Name: 동방신기, Dong Bang Shin Ki, DSBG, Dong Bang Shin Gi, 東方神起, TVXQ, Tong Vfang Xien Qi, THSK, Tōhōshinki, Tohoshinki
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
High Vocals: Max Changmin
Leader: U-Know Yunho
Main Vocals: Hero JaeJoong
Middle high vocals: Xiah JunSu
Middle low vocals: Micky Yoochun
Type: Collective
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Fans: 9126
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The Rising God of The East

Why do you like DBSK?
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28 / F / U.A.E _ Dubai
Posted 7/6/09  Reply  Quote

I like every single thing about them .. their cuteness, beauty, hotttttnnneeessss, their talents just woooow I can't count it.. they r the best 4 me..
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32 / F
Posted 7/10/09  Reply  Quote

arsaniit wrote:

Ahh~ I don't think I like them just for their looks because when I first looked them up (cause people kept telling me to... -_-; ) I wasn't really into them. But then I heard one of their songs and I was like wow!! And then I began to really like them. =)

I think I like them for their personalities because I like all of the members. =O
When I was really into Big Bang, I only like... 1 1/2 of the members. xD GD and somewhat Seungri. (Though now GD has gone a bit psycho and I don't really like his personality anymore... ><; ) but I really liked their songs. But DBSK has great songs, dancing, and the members have really great personalities. =O Even Hero, whom I was going to spite against cause he was so popular because of his looks. xD But Hero has a pretty good personality too actually so I can't dislike him at all. 8D

I might dislike Micky a bit cause I keep hearing the members say that he's meaner off camera or sometihng. ^^; And he seems... too girl pleasing/romantic and not really interesting, haha.

I have never hear any of the members say micky is mean off camera, (stiff on camera? yes! said Junsu on their Trick promotion dvd, but never! mean). And I've been their fan for about four to five years now. However I have heard that he's the most comfortable member to get along with from other celebrities (Sekine/Sekina?: the japanese guy who's so into Junsu said so in one of thier interviews when describing the members; Shinee also said he was good to them in one of their interviews or whatever it was. To mention but a few).

I love all the members. When I first saw their pictures I thought they looked like cartoons (so I said, "who the heck is crazy enough to pose off as cartoon" and they were too skiny - so I didn't care much about them. Then I found them in Rainbow romance/ Nonstop 5, then x-man, after that came their songs and I got hooked up. I thought Changmin was the prettiest even though every body said jj was. But the one person that I keep going back to see is MICKY YOOCHUN. I've got him on the brains. Junsu never cease to make me laugh, and Yunho is real cute when he lets himself go, JJ is silly (just says whatever comes to his head w/out checking twice). They've got amazing teamwork and friendship and addicting music. Their passion for music is just awesome.
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35 / F / Tokyo~haha i wish
Posted 7/10/09  Reply  Quote
Mostly everything about them!
their personalities
their style
their singing
and their dancing
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21 / F / Seoul, South Kore...
Posted 8/3/09  Reply  Quote
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Posted 8/5/09, Edited 8/5/09  Reply  Quote
well i got to say truthfuling it was their looks come on(kamon hehe) especially jaejoong's looks but after of course the talents and personalities got me staying a die hard fan and i will forever be one because you could have the best looks but if you don't have a great personality they wont stay fans or friends wit them if they have a bad personality
so it was everything
their looks
their personalities
their singing
their dances
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24 / F / manila
Posted 8/8/09  Reply  Quote
because.........they brought happiness every time i saw them.............
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25 / F / malaysia
Posted 8/14/09, Edited 8/14/09  Reply  Quote
at first I got to know them...I don't looking at their face at all...I just love their songs n admiring their friendship...seriously,for the first time I know them i can't recognize which one is junsu and which one is yoochun...I always get confuse...but now i'm happy i can recognize all of them...the most important thing is their good looking are the second thing in my mind and the first thing is i'm still admiring their friendship and songs plus their personality n spirit..their spirit sometime give me spirit in my education
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F / at home, school :...
Posted 8/16/09  Reply  Quote
who can resist their awsomeness. lol. they are the bestest group.. i think the bestest ever so become a great.. i mean there are so many other great boy bands but i luv DBSK the most.. just my opinion.. hehe. i so luv them!!!..
why are they the best.. well.. they are. lol.. great singing, bodies, looks, dance, smiles, faces, and they are great personalities. lol..

