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The Rising God of The East

Have you ever turned your friends into DBSK fans?
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F / california
Posted 1/9/09  Reply  Quote
yeah i remember i did it to 3 to 5 friends!
haha..LOL..it was funny we always talk about them ahah

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Posted 1/10/09  Reply  Quote
i remember at the start when i told my friend that i liked DBSK, she was like: 'ew! they're gay!'
but now, she's so into them. she managed to watch all the YT (youtube) vids, with DBSK, she could get her hands on.
plus, she's now listening to korean music, watching korean dramas, everything korean...
now i tease her, for saying that DBSK were once 'gay'.

plus, i managed to turn half my classmate, non-asian and asian, into DBSK lovers!
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26 / F / Canada
Posted 1/10/09  Reply  Quote
lol..its more like my friends turned me into a fan haha --
and i managed to turn 2 of my other friends to fans..but my other friends just think im wierd -_-
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28 / F
Posted 1/14/09, Edited 1/14/09  Reply  Quote
ROFLMAO~ i got one of my friends addicted to MIROTIC! she listened/watched it on her laptop for like 6hrs XP *she became a Yunho fan*

OH! and my mom thinks they are great now too...after hearing about all the nice things they do. She calls Jaejoong "the nice boy" because of that episode of New Xman where he kept saying that he was nice <3

EDIT: just thought of another one~ my 12yr old cousin! she got me to show her EVERY version of Balloons after she first saw the MV XD
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77 / F / D:
Posted 1/15/09  Reply  Quote
Haha, I got my best friend into DBSK. At first when I told her to listen to a song or told her 'OMG they're so hot', she would say, "I'll check it out later". But after I put 'Wrong Number' on my MySpace she completely freaked and said, "OMG, thats a freakin' good song". Haha, her favorite Xiah Junsu... ^-^ But I <3 all of 'em.
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29 / F / Philippines
Posted 1/15/09  Reply  Quote
I haven't tried making my friends into DBSK fan but maybe i'll try one of these days...
Well... on the other hand, I tried it with my little sis and now she's a huge DBSK fan like me.

Actually, I think my family likes them too because everytime my sis and I play some of their songs, they also sing along and dance although they do not understand korean. It makes me kind of happy
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25 / F / ima live in rainb...
Posted 1/20/09  Reply  Quote
yeppp to a lot
my 2 little sister and...even my mom like them noww!!
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25 / F / Forks
Posted 1/28/09, Edited 1/28/09  Reply  Quote
Yep, three of my closest friends. : D They like their dancing and their songs, : D
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22 / F
Posted 1/28/09  Reply  Quote
nope...well not yet
lol my friend converted me
I barely knew who they were last week
Now I like stalk them
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26 / F
Posted 1/29/09  Reply  Quote
yeeep...n i'm proud because of that
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23 / F / Canada da yo~
Posted 1/31/09, Edited 3/22/09  Reply  Quote
Yes i have lol first she keep saying she dont like them
But after she watched 'balloons' she fell in love with them XD [her fave is junsu]

The other one[s] love jaejoong cause i have picture of him in my locker and she think he's hot

My mom thinks Yunho is handsome and Jaejoong look liek a doll :D


yayyy now i made my mom think Yoochun is handsome hahahaha
Junsu and Changmin turn~ XD
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28 / F
Posted 2/10/09  Reply  Quote
awe you guys all have it good! I havent got anyone into them! It's funny cause my brother showed me the Mirotic mv and we thought their dance was funny, but I really liked the song. Now he is the one I babble on and on about them to. My mom is kinda interested in them but she likes to tease me.

So I think they only know enough to tease me about them T.T it's not fair!

At least all of you guys are making more fans!
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24 / F / here
Posted 2/15/09  Reply  Quote
in the neighborhood:
my friends who are fans of other k-pop artists don't find them hot and appealing... actually one of them got pissed for their odd hairstyle and the other knew TVXQ once but never got into it... since i think the first MV they saw was mirotic...
so... i searched for TVXQ around the internet and once again i'm a k-pop maniac and a DBSK maniac as well.. since i was on hiatus 2 years ago... i memorized the lyrics and up to the dance moves until my friends tried it as well... and before u know it...i just transformed them into "Cassiopeia" as well the other likes yunho while the other one likes micky...

at School:
i told my classmate about k-pop and DBSK and asked for a picture of hero if she could print me one on a sticker paper.. then, the next few days she gave me two copies of hero's pics then she told me... who is he? he looks so pretty... so i told her everything about TVXQ and since then she's considered herself a Cassiopeia LOL another one!! also she's been printing a lot of pics of DBSK... i think the one she likes in DBSK is hero...after she found out hero loves to cook...
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Posted 2/15/09  Reply  Quote
i made 2 of my friend to DBSK fans .. they weren't into K-pop at all .. and they first liked them in Mirotic and then delve more into them ..
i also turned my 2 brothers into DBSK fans XD loooooooool ..
they thought that they are so coool when performing .. cause u jnow lots of singers just can't sing live and their hit songs sound horrible live.. but DBSK sing the same as the original and even better .. SO they thought "OK their songs are cool , thy can really dance .. their voices are so great and they are so funny ,, so why not " XD

hehehe.. so am happy here
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25 / F / United States
Posted 2/15/09  Reply  Quote
i guess you could count my cousin...he said that he heard about them over in the Philippines (cuz there's apparently a lot of Koreans there) and i freaked out and told him to watch all these videos about them..he changed his friendster profile to DBSK the next day

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