad incidents), or make you feel uncomfortable, I am really sorry.

But, I am wishing for your Shiawase (T/N: happiness), from the bottom of my heart.

This song is written as a love song,
but it is not only a love song, it can be a song for families or friends,
the feelings to the dearest around you all.

I am using the word “Shiawase”
for the second time, after Ao-Neko’s “Shiawase kakera”
but the word is the theme for all the songs that I write.

What I think of “Shiawase” is, very simple,
for example, my precious one is smiling and such.


If I write more, it will drag on xD

But just a little bit more.

There was a happening that I started to use “Shiawase” as my main theme.

One day, my grandmother who is 88 years old, was eating a meal with me, and she muttered “I’m happy”. “It was painful until this date, but at last, I've become to think that I am happy.”
My grandmother’s generation really had a hard time, being poor, and there was the war.
So I could really feel the weight of her words, “Shiawase” .

My grandmother’s “Shiawase” are; the family smiling, being healthy, it should be a very little thing that can be blown off by thoughtless people. It is too common, we may be blind for them.

I thought that I should protect the “Shiawase” that it took 80 years for my grandmother to get.

I want to pick up all the little “Shiawase”, convey them,
and to do my best with smiles.

“Shiawaseirono hana”
I hope that those little “Shiawase” will always flutter about you forever

I have included my feelings in the song.

Please do hear the song.

Source: Katsuhiko Yamamoto Blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Blog Updates for Tohoshinki in "Bokurano Ongaku"

1. Kikuchi P’s Blog

Sept 21, 2011 “Bokurano Ongaku” (omitted) Tohoshinki x Shinya Kiyozuka x Ran Matsumoto

(few sentences omitted)

And at the same time,
there was the live performance rehearsal for Tohoshinki x Shinya Kiyozuka x Ran Matsumoto.
Live collaboration performance of a "cover" song.
Please really look forward to the performance!

1) Shinya Kiyozuka is a pianist & composer. Please click here for his official HP.

2) Ran Matsumoto is a violinist. Please click here for her official HP.

2. Ran Matsumoto's blog

2011-09-21 23:39:00

Everyone, were you safe from the typhoon?
The typhoon has gone away from Kanto area, and already, it is clear.
Today I went to Odaiba in the midst of the typhoon.
It was the rehearsal with the pianist Mr. Kiyozawa and the duo Tohoshinki.
I really enjoyed it.
Being surrounded by three handsome men (including Mr. Kiyozawa xD), it was really an enjoyable time.
This time, I am going to perform in a program called "Bokurano Ongaku".
I will inform you of the details later.

So, only a few days till the recital.
I'll do my best.

Good night.

Source: Kikuchi P’s Blog & Ran Matsumoto’s Blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Special thanks: chara1019
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Magazine JJ Chief Editor's Tweets

1. The Making of the Front Cover

So I will start. First of all, this is the actual front cover of the magazine that will be on sale nationwide tomorrow. Photograph by Mika Ninagawa. Cool! http://lockerz.com/s/140903869

After the photograph was taken, we will write a sketch like this. To the fans, sorry, this is my own handwriting. http://lockerz.com/s/140904305

Next, we will estimate where and how big we will put the characters. I found out by writing the name 東方神起, that the name has the "strength". http://lockerz.com/s/140904760

After you estimate the characters, we start to handwrite the characters carefully, imaging the thickness of the characters. This requires patience. http://lockerz.com/s/140905423

Before we decide upon the actual version, we made 15 different colored versions. We made such ones, too. The characters "Tohoshinki" are not white outlined http://lockerz.com/s/140905792

We made bright red & special pink version. I liked this version, but it wasn't used http://lockerz.com/s/140906158

This is fluorescence pink x gold. Umm.. this looks rather heavy http://lockerz.com/s/140906499

This version wasn't used, too. Yunho was shouting the songs of the NEW album during the filming. Incidentally, I'm secrety proud that I made the shy Changmin laugh so much xD http://lockerz.com/s/140907226

2. Additonal Stories

This is the handwritten design for the wall banners (ads) to be placed inside the trains. This was also written by me, please forgive me... http://lockerz.com/s/140907549

This was the poster which was made based on the handwritten design. Yunho and I had a serious talk how to hit the high notes xD http://lockerz.com/s/140907897

3. Others

So these were the making stories of the front cover plus additional info. Tomorrow the magazine will be issued nationwide. Thank you!

I couldn't decide between gold and gray, and finally decided to use the gray version. For the pink, I selected a noble colored pink.

They are really a good combination. The photograph time was a very happy one.

