Name: 동방신기, Dong Bang Shin Ki, DSBG, Dong Bang Shin Gi, 東方神起, TVXQ, Tong Vfang Xien Qi, THSK, Tōhōshinki, Tohoshinki
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
High Vocals: Max Changmin
Leader: U-Know Yunho
Main Vocals: Hero JaeJoong
Middle high vocals: Xiah JunSu
Middle low vocals: Micky Yoochun
Type: Collective
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The Rising God of The East

UFO Messages
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26 / F / Somewhere in JaeJ...
Posted 5/14/08, Edited 12/11/08  Reply  Quote

120608 Changmin UFO Replies

FAN: Compared to yesterday, today I love you guys even more
CHANGMIN: Thank you ^^

FAN: haha~~~ That funny actor that is younger than Changmin oppa, he got a “H” style haircut!!! ~.~
CHANGMIN: HHHHH! He is actually much older than me~

FAN: I love you. Am I prettier or are oppa’s prettier?
CHANGMIN: Yes ahh…

FAN: In my dreams it’s filled with this ah~ very shy….! K
(Fan’s display picture is a drawing of counting sheep in her dream, with “TVXQ” written on the sky)

FAN: Cold ah, very cold… I’m going to freeze to death soon T_T must wear more clothes to stay warm ^^
CHANGMIN: Very warm ^^

FAN: Oppa, today is my birthday oh kk, celebrate with me ~? My friend bought oppa’s CD for me as a present. KK Japanese single
CHANGMIN: Happy birthday ^^ [ so sweet~]

FAN: Today it’s really cold, be careful of the cold!!
CHANGMIN: Really it’s very cold ^^

081206 Yunho UFO replies
FAN: Do you like us cheering or listening quietly?~
YUNHO: I like cheering ^_^

FAN: Aiya~ are you happy? hehehe
YUNHO: Happiness has came ^_^

FAN: I’ll be honest, aside from oppa I am seeing a man… What to do…??
YUNHO: A good experience ^_^ really good ah.. hehe I wish you both happiness..

FAN: Lord, please bring this man to my side
YUNHO: ^_^ what time should I go.. we have a chance to meet?? KK

FAN: T_T tomorrow I have a test, until now I still can’t sleep T_T too much homework T_T
YUNHO: Ah~!! My eyes are also starting to hurt… hehe do well on your test, hwaiting, get a good grade~

FAN: Leaving now, when will you return T.T
YUNHO: Will return tomorrow ^_^ I will wear an outfit I like~!! Hehe

FAN: Who is this? Too beautiful T.T
YUNHO: Ai… thank you~

FAN: Suits Shinki Leader, suits Yunho, Jung suits, suits leader !!
YUNHO: I really like suits ^_^ but - -;; does it look good on me???

FAN: hahaha! When watching oppa’s HaHaHa CF, it’s impossible not to laugh!! ^_^
YUNHO: We all live while laughing… ha ha ha ha ha ~ ~

081207 Yunho UFO Replies

FAN: I hope that I could only listen to lyric songs [I don’t understand this either] T_T I want to listen oppa’s chorus one after another song.
YUNHO: That sounds nice ^-^? Please also support dance music.. Haha

FAN: Oppa is the one like a tree which can still stand after bending ten times
YUNHO: hahaha really????

Undisclosed UFO Replies

FAN: ….Oppa Sorry… … ^^ Test.. Score… … haha ………. Is…. Around…….60………. ^^
CHANGMIN: Study hard. Other wides, it will make you suffer alot

FAN: Oppa oppa oppa
CHANGMIN: Who are you?

FAN: Ding plus twelve. Now it is twelve o’ clock sharp, for your correct time ^^!

FAN: It’s getting cold. I’m lonely to death. I want to be oppa’s girlfriend. Oppa, be my boyfriend *love* haha
CHANGMIN: hum.. No matter how lonely… you can’t shake the sense of judge.. haha

FAN: You’ve shown such pretty smile… I want to treasure you very much.. Perhaps much disappointment? T.T
CHANGMIN: What kind of disappointment?

