Name: 동방신기, Dong Bang Shin Ki, DSBG, Dong Bang Shin Gi, 東方神起, TVXQ, Tong Vfang Xien Qi, THSK, Tōhōshinki, Tohoshinki
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
High Vocals: Max Changmin
Leader: U-Know Yunho
Main Vocals: Hero JaeJoong
Middle high vocals: Xiah JunSu
Middle low vocals: Micky Yoochun
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The Rising God of The East

You Know You Are DBSK Crazy When...
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36 / F / Michigan,USA
Posted 2/13/09  Reply  Quote

Wow those were great! I laughed really hard at praying for DBSK instead of saying grace! And the taking advantage of cheap printing at your school to print DBSK posters was too funny! I plan to add more soon. It's always good to get a laugh on this thread!
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24 / F / Manila
Posted 2/14/09  Reply  Quote
go here to vote http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-461355/which-korean-band-do-u-lyk-most.html
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23 / M / fInd mE whEre I a...
Posted 2/15/09  Reply  Quote
haha so cool great job listing thoe things...GO DBSK!!!>...
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27 / F / Canada
Posted 2/17/09, Edited 2/17/09  Reply  Quote
WOWW I can relate to most of those! Gave me a good laugh cuz it's soo truee!!

here some new ones that i can think of:

you know you are DBSK crazy when....

-your online statuses always have dbsk related things in them
-your music playlist on your computer is permanently dbsk songs
-the quote in jaejoong's tattoo became one of your favourites and you even put it up on your wall
-you want to buy animal stuffed toys like the animals in balloons so that you can name them the dbsk members.
-you seriously think about whether you and a dbsk member could have a relationship that would work out
-talking about anything dbsk-related can cheer you up
-you get overly excited just because you got a dbsk ringtone and now love receiving calls but not answering them cuz you want to listen to the song longer.
-you love dbsk even more when you see them make mistakes because it shows that they are human and more like us!
-you compare every guy you see to dbsk
-your eyes avert to anything that may appear to be dbsk related, like an asian guy walking in the mall.
-you love ducks because of kamo come on and xiah
-you have a huge dbsk youtube collection that you send to your friends so that they end up with 50 new emails each day.
-you download their music videos on your computer so you can still see them if you don't have internet.
-just the mention of dbsk can make you hyper, maybe even blush!!!
-sometimes you can't believe how amazing dbsk is.
-you yell out their names and add adjectives. ex. SUSU CUTIE!!
-even the thought of meeting them makes you go crazy
-your friends tell you that you are crazy..and start to back away with caution
-you constantly quote things that they have said or done in various interviews and gameshows, you would know exactly when and where it happened.
-everything leads back to dbsk. EVERYTHING! ...... junsu sang "my everything" ^^ see?
-dbsk is always preceded or followed by many exclamation marks or <3 's when you are talking to someone online about them.
-you know what song goes after each song cuz you always listen to them in that order on your mp3 or where ever.
- you can recognize any dbsk song just by listening to the first few seconds of it.
-you can tell someone who sings which part without listening to the song.
-you notice every little detail in their performances, and sometimes watch them several times so you can stare at one member at a time for the whole performance.

well that's all i can think of for now... ^^
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22 / F / Melb, VIC
Posted 3/14/09  Reply  Quote
Wow nice list:)
heres mine:
You imitate their dance moves at school but your friends don't take you seriously and just start laughing their heads off watching
youve noticed that certain members look like certain people you know (Changmin: guy version of my friend, Xiah: My brother)
Your Dad moved you to Aus to get you away from boybands lik them....it didn't work
You really want them to be popular where you live but at the same time you dont want them to because you feel special being the only fan in your area
You never really appreiciated being korean....until you knew about DBSK
You kick yourself for discovering some of their songs years after they were made
You STILL try to learn their dance moves to Triangle even though deep down you know you'll never be able to master it

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Posted 3/14/09  Reply  Quote
wow you spend alot of time to make these list (low life)
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25 / F / Uk
Posted 3/18/09, Edited 3/18/09  Reply  Quote

this is pretty seriouss... i never knew i had it this bad!
well.. whaddayou know!