Source: [email protected]
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Gaon Weekly Chart

Digital Singles Ranking

Full list of JYJ's song ranking on Gaon

#5 - JYJ - In Heaven - 21,279,857 points

#8 - JYJ - Get Out - 18,753,816 points

#31 - JYJ - Boy's Letter - 8,798,546 points

#44 - JYJ - You're - 7,326,928 points

#49 - JYJ - Fallen Leaves - 6,849,808 points

#62 - JYJ - Mission - 5786936 points

#71 - JYJ - Nine - 5,292,932 points

#74 - JYJ - I.D.S - 5,075,123 points

#76 - JYJ - Peirrot - 4,956,179 points

Note: Last week JYJ 'Get Out' placed at #12 on Gaon weekly chart

Source: Gaon
Shared by: DBSKnights

Tohoshinki on M-On Monthly Icon

I'm having trouble embed-ing video so click here for the video.

Credits: Lily02181225
Shared by: DBSKnights

Tohoshinki- Duet (2:40s Version)


The audio is only until 2:40s

Credits: JenMinCassi
Shared by: DBSKnights

Jaejoong Protect The Boss Makeout Scene

The official cut from ep. 16 in Protect the Boss. Nayun even gets pushed onto the bed!!! D:


Credits: aom0908
Shared by: DBSKnights

Yoochun Thailand Fanmeet 30 Min Cut

on of the more complete fancams i found of the thailand fanmeet. it's in 2 parts which is in the playlist in order. enjoy!


Credits: as tagged
Shared by: DBSKnights

Protect the Boss Ep.16 Jaejoong Cuts

Jaejoong Cuts from Protect the Boss Ep. 16. It's in parts 1-6 which is all in the playlist :)


Credits: TVXQBaidu
Shared by: DBSKnights

DBSK "Tonight" at Supermodel Contest in 2005

so a little flashback to the old days. The boys singing "Tonight" at a supermodel contest in 2005. It was when Jaejoong still had his leg injury What's interesting about this clip is poor junsu's voice broke during the opening of the song. Great performance nonetheless. Anyways, enjoy!


Credits: SBS+mirotic ocean
Shared by: DBSKnights

Protect The Boss Ep. 16


Credits: SBS+oumae25
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Fans Flocked the Airport, Welcoming Park YooChun with Screams

Fans’ voices filled Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, just to welcome JYJ member Park YooChun to Thailand for his first fan meeting recently.

On September 16th, YooChun’s flight reached Thailand at 1PM. Although the flight arrived earlier than expected, it did not affect the fans even a little because they have already occupied every single floor and even outside the airport since about 10AM – the whole airport was filled with fans. Park YooChun then appeared in a plain white tee on that day, with grey jeans and a fashionable cap. Fans were screaming “Park YooChun!” endlessly, and Park YooChun had a smile on his face and greeted the fans in return.

Kung Chalermchai, the 411Ent CEO who was the organizer for 2011 JYJ World Tour Concert in Thailand stated, “I was partly responsible for the preparation of this event, and we are well-prepared. Complying with the theme, the event includes an interview with Park YooChun, games and performances among others. Fans will surely gain further insight on his charms. Also, I would like to urge everyone to start guessing what surprises Kim JaeJoong and Kim JunSu will bring.” He added, “Everyone who bought the admission tickets will have a chance to be Park YooChun’s lucky girl.”

Source: PingBook Entertainment + JYJBaidu
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Special Thanks: dbskrox @ OneTVXQ.com
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JYJ to Endorse LG Electronics Smartphone

It has been announced that JYJ will be the model for Optimus Q2, the smartphone from LG Electronics. However, they will not be advertising the product directly on TV but through music videos and other promotional activities.

The commercial will be released through “Get Out” music video.

A representative from the advertising industry stated, “By using JYJ as models or endorsers, there is a direct impact on the sale figures. Even though there will not be any television broadcast activities, their (JYJ) value is high. Therefore, JYJ are fully qualified as the perfect models.”

T/N: “Get Out” music video can be viewed here.

Source: JYJBaidu
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Special Thanks: dbskrox @ OneTVXQ.com
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JYJ Models for 8 Brands Even Without Promotional Activities

JYJ has become the blue-chip in the advertisement industry.

After getting picked by a pharmaceutical company to be its advertising model recently, JYJ then continued on as the models for the LG Electronics smartphone, Optimus.

JYJ is now modeling for clothing, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and now a smartphone – adding up to a total of 8 brands altogether. This garnered a lot of attention from many, especially when they do not have any promotional activities.

A representative from the advertising industry stated, “By using JYJ as models or endorsers, there is a direct impact on the sale figures. Even though there will not be any television broadcast activities, their (JYJ) value is high. Therefore, JYJ are fully qualified as the perfect models.”

Source: TVXQBaidu
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Special Thanks: dbskrox @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JYJ's Jaejoong speaks out against suicide

Recently, online media outlets like Star News, BNT News, Hankyung, TV Report, and others came together for a suicide prevention campaign called “A Beautiful Korea Living Together”.