FAN: Our wives ^^ If I ask oppa to call me like that on next sign metting, you’ll certainly do that. Promise? Stamp!
CHANGMIN: I know who you are ;;

FAN: Hi everyone, I’m Max Changmin~ Changmin, what are you doing?
CHANGMIN: We just happened to meet both eyes. So funny.. ;;
(Fan display pic was a photoshopped picture of 2 Changmins staring at each other, shocked)

FAN: I felt sleepy after hearing oppa’s voice. In fact, I don’t want to sleep after that!!! O_O
CHANGMIN: You should go to bed quickly~

FAN: I’ll follow you forever with loyalty ^^ It’s true, I want to cry T_T
CHANGMIN: Loyalty ;;;;;; Please give your loyal to your mother ^^

FAN: I am behind oppa, haha turn around and see. I’m there, right? Reply my short message oppa
CHANGMIN: what?! Behind me is a wall!

(the same fan)
FAN: Ah~~ I’m right there, not wall. Have a good look at that. Haha other members can see me ~
CHANGMIN: Are you kidding ?? ;;

FAN: Ah.. a total sculptural handsome guy ~ I attended high school since one month ago. Encourage me~ haha
CHANGMIN: Just do it!! Study hard!!

(same fan)
FAN: Ha.. I got the reply now??? I trusted that after confirming several times T_T Haha oppa, If I get the access to high school, I’ll invite oppa for a dinner ^^
CHANGMIN: Me? Don’t include me. Invite your parents ^^ Think more about your parents ^^

FAN: Oppa was very tired when doing this post, right? Haha
YUNHO: ^_^ Very tired.. That could only be done by me ^_^ so it is okay??
(Fan’s display pic was the pose in the Wrong Number MV where Yunho sits on an “invisible chair” during his rap verse)

FAN: Jung composer! Finish the uncompleted novel! Hahaha hwaiting~!
YUNHO: Of course yes~!! I’ll make efforts to write in the future.. I have some themes that I want to write~!!

FAN: Now you may have stored a lot of feelings and ideas. Do one in one breath! Write something like this! Ahsa! ^_^
YUNHO: Ok.. Thanks~!! If I write something good.. I’ll show it to you all~!!

FAN: Typhoon, Bike, Harang, Xiaky, Mandon < The five dogs can debut as the Toho Dog (it’s true) How do you feel?
YUNHO: How about doggie doggie wow wow to be their debut song?? Hahaha

(same fan)
FAN: Don’t leave your grips till the end ^^ … TVXQ Fighting~
YUNHO: Sure~!! Cassiopeia will not leave our contacts, too..

FAN: What is the sweetest ramen?
YUNHO: Which ramen??? Hmmm…

FAN: Give me a reply.
YUNHO: Hmm.. What kind of reply?? Have a good meal, study hard and kept fit~!!

(the following 2 replies are from the same fan above)

FAN: Give me a reply.
YUNHO: Hi ^_^ What kind of reply?? Please answer.. hahaha

FAN: doggie! Doggie! Wow wow! Doggie doggie! Wow!
YUNHO: our typhoon will not bark like that… Hahaha, suddenly, I miss typhoon~!!

FAN: Don’t be sick and keep fit, then finish arena tour. Show the good appearance in Korea~ Promise!!
JAEJOONG: Sure.. ^^

FAN: It’s my biggest wish to meet DBSK. Let my wish come true.. Thanks ^^
JAEJOONG: We should thank you for that… You’re so sweet~

FAN: Although I am cute, It seems that oppa is cuter than me hahahahaha
YOOCHUN: hahahahaha, you may have the post like that, then send to us ^^
(Fan’s display picture was a pic of yoochun on the sofa with his head on the armrest. He was acting cute)

Source: Ohmicky.com
Translation: Sophiazhou @ yunho-sshi.com


080412 Yunho & Changmin UFO Replies

FAN: It’s December already…? T_T T_T T_T Time flies ah… COME BACK feels like it just happened yesterday… Missing you all!!!!!
YUNHO: Indeed, we are most handsome when the five of us are together..
(Fan places a picture of TVXQ receiving prizes at MKMF)

FAN: ah, I just can’t get to sleep, so tired… still need to work at night… waiting for you my hubby
CHANGMIN: Hurry, go and sleep~~