and with them i can try to learn some korean and japanese.. hehe..
they are the bestest..!!..
with the bestest 5 members and the bestest leader.. greatest big brother.. and funniest and strongest youngest. hehe.. they are awsome.. who cant luv them. lol..

they just put you under their spell.. lol. *under my skin*..

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23 / F / Uk [ R e a d i n g ]
Posted 8/17/09  Reply  Quote
dun no..
just love them..

they r so sweet, sexi,
ALL in Dbsk
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23 / F
Posted 10/6/09  Reply  Quote
well i cant deny they look down right sexy, but i think they have really great personalities too. but what i really like about them is their talent. they can dance and sing and just so amazing!! especially jaejoong and junsu's voices!! jae's voice is so pure and smooth and it gives me goosebumps while junsu's voice is like a childish innocent angel from above. so sweet. when you put them all together, the sound is unlike and other and thats why i like them (and they're just amazing hot)
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Posted 10/11/09  Reply  Quote
ah~ dong bang shin ki.
i love them because of their personalities.

ive been a TVXQ fan for years already^^
their personalities never get old.
while, yes, they have the most drop dead looks
i go with personality.

plus TVXQ has really inspired me in many ways. like the things that each of them went through to reach their dream. i always think about those stories when i go through tough times trying to reach my dream. which was the same as theirs, to become a famous and well-known singer.

soo yeah.
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25 / F / earth
Posted 11/7/09  Reply  Quote
first, i only like them. then i become deeply in love with their songs. one of the first song that i know are One, O jung ban hub, Triangle, Rising sun, Purple line. my cousin introduce them to me
i like their songs because of the strong vocal, very good lyric, catchy and hip, great songs and essential.
sometimes, i felt like crying listening to some of the songs.
well, off course they are good looking, have great personality, charismatic, playfull,talented and so much more to describe. but of all the things, their song that really attract me
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25 / F / earth
Posted 11/7/09  Reply  Quote
i like Changmin the most because he is so spontaneous, yet so funny.
yunho is like a child, great dancer, good leadership. junsu is clever, competitive, good at both singing and dancing. mickey is shy, but at stage he seem spiritfull, he really like music. mickey like to compose, create songs and good at playing the instrument. jaejoong is handsome yet he is actually pretty innocent. he is good at vocal.
well, actually everyone is good at each part. junsu low-dense pitch. mickey voice can melt you down.
yunho voice is suitable for rapper, but he is very good at good vocal. changmin is good at long and pushing tone. jaejoong with good vocal, he usually starts a song
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24 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 2/12/10  Reply  Quote
well i when i first saw them of course i was drawn in by their looks.
but i love their personalities & singing abilities too OF COURSE. ahhhhhh ~
they're so amazing :D
their adorkable side
thier loving side to their fans
their humor xD
their angelic voices and faces
and everything :D
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25 / F
Posted 2/18/10, Edited 2/18/10  Reply  Quote
i never liked them for their looks ,before i knew DBSK my friend was addicted to them every thing was about DBSK it's kinda annoying she showed me once a picture of them and i was watching hero thinking to myself wow he's so beautiful !! and they were all cute but thats it i never gave them a chance , i was a drama addicted and one day i was searching for a drama i went to this site where they have a song playlist on the left you can barley see it and their song "Why did i fall in love with you" automaticly starts playing it was so beautiful the melody their voices was heart warming i got the chills all over my body i froze listing to the song from the start till the end , and the name of the artist in the playlist was Tohoshinki not DBSK so i didn't know , i called my friend and told her about the song and she was like "BITCH THATS DBSKKKKK" lol even if they have the ugliest faces ever i will still love them i love their persnalties their songs love everything about them looks is on the bottem of my list XD !

DBSK <33333333333
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