D Gray-man
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D. Gray-man




Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2006
Episodes: 103
Type: Series
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D Gray-man

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To put it into simplier words, it's "Simply Amazing" ❤

D.Gray-man is based in the 19th Century where there is a war happening between the Millennium Earl and the Exorcists.

D.Gray-man is full of surprises, even in the animation of D.Gray-man's fillers; it doesn't go too far off the storyline in the manga, but it increases the understanding of other characters for the audience.

The music is amazing as it is composed by Kaoru Wada, the openings (OPs) and the endings (EDs) of D.Gray-man matches with the story. Especially "Innocent Sorrow" by Abingdon Boys School the lyrics of the song also fits well with the anime.

The characters and the voice actors
matches EXTREMELY well. All the characters voices are fantastic. Plus, everybody must love a cute 15-year old teenager who kills Akuma (demons) with an Innocence embedded in his left hand right? (:

I definitely recommend this to people who love horror, adventure, comedy, Sci-Fi. D.Gray-man is definitely suitable for ages 13+.
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Main characters : Allen Walker [moyashi]
Lavi : original name : Dick [rabbit]
Yu Kanda [pretty boy :D]
Lenalee Lee [cry baby wif pro innocence]
Miranda [time reverse]
Panda [bookman]
Arystar krory [vampire]
Chao Ji [useless]
Suman Dark [crap]
Marie [noise everywhr]
Daisya Barry [pro charity bell~ awesome]
Baka Bak [baka]

Main antagonists : Earl [fatso] :D
Road kamelot [loves allen]
Tiki Mikk [sm curly hair guy who killed all my fav characters]
Jasdevi [jasdoro + debitto]
Skin boric [sweet rush]
Lulubell [ '' my master~~! ]
Cyril kamelot [road's brother]
Akuma [ de lowest of de lowest]
Lerro [totally useless]

so basically tis story is abt pwning akumas
and noahs
and most of all earl.

pwn dem wif wad?
wif innocence.
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D Gray Man is Great!!!!!

D Gray Man has to be one of the best Anime's I've watch this year. The cliff hangers keep u on the edge of ur seat. The character development is coming along great. I cant wait for the next chapter in the manga to come out. I hope she's doing well, my best wishes go out to Katsura Hoshino hope she gets better because D Gray Man cant just end like this.
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D. Gray-man: 103 Episodes Review

I learned about this anime when it was televised here in the Philippines. I’ve watched few episodes and found it very interesting so I decided to buy the complete DVD set.

For this review I’ll be focusing on four aspects; storyline, characters, music, and visuals. First is regarding the storyline, I think the story was just amazing. At first I thought the story was just a typical adventure of the main character for the triumph of good over evil, but as the story progressed there were a lot more of the story than just a typical one. There were a lot of mysteries which were revealed later on, this aspect was really great and made this anime more interesting. Also with its historical theme about the Noahs, the story became mind-bugling. A lot of mysteries, historical theme, fantasy, adventure, demons, and shounen combined together created a perfect storyline.

Second aspect is with regards the characters, there were a lot of aspects which I’m looking for anime characters which were present here like changing appearance, character development, evil inside, and mysterious past. Visually all of the characters were great and the aspects of changing appearance was shown through their costumes changed per season, this aspect is good because sometimes it’s tiring to see characters who doesn’t change visually. Character development was also amazing here because not just the main character was given the right to develop his power but also other characters; Lenalee obtained the crystal form of her innocence, Kanda with his taboo 3 illusion, Krory was able to take a bloody form in his battle with Jasdevi, Tyki Mikk became more powerful after his battle with Allen in the crumbling white ark, and others. But the most amazing one was of coarse Allen who was able to obtain the Crown Clown form of his innocence, and not just that because in his battle with Tyki Mikk he was able to synchronize with his innocence at one hundred percent or more, rendering him of becoming a point breaker resulting for his innocence to evolve once more and took the form of a sword similar to the Earl’s. For me this was the greatest development of power I have seen so far and it was really cool. The evil inside was not really emphasized but it’s definitely there and shown when Allen realized that the 14th Noah is inside him. A hero fighting alongside with good has evil inside him, this irony is really great and somehow cool. Lastly with regards characters is the mysterious past that each one of the characters had. This aspect is also good because it adds mystery and intensity to each of the characters’ resolve as the story progress.

Now onto the third aspect which is music, this anime has four opening themes and eight ending themes. For a long running anime series like D. gray-man, I think it’s a necessity to have variety of opening and ending themes. This is for the reason that, in my point of view, a new opening and ending theme sets the plot of the story to another chapter and informs viewers that one part of the story ended and another part begins. This is good because it renders you to look for new things about the anime. I liked the four opening themes and with the ending themes I liked the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eight ending theme. Also an inserted song titled “Tsunaida Te Ni Kiss Wo” is present in this anime and it was a great song. It was the piece Allen played using the piano of the white ark to control it. The song really fits the scene and was also the best song present in this anime.

And for the last aspect, the visuals. All the characters and fight scenes were visually appealing and great for me.

Overall this anime is excellent in every aspect and it’s completely a work of art. And so far D. Gray-man is my favorite anime. Hope my review helped you.
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2 Anti-Akuma Weapon Thumbs Up

Omg I lol'd so many times while watching this. It was so cute and funny especially in the begining with the gate haha but it had its really sad moments as well. Didn't quite make me cry but it probably did for others. I honestly over looked this one for a couple years because it didnt look like my kind of style to be reading or watching and at the time i had heard from a lot of people how good it was. now of course i did not believe them because they definetly were not into the kind of stuff that i am, but here i am like 3 years later and i finally watched and man was i astounded. it made me so mad that i had not watched it earlier, partially because school work does not give me time to watch any more and partially because i really feel i should have given it a chance back then. Do not let anyone else fool you, this is an amazing anime/manga and im going to start watching it a second time now, ttfn <3

I wish I could give 4.999999 or something.

Honestly, D.Gray-man is a personal favourite. The character development is amazing, you begin to feel like you know the characters personally. There are unexpected, yet still fitting plot twists, and characters that have both their good and bad qualities (For example, Allen with his happy exterior, but horrible past and tendency to cheat during games.) I suggest it to boys and girls alike.

Amazing, except for the cliff-hanger

D. Gray-Man is an amazing anime that spans the course of 103 episodes, and ends on a Cliff-Hanger (If you are interested in continuing D. Gray-Man after/while watching the anime, the manga is currently ongoing, and the anime is only a fraction of the manga itself). Despite that though, the character development makes you feel like you know the characters personally, and the plot keeps the audience wanting more. I highly recommend D. Gray-Man to fans of: Black Butler, 07-Ghost, Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and other anime of similar genres.

D gray-man is AWESOME!!~~~

one of the best anime show I've ever watch!!
Best fighting scenes ever.
It's the best :

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