FAN: Changmin Oppa T_T T_T, you don’t like people who are bad at their studies..?
CHANGMIN: I like people who put their heart, mind and soul into everything they do more…

FAN: I wish to be with you forever
YUNHO: No problem, I love you ^_^ [OMG!! *dies*]

FAN: Oppa ah~ Have you slept?~ I haven’t sleep KK let’s go out and eat?
YUNHO: I like too… Help me bring some…

FAN: We have been together for about a month only? It is still not enough for me to show you my feelings, so sad…
CHANGMIN: ^^ Let’s work hard together ^^

FAN: Oppa ah~ I love you~ Today I am working hard in my job ^^ Smiling happily ^^ Oppa looks good when you smile
YUNHO: Thank you~!!! You are pretty too, do you know?

FAN: Can you help me to wipe away my tears?
CHANGMIN: You can do this by yourself~

FAN: Oppa, Oppa… That’s scary, in just seconds, he can transform into another creature, what should I do!!!
YUNHO: Yup… don’t know when will you be captured~~ ^^
(Fan’s display picture shows Yunho, whose legs are held by Yoochun in the HaHaHa song)

FAN: Ah, so cute, feel like having one bite… Let me have a bite~ KKKKK
CHANGMIN: I don’t want
(Fan’s display picture is Changmin’s photo)

FAN: When I type ‘I love you’ in search engines, ‘I love you, Cassiopeia’ will appear! Must be because of MKMF?
CHANGMIN: Wa~ hahaha ^^

FAN: What are your thoughts when you see this picture?
CHANGMIN: I feel like going again
(Fan’s display picture is a photo of Changmin in Paris)

FAN: It’s useful when I brush my teeth angrily!!!!!!
CHANGMIN: But, you will hurt your teeth and gums~

FAN: Have you eaten??? You must eat on time ah~
YUNHO: ^^ Just eaten… ^_^ What did you eat?

FAN: There’s still 24 minutes before I can eat my lunch!!! So hungry!!! Give me food~~~ Hee Hee, I love lunchtime~
YUNHO: Ya… I miss school.. KK

FAN: I want to get married with this guy
CHANGMIN: … That’s good…
(Fan’s display picture is CM)

FAN: I love you, Shim Changmin! Together, Shim Changmin!

FAN: I !!!!!! want!!!!!! Replies!!!!!! Too!!!!!!

FAN: Pretty right? ^^
CHANGMIN: Very handsome ^^
(Fan’s display pic shows the red ocean *Cassiopeia* in the concert)

FAN: I’m going to eat with this guy~ Envious?? KK
CHANGMIN: That’s good~

(Fan’s display pic is Changmin)
FAN: Changmin Oppa, if you reply me, I will send 1226 fried chicken to your hostel~
CHANGMIN: No… Please don’t do this kind of thing anymore… Please…
(Fan’s display picture is a fried chicken wing)

FAN: Do you have any worrying matters recently?

FAN: Changmin ah, I have been waiting for a reply so I can’t sleep… Hurry, give me a reply
CHANGMIN: ;;; Go and sleep quickly

FAN: It’s snowing in my school, I want to show you ah! Ah… wish to see the snow with Oppa T_T T_T
CHANGMIN: ^^ The snow here is really heavy ^^

FAN: It’s snowing in my school, I want to show you ah! Ah… wish to see the snow with Oppa T_T T_T
YUNHO: Me too… Want to watch the snow~!!
(This fan is really lucky, both CM and YH replied! ^^)

FAN: Stop calling me on the phone
CHANGMIN: I didn’t call you ah -.- [Lol! So funny~]

FAN: Just reached home after finishing my singing practice T_T T_T So tired, Goodnight Oppa~~
YUNHO: ^_^ Sweet Dreams… See you on stage in future~!!

FAN: Seems like I didn’t leave good memories in Korea… Sorry, I love you!
YUNHO: ^_^ No, I have many good memories in Korea~!! Thank you

FAN: I am listening to an old album… When was it when this album was released~ K ha, time flies ah, oppa, right?
YUNHO: Really very fast… Just like yesterday.. ^_^ That’s why we have to do lots of things~!

