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High Vocals: Max Changmin
Leader: U-Know Yunho
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Middle high vocals: Xiah JunSu
Middle low vocals: Micky Yoochun
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The Rising God of The East

Have you ever turned your friends into DBSK fans?
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F / California
Posted 12/14/09  Reply  Quote
lol yes i have, actually they kinda got me into just jae joong's face, but i got them into the music. The first song i heard was mirotic(korean) and my destiny. after our volleyball game i whipped out my phone and made them listen to the songs. one of them is just as a fan as i am, and the other (original jae joong fan) is slightly annoyed by our fangirling...
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21 / F / Sweden
Posted 12/19/09  Reply  Quote
the first song I ever heard from dbsk was why did I fall in love with you. I totaly loved it and soon I learned the whole song. I let one of my friends listen to it and she liked it ^^ then after a few months I deleted that song and fogot that there is a group called dbsk... then after 6 months I was chatting with my couse and I asked what she did now ... and sshe said that she was listening to mirotic and so on so she send me a link with dbsk mirotic . I loved that song!! so I downloaded it and showed my friends one of them liked it but the rest of them hated them. I got really sad when they said that they were ugly and that. I made that friend to an dbsk fan but then she stoped liking them and said bad things about them that breaked my heart into pieces. it was hard to not share the feelings that you had for them with someone else. but about a week ago I made my bestfriend like them after I showed her dangerous love ^^ and she curently fell for micky oppa.so yes i have made 3 of my friends to like dbsk XD so now i have alot of friends to talk about dbsk with XD
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27 / F
Posted 12/22/09  Reply  Quote
Absolutely and not only friends but family members too since they have such wonderful voices and beautiful lyrics who wouldnt get caught!
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22 / F
Posted 12/22/09  Reply  Quote
hahahaha i have!! i found DBSK after listening to shinee (but thats a diff story) and absolutely fell in love and then i literally forced my friend to watch the mirotic music video and she fell in love.

ok the funny part, she was in love with jaejoong at first but then i forced the yaoi on her and turned her into a yunjae fan YUNJAE FOREVER!!!!!!!!
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