Name: 동방신기, Dong Bang Shin Ki, DSBG, Dong Bang Shin Gi, 東方神起, TVXQ, Tong Vfang Xien Qi, THSK, Tōhōshinki, Tohoshinki
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
High Vocals: Max Changmin
Leader: U-Know Yunho
Main Vocals: Hero JaeJoong
Middle high vocals: Xiah JunSu
Middle low vocals: Micky Yoochun
Type: Collective
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The Rising God of The East

Why do you like DBSK?
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Posted 6/27/08  Reply  Quote
i like them bcoz they are amazing in their live performance and acapella ...
bcoz if they had that look...but sucks in live performance....
(but sound good in their album...)......i'm not really into .....
....when my 1st time listen 2 their song....i just said ooo....it's ok...

but then after listen to their live perf...bang...

i'm really into it now... especially their concert&perf...

p/s- towani n love in d ice...is really.....subarashi harmony....pehh....
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29 / F / Canada
Posted 6/28/08  Reply  Quote
i love their voices first because i heard "love in the ice" and that's how i got to like them...... then i started watching Korean shows where they were guests and whta not then started to like their personalities.... so i guess i like them for their voices and personalities first, although when saw them in the variety shows i have to admit they are very handsome.
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Posted 6/28/08  Reply  Quote
OMG love in the ice!! was and is still my favourite song of theirs!

i really like it when they harmonize together!
it sounds so relaxing and natural=]
and i also like 'your love is all i need'
hehehe yeh i started off listening to their songs then...looked at the stuff they participated in...like Xman...programs...shows...dramas...etc.

their other songs are good as well...but DBSK harmonizing together catches my attention the most
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28 / F / 근섴'ㅅ 룸 :))
Posted 6/30/08  Reply  Quote
yeah..everything about them!.. esp. JJ! so love him! <3<3<3
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31 / F / S.E.A
Posted 7/1/08  Reply  Quote
i started to like them when i 1st watched 'O' and rising sun mvs [both japanese ver.] almost all of their songs are gr8. i'm liking them even more because of each members' talent & personality. Everytime they say something like "we'll do better in the future"... they really did...[that's what i think]

사랑해요 동방신기
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23 / F / somewhere in DBSK...
Posted 7/4/08  Reply  Quote
they're super awesome...they're hot, cute, & talented
their looks are awesome

they're very talented too
they have good personalities and there is many more good thing about them..
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F / somewhere in sunn...
Posted 7/4/08  Reply  Quote

WHY I LIKE DBSK ? HUMMMMMM.......... FIRST : love their voices
SECOND: they have awesome songs
THIRD: their looks and dancing skills
FOURTH: personality

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24 / F / Pennsylvania
Posted 7/5/08  Reply  Quote
Well to be honest the first time i saw one of their MV's [Tonight] I rly didn't pay any special attention to them. I just thought "That guy with long hair looks like a freaking girl!![Jaejoong oppa]" hahaha. I was more into J-pop at the time.
Then i read this one fanfic[Little Vietnamese Girl] and i feel in love with Jaejoong oppa. hahaha. ^_^
I love DBSK for their looks, personality, talent~~~ All that. hahaha.
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26 / F / London, U.K
Posted 7/10/08, Edited 7/10/08  Reply  Quote
1) They have SOOOOOOO much talent..........
2) They freaking sing like there's no tomorrow, danceeee, what else can't they do??? ^^
4) They have really fun and out-going personalities
5) They're REALLLYYY passionate about singing ^^
6) They have lovelyyyyyyyy songs
7) Sing with real emotion =]
8) Love their fans very very very very muchie ^^
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29 / F / in a tree
Posted 7/10/08, Edited 7/10/08  Reply  Quote
When I first heard of them I thought hmm yeah they are not bad,but didn't pay much attention cause I was only into C-pop but then when I heard their new single recently I just fell in love with them as a whole...THEN I just watched their MVs and listened to their songs and I fell in love with Junsu more than the others but I love them all!!
I love DBSK for their Songs,Dance moves,Looks and their lovely personalities (^o^)
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26 / F / 1st state that se...
Posted 7/12/08  Reply  Quote
I think you should have ask between Talents, looks, personality...

Jae is the attention grabber, isn't he? thanks to his looks most people started knowing and liking them...

1st:I love DBSK merely because of their talents...they're amazing...I love them SOLELY because of their amazing vocals...as a group and individual they have great talents...

2nd: Personality...each and everyone of them have strong personalities...they are all athletic, too...because mostly in a group only one or two would really stand out...like SS501...Hyun Joong is the most popular because he's the leader...but I'm attracted to Hyung Joon and Jungmin because of their personalities...I find Young Saeng and Kyu Jong quite boring..but you'll never get bored in each and every DBSK boys...

3rd: I really won't say that I like them because of their looks...because quite truthfully I only think Jae and Changmin are exceedingly good looking...Jae is gorgeous while Changmin is handsome...I'm not saying that Junsu, Yunho, and Yoochun are not good looking...but I'm not attracted to them...I will find them good depends on their hairstyle...I really like the Junsu with long hair though...I think he looked so cute...with his short hair, he's charismatic but not attracted to him...so looks doesn't really come in when I say I like DBSK...it's their talents and personalities that make them great...
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Posted 7/12/08  Reply  Quote
well, i got into them by their looks (more like Junsu's ^_~) but the way they're open on camera and the way they're not afraid to show their personalities is what really got me hooked into them. They're really funny and they have so much potential. The thing is, they're singing style is versatile. So anyone can enjoy their music. They can dance, sing, and even act. They also know how to make people laugh. ^_^ Frankly, I love everything about them!!
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27 / F / somewhere in this...
Posted 7/12/08  Reply  Quote
to really tell you the truth i started liking them when i watched one piece, lol random right, the ending song was from dbsk, i think its called aistereu, ne way so u can say i started to like them because of their voice. then now i like every thing about them EVERYTHING lol esp their presonality......mostly one in particular the dork called JAEJOONG lol ne ways i luv them now. they really are talented in everything dancing, singing, composing, writing song, acting cute hot funny dorky etc etc i can go on 4 eva lol i betta stop now.....
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26 / F / Somewhere sunny.....
Posted 7/16/08, Edited 7/16/08  Reply  Quote

Music4Evar wrote:

lanie_love wrote:

everything bout them

Randomly, but has anyone else noticed that they take a lot of pictures in the order they sit/stand to sing a cappella.

But I love their voices and their personalities and their looks and talents make me interested in them. It's so much fun to watch them live and their MVs are sweet. They are all around good guys.

lol agreed. Sorry for the randomness, I guess they always sit in their positions in interviews, so their blending is equalized too. my friend's piano teacher's son is deeply into barbershop singing, so whenever my friends and i go into a competition we get advice and the teacher calls the sound our "blossom". sorry for the randomness though

I use to only like j-pop, like NewS and Arashi and the johnny's entertainment. But as I saw these guys perform live and do acapella in interviews, I was like SnAPS!!!! they are good, their voices aren't like fabricated, it's like the real deal. What else I like about them is they put 100% effort in everything they love. They truly love music, don't they?

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54 / F / i ♥ NY
Posted 7/19/08  Reply  Quote
when i first watched hug..i fell in luv with changmins cuteness but then as i watched their shows nd heard them sing..looks didnt matter nemore so i guess i lyk their singing skill and personality..their attractiveness just caught my attention.^-^
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