The campaign aims to fill Korean society with love and hope and has brought together the support of top stars to speak on the issue in hopes of bringing more attention to it. JYJ‘s Jaejoong recently sat down for an interview discussing his thoughts on suicide. Check it out below!

Q. “Did you ever think about suicide?”

“I felt sad and upset for the people that had to leave this world in such a manner. Suicide is something that hurts so many people and I think that it just shouldn’t ever happen.”

Q. “You went through a lot of hardships yourself. What was the most painful for you, and how did you overcome it?”

“Every person feels loneliness and is met with a hardship that’s hard to endure. While living life, there are, of course, weights that you feel are only weighing down on you. It’s not a matter of how good or bad the environment you’re living in is, but rather a sort of misery that every person experiences while living life. IN that regards, I, too, have experienced much sadness and loneliness, and the way I overcame those feelings was to love the world I’m living in and think preciously of my work, my loving members, and my family. I also earn strength from my fans. I plan on thanking every day I live for in the future as well.”

Q. “How do you feel hearing about fellow celebrities committing suicide?”

“It was just shocking and an unbelievable reality. I was upset.”

Q. “Do you know any celebrities that are going through depression?”

“I don’t know. They say that depression isn’t something shown on the outside, as people that are depressed as usually bright on the outside and feel depressed when they’re alone. Instead of people that say outright, ‘I’m lonely’, I think it’s more important to care for those that are trying harder than normal to look positive. And as the oldest hyung, I think more than anything, I should be responsible for the psychological health of my members more so than other celebrities.”

Q. “If you were to ever have a fan that was thinking of suicide, what would you say?”

“I believe that our fans won’t think of suicide because I feel that if they listen to our songs, they’ll feel too happy and that their depression will disappear. In our recent album release, there are two songs titled ‘A Boy’s Letter’ and ‘You’re’. They’re both songs written for our fans so we hope that they’ll listen to them when they’re feeling depressed or lonely and hopefully feel consoled. We’re together inside of our music. Please also think of the precious people in your lives and be happy for even the smallest of things. With such a mindset, I’m sure that you’ll feel more affectionate towards your life. The beautiful sky, your mother’s delicious food, and your pet’s cute aegyo are all wonderful things in life.”

Q. “What do you think society needs to do in order to prevent suicide?”

“I think as we go on in our society, people feel more alone than ever. They begin to box themselves up and are afraid of other people coming in their zone. The world keeps making people depend on only themselves and promotes competition amongst one another, but people think that’s what success is so they follow it while losing their freedom and deepening their depression. I hope that we’ll change the atmosphere so that we can prevent such a society.”

Q. “Do you have anything to say to those that are suffering to the point of thinking about suicide?”

“Think of hope the minute you feel miserable with your life. Take up the habit of finding joy in the smallest of things in life. The misery you feel now will be a strong foundation for your future and you will become someone with an invaluable life. Also, hold the hand of the person next to you. Don’t think that you’re the only one living in this world. Don’t grow your sorrow on your own and ask for help from the person next to you.”

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver, ELLE
Credits: Allkpop
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Jaejoong Twitter Update

Jaejoong also changed his dp!


I'm waiting for the black and red version.. somehow it feels like I'm collecting dragon balls...

Only those who open the CD will know how the jacket is, and only all those who hear the CD will know the music ^^ yfrog.com/gz1kfwrj

Finally, it's on my hands^^ yfrog.com/j2z0tbj

Spain! It's my first time going to this country so my heart is beating awfully fast.. yfrog.com/nvvfvtgj

▶bums1313 | hey, please sleep -[in reply to]- hwaitting~~~

Hwaiting today too..! yfrog.com/gzg36dffj

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Tohoshinki - ZIP Showbiz Culture


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Tohoshinki on M-On Monthly Icon









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Park Yongha Story-- Jaejoong Cut


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Jaejoong's Twitter Updates

Translated from bottom

Subtitle:: Many a little makes a ro-men’s

“Many a Little makes a Romance” starring Song Joong Ki will be release on the 27th October! Kim Jaejoong is anticipating it.

The sky~

I uploaded the one that I’ve uploaded before .. Please understand if I talk a lot today^^

Source: Jaejoong's Twitter
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Tohoshinki - Hey!Hey!Hey! Preveiw


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Junsu's Twitter Update

Junsu-ah~ T-T

Not losing sight of each other's feelings, we'll be able to overcome everything... Cause you are my everything to me (T/N: Lyrics to DBSK's Don't Say Goodbye). A song that I liked very much.. By chance I heard it again after such a long time.. But somehow this song has come to feel so foreign to me... And that hurts my heart..

Source: Junsu's Twitter
Translated by: AllRiseXiahtic
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