081204 Yunho Chinese UFO Replies

FAN: U-know! U-know! U-know Yunho fighting! Oppa continue working hard! I~ love~ you~ forever with TVXQ!!
YUNHO: I am the same ^_^ Thank you~!!

FAN: Chinese Cassiopeia will always be by TVXQ. Will be by Mirotic! (^*^) kiss
YUNHO: ^_^ Thank you ah~!! Always…

081201 Yunho UFO Replies

FAN: Yunho, I love you, really love you, only love you
YUNHO: Thank you ^_^ There’s no need to say as I already know. Get my meaning?

FAN: Oppas must be happy! Cassiopeia is at your side forever, and loves you all forever.
YUNHO: Thank you all.. TVXQ is present because of Cassiopeia…

FAN: Yunho Oppa, I can’t sleep today because of you, why must you be so handsome T_T
YUNHO: ^_^ Thank you~!!

FAN: Oppas, tomorrow I have to learn farming, so tough~ I don’t feel like going, what should I do?
YUNHO: Good luck~^_^ Believe in yourself… You must always smile everyday~!

FAN: Yunho Oppa~ Hurry kiss with Yoochun~ Didn’t you see his little face wrinkling~ Kiss ah~ Kiss ^3^
YUNHO: ^_^ Ah Ah Thank you~!!

081130 Changmin UFO Replies

FAN: This is the background picture of my handphone KKK he is my man
CHANGMIN: hahahahahahahaha
(Fan’s picture is a picture of Yoochun when he was young)

FAN: Oppa.. Learning English and Mathematics is very tough T_T Please support me.. Any good quotes you know?
CHANGMIN: Laugh with the people around you together. Cry alone if you are sad… Isn’t there such a saying?

FAN: It’s very cold. It’s very cold. It’s very cold. It’s very cold.
CHANGMIN: I’m also very cold~ hahaha

FAN: Ni Chui Par Ro Ma?
CHANGMIN: Chinese? Yepp!!
(Fan used Korean to write out ‘Have you eaten’ in Chinese)

FAN: No matter it is TVXQ or Cassiopeia, we are all normal people.. Why can’t there be understanding or good opinions…?
CHANGMIN: Fighting! ^^

Credits: yunho_princess, genna @ yunho-sshi + fangirlmitz

LAST UPDATE (30th NOV 2008):

081127 Yunho + Changmin UFO replies

FAN: Oppas, 5th year anniversary. Happy Birthday, love you all forever!!!!!
CHANGMIN: It’s already 5 years… Time flies ah^^

FAN: Dong Bang Shin Ki, I love all of you forever.
CHANGMIN: In that time frame of ‘forever’ we will work hard^^

FAN: Junsu-sshi, losing weight is very tough! I can’t take it anymore, please encourage me ;-)
CHANGMIN: I will give you support, can’t I??

FAN: Have Oppas rested? The weather recently has become cold, Oppas, you must wear more clothes! When can you come to China? We missed all of you very much! Oppas fighting!
CHANGMIN: It is also cold there~ Take care of yourselves, don’t catch a cold^^

FAN: Oppa, I went to eat pizza yesterday. I became stunned after looking at the pizza plate for a long time…
CHANGMIN: KKKK I feel like eating pizza now ;;

FAN: It will be great if it was snowing ~~~~*^^*

FAN: Oppa, it’s me.
CHANGMIN: It will be great if it was you. (Fan’s display picture is a photo of Kim Tae Hee)

FAN: Aren’t I pretty^^? Wipe your saliva, hurry walk towards me.. Come, come on, please walk toward me Baby~ KKKK
CHANGMIN: hahaha

FAN: Face is small, is handsome and he is sexy and tall. The one with s many good points is Junsu Oppa. Please show me Hwang Jun-I’s dance. MUST HAVE JUNSU
CHANGMIN: Junsu hyung is very busy~~

FAN: Oppa… Please give me a sincere message, can’t you? In this lifetime of mine? Or the next one?

FAN: TVXQ is not possible without Shim Changmin. I love you Shim Changmin, I can’t live without you <3 <3
YUNHO: Of course~!! Not only Changmin… We are not TVXQ if one of us is missing ~~!!

