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The Rising God of The East

when did you realized that you're addicted toward dbsk?
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27 / F / Philippines
Posted 11/9/09  Reply  Quote

it was when I watched the LOVE IN THE ICE 2nd live tour in Japan,..

took my breath away,.starting that day,..I watched every video of them from the morning till before going to bed,..
my mother is annoyed at me for sleeping late just by watching,..
it's crazy!! and I LOVE IT!!
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25 / kabuki district
Posted 12/4/09  Reply  Quote

eunchoon wrote:

First time I saw them at 2007... That time is Chinese New Year and 8TV publish a lot of korean's program... And I remember, on the first day, they publish M.Net KM Festival and DBSK King's Parody... When I saw them at the first time, I attract with their face than their song... And when my bestfriend introduce their song to me last year, I get started to like their song. And in the beginning of January 2009, I started to addicted to them until my bestfriend introduce me to the other boyband KPop... She afraid that I will turned to become a stalker... LOL!!! XD
That's crazy!!!

that is so true..i got to know them from those two programs as well..lol~ but after that, i always waiting for their songs mv to broadcast in chinese jukebox since at that time..i have no internet link yet in my house..huhu^^ then, mid year of 2008..my brother linked it and i just search over their songs and tv programs..honestly, i do it almost everyday until now..
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27 / F / s e o u l c i t y
Posted 12/9/09  Reply  Quote
in like 2003 lol. yunho <3 got addicted
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22 / F / California
Posted 12/14/09  Reply  Quote
it all started with me summer of 2009 (lol i know recent) i was obsessed with light from death note and wished there would be a real guy like him. During the summer my friend called breathing hard and she was like "you HAVE to search jae joong..." and hung up. me, being the geeky gamer girl, thought that my game was more important than a guy. afterwards i searched Jae joong and my eyes were opened. I thought he was just one guy so i just turned off the comp and went to sleep. a few months later i decided to search him again and saw him on the Share the World single cover. I wondered if he was part of a rock band and quit there. Suddenly in october my dad got me a blackberry and i wanted to have a sexy wallpaper. then jae joong came back to mind. I had a wallpaper of jae joong from rising sun and was so happy. then 3 hours later i listened to mirotic and then listened to purple line....and so on. i got my friends at school into dbsk and slowly watched everything dbsk was in until my family and friends were annoyed by my OBSESSION. then (long story lol) i found out they might break up and that i should calm down my fangirlness. BUT NOW, I CAN'T GO TO SLEEP WITHOUT HEARING WRONG NUMBER AND MY DESTINY.
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Posted 1/4/10  Reply  Quote
The first time I heard "Why Did I Fall In Love With You"

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26 / F
Posted 1/11/10  Reply  Quote
When I saw how amazinggg they were <3
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30 / F
Posted 1/13/10  Reply  Quote
When I saw Rising Sun,,,, when I saw Yunho dancing I was like
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24 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 2/6/10  Reply  Quote
i did not like them at first, seriously. but i kept checking out their mv "tonight"
& kept on pressing replay like a thousand times xD
i really tried not to like them & kept telling myself "dont like them!"
but with their magic seductive skills, they lured me in ;D
and now as you can see im a total dbsk addict
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27 / F
Posted 2/10/10  Reply  Quote
When i see T Concert - Rising Sun live.They was so awesome.I was like that O_O They are Gods.
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26 / F
Posted 2/21/10  Reply  Quote
after i kept listning to "why did i fall in love with you" over and over and over and over till i fall asleep the most beatiful song i have ever heard !!
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27 / F / Sunshine State!
Posted 3/23/10  Reply  Quote
When I had insomnia and couldn't sleep until I put on their a capella. I fell asleep on a wooden chair that night...ouch.
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32 / F / dark side
Posted 5/12/10  Reply  Quote
I realized I was addicted when i could spend a whole day watching their banjeon dramas and looking up facts about them and saving pictures of them. And then I made a version of my favorite member in my sims game then i was like yup, i am addicted.
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28 / F / holland
Posted 5/24/10  Reply  Quote
when a colleage at work said "stop listening and drooling over those gays." ..yes he said gays... " and start listening to music from this time! "
i then realised i was addicted towards DBSK cause i got angry and slapped him LOL , even shouted some reasons why DBSK was awesome , not much reasons cause i didn't know them that well yet but still enough to make him shut up. ,

DBSK Hwaitin~~!
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27 / F
Posted 6/15/10  Reply  Quote
When I a joined a group on gaia and started to download all their songs!!!!!
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Posted 7/28/10  Reply  Quote
When i first listened to their songs..They all caught my heart<3 LOL
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