i haven't read all the comments yet but i came up with a small list of my own:

You Know You're DBSK Obsessed When:
-you try to create cassiopeia all around you by telling them how great DBSK are, you have already managed to turn your sister/best friend into a DBSK maniac.
-you try to dream about them and keep feeling good the whole week if you do.
-you try to learn every single word in the lyrics, even the rap because that is the only way you can duet with DBSK.
-you plan to get a dog like ChangMin's MoonDangi and name it DBSK related.
-you wish that you were born in south korea instead of your country.
-you repeat JunSu's laugh X100 everytime eventhough he isn't your favourite.(and try to imitate it)
-you always repeat the member's "messages to future-wife" even though you know what they are saying cuz u have already watched it a million times and spazz out everytime each member calls out to his future wife.
-even though you know that its never going to be you, you imagine what life with DBSK would be like *dreams*
-you call the "Oppa" in any comments you post.. even though it would sound pretty immoral if you translated it into your own language [--guilty-- my sis even called he BF that.. he has no idea what it means ]
-everytime someone badmouths DBSK you defend them like there is no tomorrow.
-EVERYTHING reminds you of DBSK
-you know that micky's mirotic hair would look daft on anyone else but Micky
-you defend that hairstyle everytime someone disses it eventhough internally you hate it.
-everytime someone say "wrong number" you feel like singing and dancing to wrong number.
-spazzed out when you heard micky say " .. My Xiah" in the lyrics for Kiss The Baby Sky.. and wondered if he only did that whole "TVXQ.. eternally" thing so he could call Junsu his.
-Think that the love between YunJae and YooSu is cute but get angry if a non-fan calls them gay.
-you act as though your entire life depends on your mp3 player, your computer and your folder(with lyrics to DBSK)
-Everytime you see JunSu being Junsu you can't help but grin like an idiot.
-You nearly had a heart attack when you found out Junsu had a twin brother. just the thought of two Junsu-s was too much!! -- but then calmed down after finding out they were fraternal twins.
-your favourite changes everytime you hear a new song but then settle back to your original favourite.
-you always look for red things to incorporate into your day to day style.
-always try to support whoever dbsk supports. even if you hated a celeb before you immediately start to like them if they are friends with DBSK.


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Posted 3/22/09  Reply  Quote
AahhhhH ahhahha!!! OMG!! These were awesome!! all the way from Kei XIII to DongBangLOVE... hahaha omg you guys all your lists are too much fun! yay!!

I'll try to post some because I came up with a few more, I doubt it'll be a massive list like PART 1 and PART 2 though.