FAN: It shines when the 5 of you are together^^ Please look at this picture, it is so beautiful!^^
YUNHO: Yup~!! We are handsome when the 5 of us are together..KKKK

(the display picture of the fan is a picture of the 5 of them together)

FAN: haha What is the Yoochun Oppa’s and Yunho Oppa’s ‘HaHaHa’ song? Is it a CF song?? Really very cute~~
YUNHO: Huh~!! How did you know?

The following 3 replies are from the same fan:

FAN: Can Oppa become cuter? Let me see, let me see, let me see. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!
YUNHO: Yup, I can be cuter… Do you believe oppa???

Yunho replied the same message twice

FAN: The biggest reward that I can give Oppa is that I can always stay beside Oppa and give you support. Work Hard! I love you!
YUNHO: ~! KKK Thanks~!

FAN: The biggest reward that I can give Oppa is that I can always stay beside Oppa and give you support. Work Hard! I love you!
YUNHO: What is this??

credit : AnimeAddict31

LAST UPDATE (4th NOV 2008):

11-03-08 Changmin UFO Replies

Fan: I need to sleep early so I won't be tired at school tomorrow...Tell me to sleep.. T_T
Changmin: Go to sleep...

Fan: Did Changmin oppa eat yet?
Changmin: Yep~

Fan: Oppa, when I was on the bus I saw a guy who had the same hair as Junsu oppa, haha, Junsu oppa really is the one who fits that hairstyle the most...?? Haha~
Changmin: Haha, ^^ Is it really like that?? ^^

Fan: Do you want this <3, or this ☆?
Changmin: This...

Fan: I just came back from a late review, it's so cold outside T__T
Changmin: The wind really is cold ^^

Fan: Oppa is really handsome!! If it's like that, am I pretty?
Changmin: The direction of this question is kind of weird...?

Fan: Oppa, people who look like oppa in my class...none!
Changmin: Ah...;;;

Fan: Changmin oppa, how come you didn't shake my hand yesterday at the Flower Lady event? T_T Is it because I didn't buy you good food to eat? Haha~
Changmin: No;; I didn't shake hands with anyone? I can't give anyone special treatment...

Fan: Aha, really? You didn't shake hands with anyone? I thought it was only me, thank you~
Changmin: You only didn't do this with me...you only did this with me...throw away these kinds of thoughts~

Fan: I'll marry Yoohun oppa in two years, wait for me... ><
Changmin: Does Yoochun hyung know about this..- _-

Fan: My stomach is really full, but my mouth is hungry...should I eat or not?
Changmin: Don't eat, eating at night is bad for your body.

Fan: (sends over a picture of Changmin when he was little) How come you're still exactly the same now...haha, so cute!
Changmin: Hahaha...

Fan: Oppa, I cooked lobster soup, do you want to marry me?
Changmin: This...people don't judge marriage based on these kinds of things...

Fan: Changmin oppa, I got a UFO reply yesterday!!!
Changmin: Hahaha....

Fan: Ah, I really want a small dog...
Changmin: Discuss it with your parents...

Fan: Oppa! I miss you guys a lot, but I wasn't picked...T__T I'm really sad and lonely T__T
Changmin: Fighting!

Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums
Source: 闲人组 + Mr. TVXQ


Fan: Oppa...gain some weight. T_____T I'm worried to death...Don't hurt anymore...! Steal Changmin oppa's food to eat, gain some weight! <3

(But she didn't get Yoochun's reply, instead...!)

Changmin: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; <3

Fan: I couldn't watch Music Bank's first broadcast because we went to eat potato soup! Sorry! (I think it's potato soup, lol :X it's tudou soup, so yeah!)
Changmin: It's really yummy! Keke~

Fan: Changmin oppa, are you tired? Please give me a reply! If you don't I'll be mad!
Changmin: So tired~ I'll go sleep now then! Hahaha ^^

Fan: I received Jaejoong oppa's reply, and I'm really happy~ Right now I'm 얼씨구절씨구!
Jaejoong: 얼씨구절씨구!
(얼씨구절씨구! is a sound you make when you're really happy~)

Fan: Ah~ Jaejoong oppa, I love you~
Jaejoong: Ah, I love you too~ ^^

Fan: Jaejoong oppa, while you were waiting for other Cassiopeias, weren't you waiting for me too? Please wait for me too!
Jaejoong: All Cassiopeias are same! There's no difference to me! Let's wait for everyone together~ @@

Fan: Ah, T_T I'm really tired. Everytime I get a text message my heart beats really fast. T_T Really T__T My tears are going to come out. T_T
Yunho: It's like that already...do you need to be so nervous? ^___^ No matter what, you've got a reply now!

