Name: 동방신기, Dong Bang Shin Ki, DSBG, Dong Bang Shin Gi, 東方神起, TVXQ, Tong Vfang Xien Qi, THSK, Tōhōshinki, Tohoshinki
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
High Vocals: Max Changmin
Leader: U-Know Yunho
Main Vocals: Hero JaeJoong
Middle high vocals: Xiah JunSu
Middle low vocals: Micky Yoochun
Type: Collective
Page Views: 1733650
Fans: 9126
Forum Posts: 4679
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The Rising God of The East

Do you have something DBSK has? (;
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Posted 10/12/09  Reply  Quote
my laugh sounds a lot like jaejoongs.
and i clap when i laugh sometimes... changmin.
and cover my mouth. jaejoong
throw my head back... yoochun.

and their glasses. haha.
as my reading glasses

mm. a lot of people (who know DBSK) say im like jaejoong.
i have a bad first impression. a breathy singing (as well as talking) voice. and all these other ways
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Posted 11/7/09  Reply  Quote
and im using it right now to go on here!! XD lol.
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31 / F / Middle of Nowhere
Posted 11/8/09  Reply  Quote
my dog is the same breed - Samoyed with Junsu's Xiahki!!! he's so darn cute!!!
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Posted 11/22/09  Reply  Quote
Lol, I have the same fedora hat as Yunho ^_^
His Calvin Klein one.
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F / here.
Posted 11/22/09  Reply  Quote
i have jaejoongs laugh and i cover my mouth too xD
and i clap when i laugh. like changmin. :3

uh, geez what else.
i have one of jaejoongs necklaces, and one of junsus earrings.
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22 / F / my house ?
Posted 11/24/09  Reply  Quote
Cover my mouth when i laugh - JJ
have the same necklace as JJ & Junsu
have the one bag thats the same as JJs.
earings like all members, and necklaces with all
the members initials {:
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23 / F / in a cup...of swe...
Posted 11/27/09  Reply  Quote
ohh.... i know....
well.....all...of us know..that... hero... is a little bitt....hmm.... how can i say it..... well he´s falling all time...
lat´s say ..... i´m just like him..... one part of my life i live on the floor.... *that hurts...haha*
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27 / F / s e o u l c i t y
Posted 12/8/09  Reply  Quote
i have a few of yunho's necklaces and i have his sleeping habit. *sleeps diagonally on bed*
i think i have a few of jaejoongs stuffs (cant remember)
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22 / F / Malaysia,South Ea...
Posted 1/21/10, Edited 1/23/10  Reply  Quote
i actually have a laughing habit like changmin since i was a kid
my eyes will be automaticly mismatched and my hand will start clapping...
i'm sooo happy when i realise that changmin has this habit too cuz i thought i was the only one

oh yeah and my firends and i r kinda like JaeMin,,
we show our love with one touch XD but sometimes she's kinda like my mother..well because she's kinda more mature and older than me,
she's always tell me to eat to wake up early,,just like my mother
we're bot are martial artist hha so when we do the one touch thing..things sometimes can get ugly lol
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22 / F / California
Posted 1/24/10  Reply  Quote
like other dbsk fans, i have the micky/jaejoong/changmin laugh...just cuz i watch their videos a lot.

i think i have the habit of sleeping diagonally like yunho too... gosh its hard since i cant really see myself sleeping.

oh, and i fall asleep with my ipod on everynight, just like yoochun...

ohhh the things dbsk can do to you...
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21 / F / maybe anywhere
Posted 1/28/10  Reply  Quote
i love to sing,act and specially dance...
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Posted 1/31/10, Edited 1/31/10  Reply  Quote
I cover my mouth when I laugh
Spending like more than an hour in bathroom(singing! )
Most of the time sleepy at school
I have to do something!I can't be in one place standing
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27 / F / Sunshine State!
Posted 3/23/10  Reply  Quote
I cover my mouth when I laugh...such a bad habit because when I can't hold it anymore, I hack up a maniac sounding laugh...
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28 / F / holland
Posted 4/18/10  Reply  Quote
I cover my mouth with a hand when i laugh like Jaejoong
or when i'm laughing really hard it comes out like Changmin. *clapping and falling down*
Junsu's tongue habit. they way he always licks his lips.
I can't stand in one place, i always have to move around.

as of the things i own.
I have the shirt changmin wore at the "survivor quiz" the banana shirt. I had it a few years ago and i didn't even know who DBSK was (been a fan since 2009 lol) so when i saw it i was laughing so hard XD

and a few of junsu's and jaejoongs earrings.
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Posted 5/5/10  Reply  Quote
yupp, alot of things. yoochun's mood swings, jaejoong's clumsiness, junsu's spazzing out, and changmin's crooked-eyed smile. plus, got habits of sticking out my tongue when eating like junsu n taking weird pics like jj o.o
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