Name: 동방신기, Dong Bang Shin Ki, DSBG, Dong Bang Shin Gi, 東方神起, TVXQ, Tong Vfang Xien Qi, THSK, Tōhōshinki, Tohoshinki
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
High Vocals: Max Changmin
Leader: U-Know Yunho
Main Vocals: Hero JaeJoong
Middle high vocals: Xiah JunSu
Middle low vocals: Micky Yoochun
Type: Collective
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Fans: 9126
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The Rising God of The East

Why do you like DBSK?
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27 / F / Houston, Texas
Posted 1/4/09  Reply  Quote
i fell in love when i heard ther voices..and then when i searched videos about them...i even liked them more coz they make me feel so at home..like ther not really big stars..more like ur friends...i got addicted just watching them goof around..they just always makes me happy..and ofcourse the looks..i didnt really notice it at first but wen ther mirotic vid came out..
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F / Xiah's Heart.
Posted 1/4/09, Edited 1/4/09  Reply  Quote

What got my attention first was their vocal skills, which blew me away! then it got to getting to know them by watching youtube vids, reading articles, etc and then it came to their looks. They're amazing people and each of their talent in the group whether its singing or dancing draws them together even their personalities. Their bond together is really close and has gotten stronger over the years, they know each others strenghts and weaknesses, and as each of them admitted they can't be without each other in their lives. The way they're so humble with everyone including their fans and their staff, I've never seen many artists thank their fans and staff countless times for every award they've won, which makes me happy to know that as a fan, i have a place in their hearts, well we all do. They look hot and cool in the outside, but they're also dorky and cute in their own way. in short, i LOVE EVERYTHING about them. DBSK FIGHTING!

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31 / F
Posted 1/7/09  Reply  Quote
I didn't actually get to know about them till recently with their Wrong Number single. I saw and heard it first on tv and it catched my attention. Then i went up online to find out more about it and found out it was DBSK. then i started learning about them and of course memorizing their names. they're super awesome and i think the 1st thing that came to my mind was their Wrong Number single and then of course the obvious looks
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32 / F / Wilson, NC
Posted 1/8/09  Reply  Quote
I love their bond, their talents, and their songs. At first, I thought that they faking at being nice, but I saw their TV interviews and that prank that they played on U-know, and realized they deserved to be where they are.
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26 / F
Posted 5/21/09  Reply  Quote
at first i liked them because their music was great and had a nice beat. plus their voices were blended well together!
but now that mirotic and secret code are out, i LOVE everything about them (good looks, great voices, good dancers)
i got more into them and got to know them more and figured that they absolutely belong together! and it was really awesome that they were so into singing so i guess they just ended up being my favorite!
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Posted 5/21/09  Reply  Quote
i love everything about them, there's no doubt about it. i'm fully taken by them. =*)
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Posted 5/21/09  Reply  Quote
oh gosh, i think an easier question would be why DON'T you like DBSK! cuz the answer is automatically: HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE DBSK

i mean, how could not just LOVEEEEE everything about them!!! they're so mature, and yet so adorkable at the same time. their voices are angelic, and they have killer looks. they're all unique. ^.^ they're the most perfect angels to ever grace this Earth.
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21 / F / Wherever 東方神起 (TV...
Posted 5/22/09  Reply  Quote
i love them for alot of reasons.
but one of them is that they put alot of heart and feelings into the song they sing.
As you can tell when they sing live
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Posted 5/23/09  Reply  Quote
Ahh~ I don't think I like them just for their looks because when I first looked them up (cause people kept telling me to... -_-; ) I wasn't really into them. But then I heard one of their songs and I was like wow!! And then I began to really like them. =)

I think I like them for their personalities because I like all of the members. =O
When I was really into Big Bang, I only like... 1 1/2 of the members. xD GD and somewhat Seungri. (Though now GD has gone a bit psycho and I don't really like his personality anymore... ><; ) but I really liked their songs. But DBSK has great songs, dancing, and the members have really great personalities. =O Even Hero, whom I was going to spite against cause he was so popular because of his looks. xD But Hero has a pretty good personality too actually so I can't dislike him at all. 8D

I might dislike Micky a bit cause I keep hearing the members say that he's meaner off camera or sometihng. ^^; And he seems... too girl pleasing/romantic and not really interesting, haha.
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26 / F / i am the wind~~WO...
Posted 5/23/09  Reply  Quote
i love hero b/c of his adorably cute personality, but b/c he's mad fine dnt hurt any
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F / in a house
Posted 5/25/09  Reply  Quote
Duh because they're asian!!
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28 / F / Usa, California
Posted 6/17/09  Reply  Quote
HERO caught my attention,
then i i watch there
performances from HOLLYWOOD BOWL
and feel in love with them
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Posted 6/21/09  Reply  Quote
I blame Epik High.

I've been a big Epik High fan for a while now. So, when they did their "rendition" of Mirotic, of course I wanted to know who did this song, and why it sounded so terrible! Mind you, I only heard DJ Tukultz & Tabloo sing it at the time.

I saw the music video, and was like, "Woah. Koreans are sexy men deprived from my life".

Then I saw the music video Wrong Number. I came to the realization that Changmin has the sexiest collar line, and Micky is the only man I knew who could work the uneven bowl line haircut.

So yeah. I blame Epik High for being the reason why I love K-Pop... Especially DBSK & SuJu.
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28 / F / ny
Posted 6/25/09  Reply  Quote
i think their looks r ok.. some of the music they hav made r amazing XD
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22 / F / Usa ,California
Posted 7/5/09, Edited 7/5/09  Reply  Quote
Um My favorite Member of DBSK
Micky Yoochun

Next Xiah Junsu

Then Yunho


And Changmin

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