Keep up the good fight! ^_^
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Posted 3/22/09  Reply  Quote
unfortunately, NOT my work of genius! T.T
1. You blushed and looked away when one of the members looked into the camera.
2. You've dreamt about them.
3. You have many items with them on it.
4. The words "You guys are everywhere!" has left your mouth.
5. You accidentally called your pet Xiah.
6. When ever you go to a store and hear the song "Hey Mickey"
Yoochun comes to mind.
7. You get excited when you hear the word(s) Max, hero, you know, mickey, dolphin.
8. You can and have talked about them for hours and even days.
9. You looked them up all the time.
10. You listen to them before you go to school or events.
11. You can tell them apart by voices.
12. You dance and sing for them on their birthdays.
13. You write their names on the back of homework or notebooks.
14. You don't like stalker cams but you are always watching them.
15. You are stalker cam.
16. Support E.L.F.
17. Is half E.L.F.
18. Hate SNSD's fanclub.
19. Are Anti-SNSD
20. Support the TaeSu couple because we love our adorable Susu.
21. Been mad at a friend/person for saying things about them.
22. Been deeply touched by words they have said.
23. Rather see them together than dating other girls.
24. Wished you were their shoe.
25. Been jealous of their beauty.
26. Been jealous of their closeness.
27. Hated one of their hairstyles then loved it three seconds later.
28. Have a favorite member but gets short obsessions for the other members.
29. Been in denial.
30. Have gotten the "You're crazy" stare from your mother while hugging pictures of them.
31. Actually consider them gods.
32. Cried with them.
33. Forgiven Jaejoong easily for his DUI.
34. Cried for Jaejoong because of all his pain that year.
35. ;-; Poor baby
36. Wasted a spot for Jaejoong to write ";-; Poor baby"
37. Laugh when they laugh even though you have no idea what they just said.
38. Nearly died when Yoochun and Changmin did their "Sexy counting gag"
39. Then nearly died again when they added Junsu in their fun.
40. Thought Yunho was the most awesome Bruce Lee you've ever seen.
41. Named your stuff animals after them.
42. Spelled Cassiopeia, Cassiopedia then went Oops O_o;
43. Know the Balloons dance.
44. Can use their music to free you of pain/fear/sadness.
45. Know the lyrics to their songs.
46. Wished you were the tissue Yunho ate in his magic trick.
47. Had the A.C. on and nearly froze to death but you were too busy watching one of their videos.
48. Died in "Why did I fall in love with you?" because of the eye contact with the members.
49. Wanted to try the cookie pizza Jaejoong made.
50. You can watch the same clips over and over again.
51. They are ALWAYS on your mind.
52. Said phases like "You can take my heart, eyebrows, and even toes! But, never you will take my Dong bang boys!"
53. Thought another boy was cute then slapped yourself because nobody is better looking than DBSK.
54. Wondered why Yunho hugged on Donghae so much.
55. There isn't a single song you don't like.
56. Think Junsu is more cute than charismatic.
57. Is a YunJae/Yoosu/Jaemin or any of those coupling fan.
58. Wanted to hug one of the members.
59. Collect red items just to support Cassiopeia.
60. Felt bad for downloading a song of theirs then wanted to buy something to help support.
61. Have problems undressing or something embarrassing in front of
a picture of them. (it applies to me, but i just don't get why!! :sweatingbullets:)
62. Write and/or read fanfictions.
63. Very protective of the boys.
64. Became a Shindong fan because of how much fun Jaejoong has with him.
65. Cried because of the haptic CF.
66. Loved Jaejoong's muscles back in the Hi ya ya days.
67. Thought pinkish red hair fitted Junsu very well.
68. Thought Changmin was much more manly with long hair.
69. Except with he brushed it back and waved like a little girl.
70. Annnd... Your response was "OMG, No Min no..."
71. Sent them an ipod or an item that they wanted.
72. Realized Yunho's close friends (Jaejoong and Heechul) are pretty girly looking but are very manly.
73. Agreed with Jaejoong on his reason for kissing Changmin. (He was just so cute!)
74. Love Minnie's adorable mismatched eyes.
75. Realized Yoochun changes his hair a lot.
76. Been embarrassed of liking them because you aren't Asian.
77. That one applied to Americans as you guessed.
78. Was so excited when they came to the Hollywood bowl that you couldn't type or put on your pants correctly.
79. But, couldn't go and then was depressed for a week.
80. Think a boy Cassiopeia is extremely awesome.
81. But, think SNSD's fanboys are extremely crazy.
82. Got your axes ready for those crazy fanboys.
83. Thought Jaejoong was 10 times prettier than his "Look-a-like"
84. Or...wanted to kill his look-a-like, like some of the other Cassiopeias did.
85. Love their "English".
86. Enjoy watching them eat, but hate watching like your grandma eat mashed potatoes or something.
87. Wondered what they would look like as old people.
88. You can't sleep unless you listen to them for a little bit.
89. Almost called one of your teachers Changmin because you were thinking about him so much.
90. Then slapped yourself silly when you got home because your teacher had a mustache/bald/almost bald. Just pick a non-Changmin characteristics.
91. When Jaejoong said he liked girls with pretty hands and feet you immediately checked your feet and hands.
92. Noticed that Changmin still nods his head all the time.
93. Can spot YunJae or some kind of coupling moments all the time.
94. Feel extremely flattered when you listen to one of their songs about a girl, like beautiful you. (You're such a beautiful woman!)
95. Love that Bambi is Yunho's daughter.
96. Your dad gave you "the glare" because you have pictures of boys on your wall.
97. Or..Your mother...if you are a fanboy.
98. Can imagine a sweet little fanboy sending them flowers.
99. Can play one of their songs on a instrument, and yes a piece of grass counts.
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Posted 3/22/09, Edited 3/22/09  Reply  Quote
just thought of more. heh heh heh ^.^"