10th SEPTEMBER 2008

09-07-08 MinSu UFO Replies

Fan: Hello again, I'm anticipating the day you guys come back~ I'll be waiting! I miss you guys a lot!
Junsu: We'll come back to you guys for sure! ^^

Fan: TVXQ is on fire! I saw the cover picture~ Haha, take off some more!
Changmin: ;;; What a pervert, like this! ;;

Fan: Changmin, I like your orange hair! How about having orange hair during fourth album?
Changmin: ^^

09-04-08 Jaejoong UFO Replies

Fan: No matter what, you guys are always five. Even until the end, you guys have to be with Cassiopeia~ ^^ Promise!
Jaejoong: No matter what, we are always five. ^^

Fan: Changmin likes 80,000 bowls of rice, can you like 80,000 Cassiopeias as well?
Jaejoong: Um...Changmin...that's kind of hard. But...I like Cassiopeia~

Fan: Are you guys eating properly? Taking care of your health? Sleeping well at night? I'm really sad that I can't do anything for you guys.
Jaejoong: Listen to our music more, give us more support, and that's enough already. We are very thankful.

Fan: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday...always missing you. Are you like this too?
Jaejoong: Of course...we miss you very much...

Fan: If you know the answer to this you are genius! If Junsu won, what would he say?
Jaejoong: XIAH WIN.


Hey.. i open this new thread so that I can share the UFO Messages that TVXQ replied to their fans.. I'll update it later~! Hope u enjoy laughing~ loL~

SO lots of people had been asking me (either in pm or here) about the website.. its ufotown.co.kr... but u need to have an ID (join it) to access... n its all in hangul(korean).. hope that help~

update... July 8th, 2008

Fan: If you reply, I will meet you at the bar naked...
JJ: Wo~ I'll see you there~

Fan: Oppa! I did something regretful! I bought a purse but now I have to sell it back for half price! Crying~
YH: Do not cry ah~ ^-^ Such a beautiful face, don't stain it with tears! Fighting~

Fan: I am oppa's fan. (Male fan)
CM: Lord ah~ Lord ah~

Fan: I am a genius to be writing this: oppa is stupid!!
YC: The recipient of this message is stupid!!

Fan: Dating! Dating! Dating! You two are really dating aren't you? (Yunjae Fan)
JJ: Dating... ah~ I can't say
JJ: (a little while after his first reply) Oppa has already made a date with Yunho-yah~!!

Fan: Please cook.
YC: For who to eat?

Fan: Darling, what are you doing?
CM: We don't have a member named 'darling'.

Fan: Shim Changmin! You are too much! I've added spices!
CM: I'm not that easy to pick on!!!

Fan: (Picture of Changmin) Have you seen this man?
CM: No I haven't.
Fan: He is my husband, how can you have not seen him?
Changmin: I haven't, and this man isn't married yet.

[Following messages were written in English]
Fan: Shall we make a baby?
Changmin: No comment.

Fan: DONG BANG!!! The reason of my existence!!!! SHIN KI!!! TVXQ is my life!!!
CM: GIRL!!!! GIRL!!!! The reason of my existence!!!! GIRL!!! Girl is my life!!! You may know


Fan: Oppa, I keep on losing my hopes and dreams, and it scares me. Tell me we can meet when i accomplish my dream. I miss you.
Junsu: Since your username is Xiahborg, Xiah is sending the reply hehe. Have confidence and fighting! Hehe

Fan: oppa~~ You hungry?? you didn't even sleep yet
Changmin: I am happily eating bananas

Fan:: foodking changmin's first kiss is still there right? mine's too!! believe me?
Changmin: "mine's", I am not an object
(he's basically saying his 1st kiss is not a object)

Fan::chang-ah~~ you're my life~~ reply me!!!
Changmin: What am I suppose to say when I reply

Fan: shim changmin
Changmin: what do you want/yes? -->ÓÐÊÂ÷᣿

Fan: Lets go to the (place where they all take shower in group), I will give you a nice clean wash
Changmin: You're a guy?? You like to call hyung oppa??

