Da Bing
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Da Bing

Da Bing (大炳), also known as Topper, or as Tony Fish, Chinese Name Yu Bing-hsian (余炳賢) (May 15, 1975) is an entertainer/crossdresser in Taiwan. He often appears on Taiwanese Pressure Cooker (全民大悶鍋) to lampoon Taiwanese political figures. He is famous for putting his whole fist in his mouth

He was caught up in the celebrity drug use scandal of late 2006, early 2007, along with other celebrities such as Suzanne Hsiao, Lung Hsian, (Jung Hsiung), Chu Chung-heng, Chang Li-wei and others. (Taipei Times Dec. 22, 2006) He admitted, tearfully, to amphetamine use. (Taipei Times Feb. 9, 2007) In April 2009, he was arrested on Friday in Taipei for amphetamine use. Since Yu repeated his offense within five years, he will face a maximum of three years fixed-termed imprisonment if his urine test for amphetamine proves positive. He held a press conference to announce his withdrawal from showbiz.

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