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Where all the videos? & Photo Uploading Rules
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Posted 2/27/09  Reply  Quote
Attention to TVXQ fans!

Since so many of you are wondering about where have all of the videos went. I, as Mod of this Series Group, have decided to post this thread, in order to help clear things up for all of the fans out there.

So the answer to " Where are all the videos?" is:

All of the videos have been removed due to the fact that CR wanted to respect the wishes of the creators by asking for their permission before putting it on CR. But CR is working extra hard to get permission to bring them all back to us.

To find out more information...here's the link:


Please be patient since CR team/staff are working really hard to get it all backs ^^

Although there are no videos, I'm sure TVXQ's fans can still chat around with each other ^^

- hilary922003
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Posted 3/18/09  Reply  Quote
you should creat album for Destop/Cell Wallpapers too.
just saying:)
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 3/18/09, Edited 3/18/09  Reply  Quote
Hilary already deleted all the photos in the "DBSK Photos" album so u can scan the album first before uploading.
Pls. upload at the right album...tnx! ^^
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 3/17/09, Edited 3/17/09  Reply  Quote

1) Upload photos at the RIGHT ALBUM.

* DBSK Photos - Group photos which include 3 to 5 DBSK members
* Jaejoong's Photo Album - All of Jaejoong's solo photos only.
* Junsu's Photo Album - All of Junsu's solo photos only.
* Changmin's Photo Album - All of Changmin's solo photos only.
* Yoochun's Photo Album - All of Yoochun's solo photos only.
* Yunho's Photo Album - All of Yunho's solo photos only.
* DBSK Fan Arts - DBSK photos that are edited or photoshopped. Also includes cartoonized/chibi DBSK photos.
* DBSK gif - For gif/moving images.
* DBSKCouple Photo Albums (to be created) - DBSK couples which includes 2 members only (ex: yunjae, soulmates).

2) DO NOT upload photos that are already in the album. Be patient in scanning the album first to make sure you don't double upload.

3) Do not post negative comments in the photo section.

~ I already asked Hilary about this and she already gave me the go signal to post it...hope everyone will cooperate...tnx ^^
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F / New York
Posted 4/20/09  Reply  Quote
can i make a folder and upload pictures regardless whether or not it is a group pic or solo?
of course all the pics will be of dbsk though
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26 / F / Somewhere in JaeJ...
Posted 4/21/09  Reply  Quote
i'm sorry u cant. only moderators are allowed to create folder/album. members does not have any access on creating it. but u can discuss with moderators regarding what kind of photo album do u want to create.. if its reasonable, they'll create it for u.
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31 / M / Beautiful country
Posted 12/26/09  Reply  Quote
Oh i hav a collection of dbsk an changmin dude
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Posted 12/9/10, Edited 12/9/10  Reply  Quote
it is need a permission before upload photo???

me also have collection of DBSK member (YOOCHUN)

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Posted 3/12/11  Reply  Quote
I miss 'em, I miss DBSK T___T
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Posted 4/1/12  Reply  Quote
Happy April Fool 's Day!
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