Fan: I know oppa's secret~~~ but I didn't reveal it!! hurry and say you love me
Changmin: reveal the secret then

Fan: changmin-ah~~ (fan meeting title) I didn't get anything~~~ no postcards~~no special gifts.... NOTHING.. I'm so sad
Changmin: You're sooo unlucky <-- XD Mean Changmin!

Fan: realistic 0% ~~ are you real person??? can u [email protected]!?!
Changmin: I am 100% real and alive.. but I am not perfect
(since he¡¯s not replying, she thought he wasn¡¯t the real thing)

Fan: this year's award show was kinda empty (meaning empty of Cassiopedia). I will fly to Japan by the end of this year
Changmin: plane tickets are very expensive
[please ignore my spelling mistake ]

Fan: chang! I'm a ÉÙÅ®~~ 19yrs old~~
Changmin: 19 and ÉÙÅ®... it doesn¡¯t really match
(ÉÙÅ®= little girl)

Fan: Changmin oppa!! marrry me!! I have the confidence to make your life easier
Changmin: I don't have confidence
(I think he's refering to having no confidence in her)

Fan: To the world's most handsome person~~ send me a reply using the world's most handsome fingers
Junsu: You're talking about me right?!?!..

I'm Ho Yu (might be referring to Yunchun?) oppa's only daughter!
I'm very greedy ~~

Yunho: Faints! My daughter is not Seon Jae but Ji Yul. Ah~~

If you reply me, I would run one around around the whole condo,
shouting "U-know Yunho, I love you!"

Go shout! Remember to shout loudly! Haha~~

If yunho oppa gives me a reply, I would go to Namshan and cheer hurray
for U-know Yunho! 55555555 I'm this anxious~~~~5555555555

It's okay if you don't do that ^^

Emotional oppa~ please give me a reply~55555555

Good night!!

Charasmatic, handsome, kind Yunchun~~~ I can't bear to see you get married, how~
Can't bear to give you to someone else ~55555555

Hahahaha!! I still want to be together with Cassiopeia now.

Why am I only able to leave a message after all of them have been
answered~~ ah.. going to die~


I must get a scholarship this year, to give back to my parents.
If you want anything, tell me, I'll buy everything for you!!

Ah~ You must get that scholarship!! Hwaiting ~

When was this photo from? So cute~ ^^

When was this?? I think its 1,2 years ago~~

Yunho oppa who's full of Jung Ban Hap charisma, give me a reply~~
Be more passionate~~ 5555

You're called Ji Hyul~
So many~~ How many daughters do I have exactly??

Yunho oppa, I really want your clothes.
How about it? Can't I have it?

What clothes????????

Fan: Yunho oppa~ be everyone's lover~ ^^
My astigmatism has increased, I think its because I'm only
looking at oppa~ This is a big matter~ 55555555

Hahaha! Looking at such a ordinary guy like me......
My mood is good~ ^^

Because oppa likes girls with status, I will study hard.
If oppa gives me a reply, I would even be able to get into Law University.


one fan wrote a ufo reply to tvxq which, Mr. Kim Jaejoong replied to.

tell us the truth,
you are going out, aren't you?'

and jaejoong replied: 'I dont know, we might be.'

Fan: Oppa, love me a little more. Or how about I love oppa a little more?
Yunho: Even if I give you love, it cannot be compared to the love the fans give me.

Fan: Oppa, come play with me.
Yunho: OK, I'll play with you. What do you want to play?

Fan: Jaejoong oppa, Yunho oppa said that he'll play with me. When we play, you should ask oppa to bring a mirror. ^-^ ^-^
Jaejoong: -_+ Humph! You two have fun playing.

Fan: I really love oppa a lot. Oppa has to stay healthy. Hurry and come back to Korea. I really love oppa a lot, really a lot!
Changmin: Errr........

