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The Rising God of The East

if jaejoong was to be casted in another Japanese drama as a lead actor which female actor/singer should be with him?
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Posted 8/12/11, Edited 8/12/11  Reply  Quote
I just wanted to kno wat u guys thought because i dont kno about u guys but i am dying for another Jaejoong Japanese drama. I'd love it if he was the lead actor and if it was a romantic comedy or watever. i guess it doesnt matter as long as i get to see Jaejoong!!! XD but anyways that would be awesome!! Heres a random list of my female actors that i would totally luv if they were casted along Jaejoong!!!! This is just a list of ppl that I would luv to see JJ with! My list is sooo long sorry about that...i got carried away. It was soo hard to decide who to choose so i just chose 16. I had sooo much more but i was like i seriously need to stop cuz i wanna see what u guys think so Who do u think should be casted with Jaejoong? Anyone else u think that's not listed?? Please tell!! I'm really interested in what u guys think!!!



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I personally think Kuroki Meisa should be with Jaejoong if i had to choose one!! XD
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