1) if you're having a really great time w/ your friends, or you're looking really great, you think "why can't they be here right now?!"
2) someone mentions soccer and you think "XIAH!!" when everyone else thinks "BECKHAM!!"
3) you actually screamed when you saw the picture in the mirotic cd when they don't have shirts on and everyone in the vicinity went "WTF?!"
4) you create stories about what your life would be like if you were dating one of them.
5) you've watched their banjun dramas so many times, you can quote them and act them out exactly like dbsk did
6) when they come to the us, you walk around EVERYWHERE with a sharpie/pen/something to write w/ and a picture of them. JUST IN CASE!!
7) when you go somewhere really nice (the bahamas, aspen, etc.) you think, "DBSK would love it here!" and then imagine them arriving there at the exact same time as you.
8) you had to stay up until 3 in the morning doing hw because during the day, you were watching dbsk vids/listening to their songs/on forums about them/drooling over pictures.
9) "Mickey" looks weird... you can only picture it being spelled as "Micky"!!! xD
10) when walking through somewhere with a lot of korean people (little korea near the empire state building, an H Mart, etc.), you start singing one of their songs in hopes that another fangirl will hear you.
11) one of your classmates who is korean is currently volunteering (read as: being forced to) teach you korean

tht's all i got for now... ^.^ dbsk FIGHTING
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25 / F / Uk
Posted 3/24/09  Reply  Quote
OMG!!! soo true!

LMAO AT : 52, 61 & 62 and staying up late cuz been listening to dbsk too much!

i have this printed out poster [yes.. thats right i had to print a picture out cuz i can't buy a real poster in the UK!! aarrhhhh!!!] and it takes the place of honour on the wall beside my bed so that i can turn to them and stare at them till i go to sleep... and thats the reason i go to the bathroom to change these days.. i know its silly but,... m glad i am not the only one who does this!

i have never felt so accepted in my life!LOL!! i am glad i am not the only one who goes all DongBang-ified!

Spread The DongBangL0VE!!!
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Posted 3/28/09  Reply  Quote

DongBangL0VE wrote:

OMG!!! soo true!

LMAO AT : 52, 61 & 62 and staying up late cuz been listening to dbsk too much!

i have this printed out poster [yes.. thats right i had to print a picture out cuz i can't buy a real poster in the UK!! aarrhhhh!!!] and it takes the place of honour on the wall beside my bed so that i can turn to them and stare at them till i go to sleep... and thats the reason i go to the bathroom to change these days.. i know its silly but,... m glad i am not the only one who does this!

i have never felt so accepted in my life!LOL!! i am glad i am not the only one who goes all DongBang-ified!

Spread The DongBangL0VE!!!

hahahaha i no!!!! nd its not just us, like all my other friends do tht too!! personally, i change in my closet.... ha ha ha totally not weird!! if u get a chance to come to nyc, nd go near the empire state building, there's a lil korea there w/ cd stores. i'm tryin to convince the momsters nd popsters to let me buy a cd. they're like $30... T.T

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25 / F / Uk
Posted 3/28/09  Reply  Quote

but i am here all the way in UK its gonna be near impossible to convince my dad to pay for the flight to go to nyc.. to buy a DBSK cd! $30 flaming bucks!!! but totally worth it! i'd say! lol! :
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77 / F / In DBSK's appartm...
Posted 3/29/09  Reply  Quote
When you give your Mother 50+ reasons to like them, and sits her down and make her watch and listen to ALL of their MVs.
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F / Somewhere out there
Posted 3/29/09  Reply  Quote
So much have been added to the list since the last time I read the comments!
Way to go!
I love reading this so much. ^^
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