Fan: Changmin oppa, my friend said that it's really tough to be my friend~ But I really like this friend! I should hang on to this friend, right?
Changmin: Of course~~

Fan: I've really seen a UFO before.
Jaejoong: Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke (laughing)

Fan: Ho, JJ, Yoochun, Su, Min, good night. Even if you don't like us, we should still meet in our dreams.
Changmin: Whether or not you're having a dream, come on over (OR come over here).

Fan: Receiving oppa's reply is my wish, even if it's just once.
Jaejoong: Haha~~ I've replied~~

CREDITS: baidu max changmin bar + [email protected] + [email protected] + [email protected]

Thanks to anyone who translate it!

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29 / F / haruka naru basho...
Posted 5/14/08, Edited 5/14/08  Reply  Quote
ohMG.. thanks for sharing!!

I always love their UFO replies.. ROTFL!!
They never fails to entertain me, especially Changmin's sarcasm and Jaejoong's fanservice..
It also seems like Yunho's kindhearted replies are totally the opposites of Changmin's hilarious ones.

go Changmin-oppa!!
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Posted 5/16/08, Edited 5/17/08  Reply  Quote
what was that?
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26 / F / Somewhere in JaeJ...
Posted 5/17/08, Edited 5/17/08  Reply  Quote

Eugeneli wrote:

what was that?

its the reply that tvxq gives to the fans trough one online site~
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Posted 5/17/08, Edited 5/17/08  Reply  Quote
I read this already. I love Chang Min reply, it was hilarious. Hahaha...
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43 / F
Posted 5/17/08, Edited 5/17/08  Reply  Quote

more, please, more!!

really fun to read!

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24 / F
Posted 5/17/08, Edited 5/17/08  Reply  Quote
changmin's replies are so mean >.<
lawlz ahha!
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Posted 5/17/08, Edited 5/17/08  Reply  Quote

hilary922003 wrote:

Eugeneli wrote:

what was that?

its the reply that tvxq gives to the fans trough one online site~

ah..ok....could you tell what particular site it is??? If you can....
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29 / F / Bucharest
Posted 5/18/08, Edited 5/18/08  Reply  Quote
These are great thanks for posting! I love changmin's replies
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26 / F
Posted 5/27/08, Edited 5/27/08  Reply  Quote
changmin's replies are hilarious! !
he's mean but in a good way. .. or in a funny way!
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Posted 5/27/08, Edited 5/27/08  Reply  Quote

hilary922003 wrote:

Fan: To the world's most handsome person~~ send me a reply using the world's most handsome fingers
Junsu: You're talking about me right?!?!..

Haha, Changmin's replies were funny, but this was my favorite =D.
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23 / F / My very own rando...
Posted 5/29/08, Edited 5/29/08  Reply  Quote
yeah can i know the online site too?
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25 / F / Underground Palac...
Posted 6/1/08, Edited 6/1/08  Reply  Quote
LOL at Changmin's replies! and Jae Joong is not really active in replying.. he just laugh. haha.
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30 / F / ATL GEORGIA!!!
Posted 6/8/08, Edited 6/8/08  Reply  Quote
i want to get an account but how do i? i mean.. the whole site is in Korean *language of the angels* so i dont kno how to registar. somtimes Changmin replies in english so i was hoping at cud at least tell them some stuff in Japanese*other language or the angels* or English. If you can help me just PM ok?
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26 / F / Somewhere in JaeJ...
Posted 6/13/08, Edited 6/13/08  Reply  Quote
Changmin's UFO reply.. 4th-5th June 2008

Fan: Oppa, I got an average of 96.75 for my tests! Is it good enough?
Max: Isn't it well done?^^ Good effort^^

Fan: Maths lessons are boring and dry... (PS: this fan might have sent the message during lesson time)
(2 minutes later)
Max: Concentrate on the lesson ok? ^^

Fan: Congratulations on the A-nation tour! I would want to see it. I miss all oppa
Max: You will be able to see it soon

Fan: Changmin oppa, do you like me? Or do you like rice?!?!
Max: You, I have never seen before, but I can see rice everyday......

Fan: Come here to play during your holiday. If you help my grandma do some farming chores, I will let you stay overnight for free
Max: Ok^^ Sounds quiet and peaceful there...

Fan: If I can't sleep means insomnia right?
Max: Hmm ya, if you can't sleep means insomnia ~~

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