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Name: 동방신기, Dong Bang Shin Ki, DSBG, Dong Bang Shin Gi, 東方神起, TVXQ, Tong Vfang Xien Qi, THSK, Tōhōshinki, Tohoshinki
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
High Vocals: Max Changmin
Leader: U-Know Yunho
Main Vocals: Hero JaeJoong
Middle high vocals: Xiah JunSu
Middle low vocals: Micky Yoochun
Type: Collective
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The Rising God of The East

Have you ever turned your friends into DBSK fans?
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23 / F / USA
Posted 12/15/08  Reply  Quote
my friend from thialand had me listen to hug and i fell in love then my friend from south korea turned me on to DBSK and i've been hooked since then. im gonig to soth korea with her for the summer cant wait to meet them now im turning all my Jpop addicted and anime addict friend on to DBSK.
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20 / F / New York
Posted 12/22/08  Reply  Quote
on AIM, i put DBSK in my status message and my friend was like "who are they?"
so i showed her a live performance of "wrong number" and she went all crazy saying, "OMG. they're soooo hot"
after that she did some of her own research and now she's obsessed with them. thinking mickey is so hot and they're all godly and stuff. she even named our photography club group, "the yoochun group" xD

and another friend looked at my xanga last year or sometime ago and it was decked out with DBSK pictures and stuff. her sisters also like korean dramas. then it finally hit her, and she became obsessed with them.

:) i'm well-known for turning people into obsessive fans they never thought they'd be fans of. like asian stuff. and they're not asian
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19 / F / duh... EARTH?
Posted 12/22/08  Reply  Quote
well, i did once she was suppose to be a fan of fahrenheit but i got over fahrenheit and move onto the more famous/ popular people DBSK. and my friend she saw my screen and it had 5 handsome guys. and she was like what are you looking at. i said my idols!!! then i introduce all of the DBSK members to her. when we stop at hero's picture she was like he so beautiful and i was like you cant call him that you can only call him hansome, sexy no beautiful because he will think its too girlish an he hates it. and my friend was like omfg. his lips is so sexy i want to touch it and kiss it and i was like what happen to your fahrenheit. but she continue skimming the picture and she was like he's cute yea he too den he stop at micky and seh was like hes old and ugly and i started laughing but now she is a big fan of jae joong and u know. she even made up a joke of u know. because i was testing her of the DBSK members' name i was like what his name what's his whemn we stopped at u know i ask her do u know his name. and she was like wait let me think. i said u know his name u know it u will know it and she was like oh i know i know xiah and i was like no omg its uknow u know its him u know. and she started laughing wow. and u know's name was the easiest of all.
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23 / F / Singapore
Posted 12/24/08, Edited 12/24/08  Reply  Quote
hmm i turned my elder sister into a fan of DBSK..hehe..can influence people very welll,.. ..then i turned my school friend into a fan as my laptop backgrounds were [are & will always be] DBSK...she kept asking "what so good about them???"..since then i kept telling her how good our DBSK oppas are were [are & will always be]...then show her the videos from they sing, dance, rap and do accapella..and to my surprise, on the christmas card she wrote for me...she wrote "DBSK ROCKS!!!"..i was so happy... I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!!


do use the above avatar [click spoiler] from now or starting 26th Dec to show our love to DBSK oppas...
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73 / F / Somewhere...
Posted 12/24/08  Reply  Quote
I made my friend listen to Balloons and now she is obsessed with Changmin. I am trying to make her like all of them!
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24 / phiLippines
Posted 12/26/08  Reply  Quote
i never really liked them before coz i was a fan of SuJu but when i saw Mirotic and Xiah Junsu...... i started to Love,i am a fan of SHINee, SuJu, Wonder Girls and DBSK...
Xiah Junsu ♥
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Posted 12/26/08  Reply  Quote
My friend and I constantly talk about DBSK so most of our close friends are slowly being converted into DBSK fans.
They're not as crazy over them as we are, but at least they enjoy thier music.

I'm trying to convert another one of my friends into a full-blown DBSK fanatic 83 I think it's starting to work cuz I showed her this picture of Jaejoong
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18 / F / Vietnam
Posted 12/28/08  Reply  Quote
umm...i didn't really turn my brother into a fan.
but now he enjoys listening "Hug" and "Doushite"...haha

he even told me to teach him the lyrics of "Hug"

The good thing is, he now doesn't mind if i watch dbsk vids...^^
cuz before he always ask me, "why do you like them anyway?"

but still he doesn't want me to download dbsk songs too much...cuz it's flooding our memory^^
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24 / F / Brooklyn Center,...
Posted 12/28/08  Reply  Quote
OMG. I've been waiting to ever to talk about this. YES. My brothers, my cousin, my friends, etc.... At this rate, I should be getting paid for all of this promotion. But all I really want in return is for them to continue as one and for them to be happy, always.
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Posted 12/29/08, Edited 12/29/08  Reply  Quote
My sister (She's so convinced she's gonna marry JaeJoong.)
My brother (He won't admit it, but I know he likes them.)

Almost a Fan
My mother (She believes boybands are a way to corrupt the minds of innocent girls, wtf lol.)
My cousin (She's a hardcore Lee Hyori fan.)

Will Become a Fan in the Near Future (CUHS I SAID SO.)
My Big Bang-loving friends
My best friend who likes Asian men xD

Will Never Become a Fan
My father (I don't even think he listens to music HAHA.)

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Posted 12/29/08  Reply  Quote
"haha..i like tjis question...but i hve diffrent situation..i like dbsk after my 2 fren introduce them to me..with mv ballons..after i watch the mv..i became a crazy fan of dbsk..but wht i feel dispointed ,coz they all dun wanna me be a part wid them..when i tlk bout dbsk.they all juz ignore me..n silent..i dunnow why..after that,they all tell me,they dun care bout dbsk nw..wargh!!! i dunno why..but i dun care..i hve more fren at cr..which is i can join them to talk bout dbsk!!!! yay!!!!
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22 / F / Netherlands
Posted 12/29/08  Reply  Quote
I've successfully changed one of my best friends into a DBSK lover!! (^_^) It wasn't that hard, She and me are really asian lovers :P
Her fav is Changmin ..
And well the rest of my friends, i''m still trying to make them into DBSK fans
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selangor, MY
Posted 1/9/09  Reply  Quote
but my friend turn me into a dbsk fan.
they are all fussing around about dbsk and i'm like, "who the heck is dbsk?".
at first, i really hate dbsk, but i learn that they are good when i start listening to their songs.
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Posted 1/9/09  Reply  Quote
noo xD
2 of mii frenz made me iinto dbsk fanzz . .
i liked micky n yunho <33
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22 / F / kuwait :)
Posted 1/9/09  Reply  Quote
Actually, my best friend told me about them..she said that i should check out a band called DBSK..i didn't like them at first but after seeing mirotic i loved them..especially Mickey and Xiah ...
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